Author: Sparta

Title: With Arm's Wide Open

Pairings: Castiel/Jimmy & Dean Sam & Ruby Sam & Anna John & Ellen (Don't ask) Bobby & OFC

Rating: R

Categories: Slash

Genres: Action/Adventure, Mystery, Crime, Romance, Tragedy, Hurt/Comfort

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Death, Mayhem, Past Abuse, Stalking, Femslash, Male rape, torture, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 2/?

Completed: No

Summery: The Angel's have had a plan for Dean all along but what if they had started it earlier? How will Dean feel when he finds out the one person he could trust turns out to be the Joker in the pack?

Chapter Summery: Dean must live with the decision he's made, but first he must find Jimmy

Authors Notes:

I Wanna Know What Love Is

Dean groaned as soon as the door slammed, sliding down the wall he'd been leaning against he sat with his head buried in his hands. It had been years since he had stood up to his father like that and even then Bobby had been there, this time he'd been solo and he didn't know what had fuelled it.

Actually he did something about Jimmy always brought out the protective side in Dean, his feeling aside Jimmy was the older of the two of them by five year and yet Dean still need to protect him. Standing up Dean checked his pockets and smiled when he found his lock pick kit, heading to Jimmy's apartment he picked the lock and entered.

"Come on Jimmy, I know you and you are as paranoid as the rest of us but more so against Hunters" said Dean to himself as he searched the apartment, heading to the bedroom Dean was ready to give up as he sat on the bed.

Laying back on the bed Dean's mind once again drifted back to the night all these fights started.

Dean's mind was racing as he followed behind Jimmy's Mustang, Dean was all to aware of what had happened after the hunt and what would have happened if they'd not been interrupted. So this was now the problem, how far was Dean willing to take this?

He'd been trying to ignore his feeling towards Jimmy for years and it had never worked, not to mention Dean hated the look in Jimmy's eyes every time Dean had come back from some random girl's room. Dean was thankful he very rarely bedded men theses day since he'd hate to see Jimmy's face if he'd done that in front of him.

Dean finally decided that it was time to do the right thing, as soon as this thing was dealt with and catalogued by Bobby he'd pull the older Hunter to one side and tell him of his intentions towards his nephew.

Dean groaned as they finally pulled into Singer's Salvage Yard, every muscle in his body ached and he knew Jimmy felt the same if not worse. Sometimes as much as Dean loved his life it was a pain in the ass, living on the road and on the run often meant, you couldn't relax much.

That's why Dean loved Bobby's so much, it might not have been much to outsider but to him and many other Hunters it was a safe haven and a chance to catch your breath. Dean just hoped that he wasn't about to fuck all that up by telling Bobby about how he felt toward Jimmy.

In addition, Dean hoped when all confessions were over he hoped to get to know Jimmy better over a few beers and the backseat of the Impala or the Mustang. But first things first Dean needed to talk to Bobby, he found the older Hunter buried deep within some ancient book. Dean was worried as approached but he held his nerve until Bobby spoke up from somewhere inside the book.

"I'd tell ya to say what you came here to say but I know what you're here to say so I will say it for ya, Jimmy might as well be ma boy for all the time I've spent raising him so I'd say I know the boy well. So I say this once and only once boy, Jimmy's been though more then any boy but ya would understand that better then most.

So when I say ya break his heart and I start breaking limbs, then I'll give ya to the demons ma self understand?" asked Bobby as he looked up and shot Dean a look that made him feel five years old again.

"Yes Sir" said Dean as he swallowed hard

"Good, now we understand each other go find ma boy and look after him," said Bobby as his face broke into a smile; Dean laughed and nodded before heading off to the yard.

"Christ Winchesters bash their heads together and still they wouldn't see sense, those two boys will be the death of me and Dean's daddy's turning me ta drink" sighed Bobby as he got up from his book and clicked his back before heading in search of food and the older Winchester.

