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"I love you Edward, but we're not doing this on the beach. Take me to bed, please."

"As you wish, my love."

I unwrapped my legs from Edward's waist and stood up, extending my hand to help him up from his seated position in the sand. We were both positively giddy as we ran hand in hand back up the small embankment and through the yard to the lanai. Edward pulled back gently on my hand and turned me around to face him.

"Let me do this the right way Mrs. Cullen." He slipped his arms around my back and under my knees lifting me up easily into his arms. He strode through the billowing curtains that covered the sliding glass door and brought us directly into the master bedroom.

I hadn't noticed before but there was a large basket of fruit and chocolates sitting on the dresser, along with a bottle of sparkling grape juice and two crystal flutes.

Edward caught me eying the arrangement and quirked an eyebrow. "Care for a drink?"

"No, I'm not thirsty," I said returning my wanting gaze back to my husband.

"I am." He said as he pulled me closer and kissed me deeply. He shook his head and slowly lowered me to my feet, then brought his hands gently to my shoulders. The energy that surrounded us was overwhelming; I could almost hear it crackling in the air as he lightly touched my skin.

I closed my eyes and rested my hands on his hips, desperately trying to bring my hammering heart under thumbs stroked gently up and down, brushing over the skin of my neck sending chills throughout my body.

"So not since Eric huh?" He murmured softly. I slowly lifted my gaze to his and nodded. I could feel my hands shaking as I pulled myself closer to his embrace, needing the strength of his arms around me. Eric had been my one and only; he was my first and I was his, and I was scared to death that I would find my level of experience lacking. The question had always been in the back of my mind but we'd never discussed Edward's previous experience.

"You?" The one word question came out as a ridiculous sounding strangled whisper. Edward's arms tightened around me and I was pretty sure I could feel him trembling as well.

"About the same." Huh? I leaned back, his arms still firmly encircling me.

"Really?" My response came out quite a bit louder than I'd meant. I just had a hard time grasping that he had been celibate for almost nine years. "Why haven't we ever talked about this?"

He looked down on me with so much love and adoration I could hardly remain standing anymore. Feeling my weakness, he lifted me up and my legs instinctively wrapped around his hips. He walked us over to the large and inviting king sized bed and sat down on the edge.

"I dated a little in high school but never did anything. I had one serious girlfriend in college, but once medical school started kicking my butt, we drifted apart and decided it was better for both of us to go our separate ways." He paused a moment as he relived the memories. "And then after the incident with Chelsea, I kind of shut down and only lived to work. I wasn't really interested in sex just for the sake of it." His eyes locked with mine and the love shining from them nearly brought me to tears. "Bella, never has a woman captivated me the way you do, and I'm so glad I didn't waste my energy on useless pursuits."

"Edward, are you real?" I breathed as I blinked back my emotional tears and leaned forward pressing my lips firmly to his. His arms drew me closer and tighter as our kisses became more intense and driven by our collectively bottled up need.

"So you're saying you have lots of energy saved up then Mr. Cullen?" I said, nibbling on my lower lip; I knew it drove him crazy when I did that.

"Oh, Mrs. Cullen I have more than enough energy." He winked and began ravaging my neck with hungry kisses and for someone who hadn't done this in years, his hands could work the buttons on my shirt with deft precision.

His warm hands snaked under my cami and began roaming along the span of my lower back. Slowly, he brought the shirt up, causing me to lift my arms as he removed it. Casting the garment aside he slid his hands down the length of my arms and along the sides of my breasts igniting a wave of tingles to ripple over my skin. I sucked in a breath and my eyes involuntarily closed as I tossed my head back.

"So beautiful," he said, his hands brushing up and down my sides. I brought my head back up and appreciated the desire burning in his gaze. I dragged my hands down his back and gathered up the hem of his shirt, pulling the polo off and tossing it to join my own on the floor.

He reached around my back and fumbled with the clasp of my bra. "I'll need to practice that a bit more," he mumbled into my neck causing a soft giggle to escape my throat. As he peeled the straps down from my shoulders and off my arms, I squeezed my eyes closed and fought the modesty that threatened to overwhelm me. It had been so long since I had been this undressed with a man, other than my doctor, and I was starting to worry. My breasts were less than perky; nursing Renesmee had left them a bit deflated and with out my bra I felt exposed in the most raw sense of the word.

"Bella, Love, look at me." Slowly I opened my eyes. "I love you."

