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Hope: Hi y'all, this is another story about me and…

Faragonda: Me. This is a story about how we meet, but it's completely different from the other one.

Palladium: It contains plenty of drama and love and friendship.

Avalon: So read and tell us what you think.

Wizgiz: Well this is going to be interesting… I wonder who she ends up with?

Du Four: Well love as long as its not you. (Wizgiz and Du Four embrace.)

Wizgiz: Never sweetheart.

Vampirefairy09: Hmm… right then next…

Du Four and Wizgiz: HEY.

Vampirefairy09: What? What did I say;)

Saladin: Lets get on with the story.

Griffin, Kotatorta, Zarathustra and Elditrude: Hey what do we say?

Vampirefairy09: Exactly that (smirks)

Chapter two.

Mum pulled back wiping her tears to, as she took my hand, rubbing soothing circles on the back of it.

"Every one this is Fern. My daughter." They all smiled at me.

"Fern this is Grizelda, Saladin, Griffin, Avalon, Du Four, Kotatorta, Zarathustra, Elditrude and Palladium." All of them were in different age groups. A few of them scared me slightly, but in their own way they looked beautiful. When she said the last name-Palladium-I saw him. His features were delicate, gorgeous; my heart skipped a beat as I looked into his golden honey brown eyes. What was I thinking? Its no time to fall in love I chided myself.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all, but you must leave! Your in grave danger by being here. James-father-well he wants rid of you mum, and any one who gets in his way!" Looking at them all I made my eyes pleading.

"Fern." My heart froze. Slowly spinning around I came to face with James. I had never seen him so deadly- it was like a lion being cornered, just without the fear. My heart started to beat erratically as I looked into his black, cruel eyes. His sneer made . me feel sick to the core; I was so scared he really looked evil, but I wasn't just going to back down.

Suddenly I was yanked backwards away from James. Griffin, Saladin, Avalon, Du Four, Grizelda, Kotatorta, Zarathustra, Elditrude and Palladium were stood in front of mum and me. Palladium's hand encircled my really small one; spirts of electricity shot through my body. He spun around, and in that moment I knew that I had found my soul mate, my one true love. He nodded in understanding and I knew he felt the same. The fight broke out; people ran out of the double doors screaming. Children cried out for their parents or carers. Dark magic hit them all out the way; every one ducked, but unfortunately they all go hit. I couldn't stand seeing them hurt, I knew I had to do something other wise they would experience what I went through, I knew I had to transform.

"Go enchantix!" I flew straight up into the air, I turned around as gasps came from behind me, and giving a weak smile I spun around. James threw a strong, dark spell my way! Quickly dodging out of the way up a bit I hit the spell side ways with a ball of magic. Mum joined me as he threw a darker spell at me, together we sent him flying into a wall!

Crying I flung my arms around mum, her arms encircled me, rubbing my back. Breaking apart we flied down. Palladium hugged me as sobs racked my body. Lifting me up into his arms all of them backed to the door- once out created a tight group and portaled out! We were stood in front of a pink and lilac building; even though it was almost dark I could hear birds chirping. Slowly my crying eased and as we stepped into an office, Palladium sat me on a chair. Everyone sat around me staring. They didn't look mad- like I would of expected- but worried.

"Umm… I guess you want to know what's been going on." My voice was quiet, and small. Griselda, who was closest to me apart from Palladium, patted my arm gently.

"Only if you can Hope." Mums voice was gentle and soothing. Nodding I tried to relax, then I plunged into my story from the beginning.

"My first memory that I have is being curled up in a corner of my room, while James is shouting. Ever since then he's been abusive, I've ended up in the hospital around about's thirty two times, give or take a bit." They gased, staring at me sorrowfully. "I cleary remember always being terrified, never understanding what I had done wrong." Tears streamed down my face, wracking my body with powerful sobs as Palladium pulled me onto his lap where I curled up, I couldn't hold it all in any more, it hurt too much.

"Alright sweetheart. We don't need any more information." Du Four spoke. After a while I managed to gain control over my emotions.

"Sorry." I whispered embarrassed.

"Hope you have nothing to be ready for, ok?" Mum came around the desk and enclosed me in a hug. I nodded into her shoulder, feeling safer then I had done in years. Some how I knew I was going to like it here, and I knew that everything would be alright. Darkness enclosed me and I welcomed it with open arms. I felt myself being set down on some thing soft and covered up before unconsciousness hit.

Life carries on, moving like a river.

There are many bumps in the road,

But life will straighten out.

Many good times are to come,

There is also going to be some dark time to.

That's just how life is, light has to balance out dark.

Unlock you heart find the key,

Find your soul mate.

Blessed be.