Dean on the other hand stood on the porch and watched as Jimmy washed the last of the mud track off his prized car, Jimmy loved the Mustang as much as Dean did the Impala the difference was the Mustang was Jimmy's. Dean was yet to be allowed anywhere near the Impala for more then a day, this hunt had been different in the fact that this had been a test for Dean and he knew it. John had something big brewing and Dean knew he'd be flying solo soon, this pleased Dean and put the fear of god into him at the same time.

"Hey Winchester snap out of it and get ya butt over here and help" said Jimmy a he broke Dean out of his daydream with the wet sponge in his hand.

"Actually I kind of like the view from over here" said Dean hoping Jimmy would get the hint.

Jimmy was stood over the Mustang dressed in vest top and jeans, his well-toned body a result of many year of hunting was more then a little visible though the water soaked top making Dean swallowed hard.

"Well maybe I like the view from over here better and want to see it up close?" said Jimmy as his body language became more predatory, throwing down the sponge Jimmy shook himself off as he walked toward Dean his eyes dark with lust and desire.

Dean's heart felt like it was about to burst though his chest as Jimmy closed the distance between them, running his fingers down Dean's cheek he smiled at the man before him.

"Do you know how long I've waited for you to wake up and see me?" whispered Jimmy into Dean's ear, his hot breath on Dean cheek made him shudder and moan.

"Every slut and whore you've taken into you bed since we've met took a part of my heart with them, making me believe you'd never truly see me. But I had faith one day you'd see me and now you have" said Jimmy as he looked Dean in the eyes before leaning in to kiss Dean.

The kiss was unlike anything Dean had ever felt before, Dean knew that deep down something about being with another man stared a primal instinct in him but being with Jimmy blew that all out of the water. Suddenly Dean realised that at some point they'd lost his shirt and Jimmy now had his hand resting on Dean's chest, while the other was on the back of his neck.

Dean moaned into Jimmy's mouth as he felt himself becoming more and more aroused, breaking apart Dean fought to catch his breath but not lose the contact between him and Jimmy. Realising Jimmy's fingers where entwined with is own felt good even if it was a little to 'chick flick' moment for him, licking his lip he realised at some point he'd split it as he tasted his copper blood.

Feeling Jimmy move from where he was sat Dean looked up and smiled as Jimmy lead him towards the Impala, it was the first time ever that Dean had allowed anyone else take control but with Jimmy felt safe. Dean lent back over the backseat as Jimmy crawled over him, leaning down he captured Dean's lips once again in a searing kiss making Dean moan.

Jimmy made quick work of the rest of Dean's clothing making him smile, Dean blushed slightly making Jimmy smile again after all Dean had a body no man would be embarrassed about. Jimmy ran his finger over every tattoo that covered Dean's body with their protection and the one that was personal.

A beautiful angel heart covered the back of Dean shoulder's with a simple banner reading Dad, Mom, and Sam. A simple tribute with a powerful meaning to him. Dean in turn ran his fingers over the scar that covered Jimmy's shoulder and abdomen, evidence of that horrific night that brought Jimmy into Bobby's care.

"You truly are a work of art Dean, I've never seen a man as beautiful as you" said Jimmy as he lent down and kissed Dean again before bringing their body's together.

Meanwhile somewhere else in the yard Bobby found the older Winchester drowning his sorrows, settling down on a Junker beside him Bobby passed John a beer.

"He's turned out to be a hell of a Hunter Winchester, ya did good with him," said Bobby as John just grunted.

"He's not going to stay put long John, that boy is itching now for a solo hunt as you've seen him and Jimmy make a hell of a team" said Bobby as John growled.

"It SHOULD be Sammy out there with him not your boy, what is it about that boy?"

"Ya both stubborn and pig headed, Dean may wanna be just like his daddy but Sam is just that he's so much like ya he hates it" said Bobby as John snorted in agreement.

"Ya going to have to let Dean go his own way soon before ya lose him just like ya have Sammy," said Bobby as he stood up knowing John wasn't happy about the truth.

