A/N - I originally intended the first chapter to be a one shot i did on my break in work. I based it on an urban legend from the town where i grew up. Due to the positive reviews i decided to write a little more and hope you enjoy this as much. I'd like to thank anyone reading this for taking the time to read my fic.

Maggie sat unmoving in the car. It had been almost an hour since the little girl had disappeared and she couldn't bring herself to drive off. It was as if her arms were made of lead and she couldn't move them. They just rested on her legs unwilling to cooperate. Only her eyes seemed to move as they glanced from side to side looking, as if paranoid, for some sign of the girl or anyone for that matter. It was not long before blue lights began to race up the road ahead of her from the direction of Mt. Thomas. Maggie could see them but in her state of shock she didn't seem to register the arrival of a second patrol car as it pulled up in front of her and its driver's door swing open. With the lights still shining in her eyes she could only just make out the shape of Sergeant Tom Croydon.

"Maggie!" he called out as he rushed around to her side of the car. "Maggie! Maggie are you alright? Why haven't you answered the radio?" Maggie's head turned to face the sergeant. As he looked into her eyes he saw the enormous fear that was behind them. He looked into the back serat and saw that she was the only one in the car. "Where's the girl? Did someone take her?" The unpleasant thought ran through Tom's mind that one of his counstables had probably had a child snatched at gun point from her.

"She's not on the backseat is she?" she asked almost in a whisper. Tom paused for a moment before answering the somewhat bizarre question that he attributed to shock.

"No Maggie" he replied. Maggie knew it was true but she was so sure that the little girl had been in the car with her that she had to have someone confirm for her that she was indeed gone. As Tom repeated that there was no one in the back Maggie didn't know if the news was comforting or not.

"She was there" she mumbled. "She was definitely...there. I picked her up on the side of the road. She was about eight years old." A single, long held back, tear ran down her left cheek as she recalled the story to Tom. "She had a long white gown on. She was just walking on the side of the road and I thought I couldn't just leave her here. I put her on the backseat and started driving. I heard her scream and when I turned around..."

"She was gone!" finished Tom as if he had heard the story before. She wiped the tear away as she looked at him puzzled before nodding. "Ok Maggie, get in my car! I'll send someone out to get your car later. Come on!" Tom ushered her to his car like a sympathetic father. After securing Maggie's car and radioing its location back to the station he began to drive her back to town. As they drove Maggie began to feel silly about the whole affair. Had she imagined it? Did she fall asleep at the wheel or something? No- she couldn't have! She had radioed it in and drove all that way with her. She had even physically felt her hands!

Tom didn't say much to her for the first fifteen minutes. He just checked that she was ok and kept driving but Maggie couldn't help but feel that he was keeping something from her. She sensed that he didn't want to tell her something. It was a feeling of protection emanating from him and although she appreciated his concern she had to know what he knew and so after she had pleaded with him to do so he told his story to her;

"About four years ago I was working late at the station and we had a woman come in by the name of Michelle Burke. She was Justin Burke's grandaughter from out of town. She said she had been driving down that road and found a little girl all on her own in the middle of nowhere wearing nothing but a white night gown. She stopped and picked her up and started driving this girl to the station. When she reached that junction the girl gave out a loud scream and when Michelle looked in the back she was gone."

"That's exactly what happened! Did she describe the girl?"

"Only that she was ice cold to the touch and had long black hair" explained Tom. Maggie's hand subconciously raised to her lips at the realisation that it was the same girl. "That's all I know." It was reassuring to her that someone else had experienced the same thing but at the same time it only deepened the confusion as to what exactly had happened to her that night. As he dropped her off at her home Tom told her not to worry about any of the paperwork and to take the following day off if she needed. As Tom's car drove away her mind raced with a thousand possibilities but she drew only one conclusion - the little girl was a ghost!