Pixie Alarm

Hermione stared at the noodle that was lying in front of herself on her desk. She was supposed to transfigure it into a rice corn, but the noodle was too stubborn and seemed to be resistant against her attempts of wand-waving. Suddenly, it seemed to be growing, and the four edges began to move up and down. 'Oh no, I transfigured it into a pixie,' Hermione realised, terrified. She waved her wand and waved it again, but the pixie merely laughed at her and flapped its wings up and down. 'What's wrong with my wand? Why can't I transfigure that thing back?' Hermione thought and slightly began to panic.

The pixie obviously noticed her discomfort, because it began to make faces, causing tears to well at the back of her eyes. She continued to wave her wand at the green animal that was supposed to be a noodle. 'Please turn back into a noodle or into a rice corn; I don't mind,' she begged the thing, but the pixie didn't listen. Instead, it went as far as poking its thin tongue out at her.

Unconsciously, Hermione let out a small sob. 'Pixies are so disgusting,' she mused, staring at the being in front of her in disgust as its sight caused shivers to run through her body.

"Mione, is everything all right?" Harry suddenly queried from her left side, eyeing her in obvious concern.

Hermione looked over to her friends' desks, letting out a huge gasp at the sight of the two pixies that were peacefully playing together on Harry's and Ron's desks. "The pixies," she whispered urgently. "How can we get rid of them?"

"Pixies?" Harry asked in disbelief and waved his wand at the pixie on her desk, transfiguring it into a rice corn.

Hermione had just begun to relax in relief, when another pixie suddenly attacked her face and finally spoke up, imitating the voice of her Head of House. "She is burning up. I'll take her to the hospital wing."

'I hope there won't be any pixies,' was Hermione's last thought, before the classroom around her turned into a peaceful, pixie-less blackness.

The End

I don't own Hermione and the others. J. K. Rowling does. I merely borrowed them just for fun and herewith give them back, unharmed. I'm not a native speaker of English; so please excuse my mistakes.