"Dinner's up in ten so get ya ass in or ya don't eat, and leave ya boy alone just 'cause I shot ya down don't take it out on ya boy " said Bobby as John growled under his breath.

"What right does that old bear know about raising kids? Jimmy was already grown when he turned up. I'm their father and they should do as they are told. Where the hell is Dean?" growled John to himself as he rounded the corner of the yard and stopped.

Dean was currently getting out of the Impala shirtless while Jimmy lent back against the Mustang, alongside it with a smile on his face and Dean shirt in his hand. Dean laughed as he pulled the shirt out of Jimmy's hand before being pulled into a bone breaking hung and a passionate kiss.

Without thinking and reacting on pure instinct, John growled and moved towards his son. Pushing passed Dean John threw Jimmy up against the post supporting the porch roof.

"I'll say this once and only once, keep your hands off my son," growled John as Jimmy swallowed hard and Dean watched on as a click in his ear caught John's attention.

"Let go of him Winchester, I'm giving ya to the count of three to get ya ass in ya Impala and leave before I fill ya ass with buckshot" said Bobby as he aimed his 12 gauge shotgun at John's head.

Dean sighed as he returned to reality and the feeling of loneliness that now filled his heart, forcing back the tears that threatened to fall Dean rubbed his eyes when suddenly something caught his attention.

"Got to love you sometimes Jimmy" said Dean to himself as he stood on the bed and moved the loose ceiling tile.

Rooting round Dean found what he was looking for, from inside its hiding place Dean pulled out a small leather bound journal. Sitting on the bed Dean opened the journal and began to read, after an hour of reading Dean hit on what Jimmy had been hunting.

"It's a Skin Walker" said Dean as he burst into the apartment he and John shared, heading to his room Dean gathered his kit to hunt.

"DEAN, leave your emotions out of this. We both know that you don't think with your head when it comes to him,think first…"

"DON'T, I haven't any idea what's pissed you off about him but from what I'm seeing it's clouding your judgment," growled Dean as he reached for the door.

"You walk out of that door and take this on solo don't come back," growled John as Dean walked out the door.

Dean headed out into the street and over toward a local bar, night had started to fall and Dean knew the bar he was heading too was one Jimmy would have frequented. Dean approached this just as he would any other hunt knowing all to well that showing emotions could and would get Jimmy killed.

Dean flashed the only picture he had of Jimmy round the bar but as usual most people said little if anything at all, Dean sighed as he ordered a drink and sat in the corner.

"Hey cutie heard your looking for the hottie in the 65' Mustang? I might have saw him" said a woman as she approached Dean, sitting down Dean growled as the woman smiled at him.

She was all over Dean until her hand landed on Dean's side; she pulled back as if she'd been burnt.

"You've been marked by him," said the woman as Dean looked confused, the only mark he had on his side was a light scar Jimmy had left there after sex in the Impala.

"Well I'd hope so after all he is my boyfriend," said Dean with a growl

"Shame the hotties are always gay" said the woman with a smile as she got up

"Not from where I'm sitting" growled Dean

"If you want him alive I'd follow Hunter, the Walker doesn't wait forever" said the woman as she walked off leaving Dean confused as he followed, outside in the alleyway outside Dean found himself forced up against the wall with a sliver blade to his throat.

"Better safe then sorry" said the woman as she handed Dean holy water before cutting across his arm.

"You now" said Dean as the woman smiled and followed suet cutting her arm before swallowing the holy water

"Happy now? So what's your name Hunter?" asked the woman as she let back against the wall.

"Dean Winchester you?" growled Dean as he watched the woman laugh

"Well what do you know, one of the famous Winchester boys how's ya daddy these days? Not to mention how's the old War Horse Bobby?" asked the woman as she offered Dean her hand.

"Pamela Barnes, Bobby and me go back wait please don't tell me that cutie was Jimmy? Shit that fucks my luck then, hitting on family's not advised," laughed Pam as Dean looked at her.