His words were simple and all I needed to be reassured. As we drew closer together, me still straddling his lap on the edge of the bed, I could feel his desire as he pressed against me and knew I must be doing something right. We'd had enough experience making out, that my logical brain knew that I could have this effect on him. But feeling it now, bare and with no more self-imposed restrictions was not only reassuring but empowering as well.

I shifted off his lap and stood between his legs enjoying the open-mouthed kisses he lavished over my stomach and breasts. He slowly pulled my skirt and panties down causing me to gasp and close my eyes once again. Feeling the need to be equally exposed I tugged on his hand silently asking him to stand.

He complied and I couldn't help myself as I ran my hands up his toned chest, playing with the smattering of soft hair over his sternum. As I dragged my hands down to the waistband of his slacks I smiled a bit at his sharp intake of breath. I made quick work of his belt and enjoyed the hiss of pleasure as I lowered his boxers and trousers at the same time. He finished kicking them off and drew his hands up along my arms, bringing my rapt attention back up to his eyes.

He smirked that dazzling grin and crashed his lips down on mine. We both groaned at the sensation of our skin making full contact. As we lay down on the buttery smooth sheets, Edward worshiped and explored my entire body and allowed me the same pleasure.

The slightly cool night breeze washed the smell of the ocean and plumeria over us as we took our time. Once I was a mess of complete and utter tension, he urged me on top of him and guided our hips together.

The combination of tension and pleasure was so evident on his face as I settled myself, his hands gripping my hips keeping me still. My mouth dropped open a little as I adjusted and waited for his signal.

Slowly his hands ghosted up my sides and cupped my breasts as he began to rock his hips up. It didn't take long to find our rhythm, and before I knew it, we were both shaking in ecstasy.

I collapsed on his chest, my ear trained on the rapid beating of his heart. We laid there for quite some time before I rolled off and snuggled next to his side, one leg resting over his thigh.

"I'm sorry that didn't last very long," he whispered. I glanced up and smiled at his slightly chagrined expression.

"I've been waiting a long time for that, it was perfect Edward and it couldn't have happened a moment later. I love you. And isn't it nice to know that we have the rest of our lives to practice?" I drew up and kissed him tenderly.

"That's the very best part."

At that point my stomach began to growl earning a wicked grin from Edward. He got out of bed and walked over to where the basket of fruit was, selecting a bowl of strawberries, some grapes and a container of dipping chocolate. I couldn't help but enjoy the view as he poured us each a glass of bubbly. If I thought shirtless Edward with a tool belt was irresistible, naked Edward with chocolate sauce was a hundred times better. I was the luckiest woman in the world.


Our honeymoon was a blissful mix of enjoying the island, and each other. We were careful to apply sunscreen liberally on our days out. Nothing could spoil a honeymoon faster than a nasty sunburn.

We devoted a day to Honolulu, paying our respects for one of Edward's great uncles at the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor and collecting souvenirs at the giant flea market at Aloha stadium. Somehow Edward convinced me that hiking to the top of Diamond Head was a good idea. My legs begged to differ, but the view was amazing.

While we enjoyed many of the tourist attractions, it was quite clear we were newlyweds. After our first night together, it was nearly impossible to keep our hands off each other. At the Polynesian Cultural Center, Edward was chosen to "kill a pig" in honor of his new bride. He didn't really 'kill a pig', instead it was ritual dance that island warriors did to prepare for a hunt. It was also a symbol of virility.

Matsumoto's shave ice got checked off the list, Edward had his with the red beans; I opted for no beans and was glad for it. Malasada's in the morning, walks on the beach in the evenings, snorkeling, and making love more times than I could count, made for a glorious vacation, and we were both sad to return to the mainland.

A few weeks after we'd returned to Chicago, I couldn't wait any longer. I had to see if we'd brought anything else home with us from Hawaii. I got the fanciest digital readout test on the market and woke early one morning. Edward was still passed out face down in his pillow.

I waited the designated three minutes before snatching the test off the counter in the bathroom. I plopped down on the closed toilet as I stared at the little oval circle.

Edward came stumbling in to the bathroom a few minutes later scratching his head and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"Hey where'd you go..." his voice trailed off a little as he saw what I was holding in my hand. I passed it to him and waited with baited breath as he looked at the digital readout.

The answering grin on his face was all the encouragement I needed to leap into his arms. "You're gonna be a daddy again."

He twirled me around and set me down before kissing me nearly senseless. "I love you so much Bella, my little momma."

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