"Jimmy and me we both call Bobby uncle, haven't see Jimmy since Bobby hauled him out of that blood bath" said Pam with a smile as Dean still looked confused.

"We're brother and sister I'm older, parents separated when Mommy dearest found out daddy was a Hunter he was the Singer by the way. I went with him and grew up in this life, change my name after he got dead by another Hunter's stupidity and Jimmy stayed in Bible camp with Mom" growled Pam as she pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit up.

"So what can you tell me about Jimmy's hunt?" asked Dean as Pam laughed.

"Not much I was working another hunt, we only crossed paths in the bar I still can't believed I didn't recognise my own brother? Though it has been 15 years give or take since we've seen each other. I don't know about him but certain gifts run in the family, so when he bumped me I saw what he was hunting figured he was a Hunter and kept my distance for the most part," said Pam as Dean looked confused.

"I'm a Seer, well a medium but who's bitching" said Pam with a smile as Dean nodded.

"But if your looking for a Shifter I'd check out the collage strange stuffs been going down there, I was on my way over after my own hunt" said Pam as Dean thanked her and headed off.


It didn't take Dean long to reach the Campus, Dean figured the best place to start was in the basement. The locked door was no match for Dean's skills as he picked the lock and hit the stairs, heading down them he kept his gun close as he navigated his way round the stored rubbish.

Suddenly the sound of breaking glass caught his attention, Dean headed in it's direction but the sound lead him to a dead end room. Dean searched hard he knew that nothing is what it seems as he pulled at a broken bookcase in the corner, when it gave way and a gust of cold air hit him Dean knew he was in the right place.

"JIMMY" yelled Dean as he heard a muffled sound; following it, Dean swallowed back the nausea, as he could smell the smell of death in the air.

Dean found Jimmy bounded and gagged, pulling out his blade Dean cut Jimmy lose from his bindings.

"You're the last person I though would come for me," said Jimmy as he wrapped his arms round Dean and kissing him hard.

"Nice to see you to Angel, lets get out of here before it comes back," said Dean as Jimmy nodded, before following Dean out of the hole and back to the car.

"What now…Dea" suddenly the click of Dean's gun made Jimmy turn round.

"You think I wouldn't know my own lover kiss, believe me dude he kisses better then you so one time where is he?" growled Dean as the Skin Walker laughed letting it's eyes flash as it turned to face Dean.

"He's long dead now, drowned I hope. The mate of a Hunter what a prize, though the secrets in his head. So much pain so much suffering and all the things he's keeping from you such a shame, it would almost be fun just to let him live so I can see how this pans out," laughed the Skin Walker.

"Son of a…" growled Dean as he shot it in the shoulder watching as it screamed in pain.

"Last chance where is he?" growled Dean as he picked up the creature and put his gun to its chest.

"I'm dead anyway what's it matter?"

"It matters whether I kill you quick or torture you? Your choose" growl Dean as the fire of hell burned in his eyes putting the fear of the devil in the creature before him.

"The docks pier 4, under it" coughed the Walker before Dean put the bullet in its chest.

Dean dragged the corpse off and hid it so he could deal with it later; taking off towards the docks Dean didn't care who saw him all he cared about was getting to Jimmy. Crashing though the gates Dean drove down to where Jimmy was, but the pier was already mostly underwater.

Grabbing his blade without thinking Dean hit the water and searched out Jimmy, but what he found put the fear of god into him. Jimmy was tied to a post his head under the water and he was pale and still, swimming over to him Dean cut him lose and dragged him to dry land.

"Come on Angel I didn't come all this way just to lose you now" said Dean as he checked Jimmy over before starting CPR, while calling 911.

"Come on Angel, helps coming hold on for me" said Dean also as if he was praying when someone must have answered him as Jimmy began coughing the water out of his lungs.


"Shush Angel, save you strength," said Dean happily as heard the sound of the Ambulance as it approached.