A/N: This is my first attempt at an R/K story with a bigger plot and a bit of whump. It was a challenge for me, but fun all the same. In this story Teyla isn't pregnant. Mainly because I already had three chapters written before I remembered she was suppose to be pregnant and by that point I really didn't want to exclude her from the mission.

A huge thank you to Renisanz and ShaViva for patiently doing the beta for this story. I am always surprised that after rereading chapters over and over there are things I will never catch.

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Spoilers: Through SGA Season 4, Ep. 13 Quarantine

On the timeline: Starts a few months after Quarantine, but before episodes Trio and Midway.

1 – The Mission

Day 1

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard looked down on the village below through binoculars. "It still looks pretty quiet down there," he said, handing off the binoculars.

Teyla shifted from her position perched above the village next to John and took the binoculars from him. "That is a good sign," she agreed, watching a few men wander from one abode to another. The inhabitants of the planet looked to be warriors, not unlike the Bola Kai in stature and appearance; though they did not paint themselves as the Bola Kai were known for.

"Well," John ventured, "do you think they'd be interested in trading with us?"

Teyla knew John wasn't serious in his question. "I do not think it wise to make their acquaintance at this time."

Sheppard grinned over at Teyla as she peered through the binoculars. He swore he could hear her mentally rolling her eyes at him.

They'd come to this planet it seemed to satisfy Rodney's curiosity. He'd discovered the address to the planet in a cross-comparison he'd been running of the Atlantis Ancient database and the Ancient database McKay had downloaded from the volcano planet, Taranis, before they had narrowly escaped and Taranis had blown up. The address for the planet they were on M96-87X was not in the Atlantis database. Maybe worth a look, Sheppard acknowledged, but he wasn't going to admit that to Rodney.

"John…" Teyla said, her voice growing urgent, all teasing set aside. "You should look at this."

The Colonel took the binoculars back and peered down at the village. The villagers were beginning to assemble. A group of two men, probably a patrol party, were talking excitedly, waving about what appeared to be… "Is that a piece off the MALP?" John asked, the worry evident in his voice.

"That is what I observed also," Teyla agreed, her P-90 already raised.

Sheppard raised his P-90 and tapped his ear piece. "How's it coming, Rodney?"

The sound of an annoyed scientist met his ear. "It's going okay. I might be able to concentrate better if the jolly green giant wasn't pacing impatiently right in front of me.

"Well, you're gonna have to wrap it up." Sheppard glanced at Teyla when he saw her stiffen, "like right now."

Sheppard half listened to the scientist begin to rant about the importance of the ancient building he and Ronon were in and how he was still transferring its database to his data pad and hadn't even begun to explore the facility.

"John," Teyla quietly called his attention, "they appear to be dividing into groups."

"That can't be good," Sheppard commented as he tapped his com again. "Rodney," he called, as loud as he dared. When McKay paused for a moment, Sheppard continued, "It's time to go now."

"But I haven't even…" Rodney protested, only to be cut off by the Colonel.

"Not now, Rodney," Sheppard barked as quietly as he could. "Ronon, big guy, we found the village. Lots of warriors similar to the Bola Kai and it looks like they're assembling search parties. They may already have people at the gate."

John paused and nodded down the trail and he and Teyla began a careful jog back the way they had come. "I need you to get Rodney back to the gate and start dialing if you can. We'll meet you there."

"On it," the Satedan responded.

Sheppard turned to Teyla and they shared a look, both wondering if reaching the gate was even a possibility.

Ronon turned to Rodney, "You heard Shep, let's go."

"I need two more minutes," McKay responded, working furiously on his keyboard.

"We need to go now," Ronon growled, glaring at the scientist.

Rodney ignored him, not allowing his concentration to be broken.

"McKay," the Satedan growled, as he moved to the door and quickly surveyed the surrounding forest for a moment. He stormed back toward the scientist. "Move now or I'll stun you and carry you," he bellowed.

"Alright, alright," Rodney absently agreed, still pounding away on his keyboard. After a few seconds he finally started packing up and shoving bags at Ronon, who quickly strapped those he could over his shoulders with practiced ease.

They both raced for the door drawing their guns to the ready as they paused in the door to survey the surroundings. Once Ronon was sure they hadn't been detected he took off quickly down the trail with Rodney trying to stick closely behind him.

As they neared the gate they came to a stop behind the last shelter of trees they'd have before making their way to the gate. In front of them was a large open meadow that they'd have to cross to get to the gate quickly. Skirting around the meadow and coming up on the gate from behind it would give them more cover, but would take a long time.

"Do you see anyone?" Rodney whispered as he looked around the clearing.

"No," Ronon said, as he continued to watch and listen to the surroundings.

"Sheppard," Rodney called into the radio.

"We're almost there Rodney, but we have company. Start dialing and make sure you make it through, we're right behind you." Sheppard relayed. Rodney could tell that they were running.

Rodney shared a look with Ronon. The big guy looked around the meadow and the gate area and nodded at McKay. "I'll make sure they make it," he gruffly told McKay, nodding at him to take off.

Rodney raced for the gate, not looking back, knowing Ronon would cover his six unless needed elsewhere. When he reached the gate he looked back to the edge of the clearing. Although he saw nothing, he could hear shouts and voices in the distance.

He turned back and began dialing Atlantis quickly. Once the wormhole established he entered in his IDC as he turned to gage how far away the others were. He could see his team making their way across the meadow. They were firing into the trees as they moved closer to him and the gate. The shouting was growing louder and McKay began to see what appeared to be cavemen chasing after them, shooting… arrows.

Rodney's panic rose as he tried to judge how much further till they reached the gate. A moment later he heard a whizzing sound and flinched as an arrow landed near the DHD.

"Go Rodney," Sheppard yelled at him still about 50 yards away. Sheppard and Teyla were closer with Ronon bringing up their six. Rodney turned and ran through the gate.

Sheppard watched Rodney disappear through the wormhole and felt a small sense of relief knowing that Rodney was already back on Atlantis and the rest of the team were almost there. Sheppard snapped his head to his left when he heard a startled cry of surprise from Teyla. He watched her pull a dart out of her arm and look up at him.

"Ronon," John yelled, as he reached for Teyla, knowing by the panicked look on her face that she was going down.

"Got it," Ronon yelled back laying down cover fire for them. "Go, go," he yelled at Sheppard as darts and arrows whizzed by. He hated them as much as Rodney did.

Sheppard quickly put an arm around Teyla's waist while looping her arm around his neck and began running with her to the gate just a few yards away.

A few feet from the gate John felt Teyla go limp and he lifted her into his arms. He turned to see how close Ronon was and watched in horror as the big man pulled a dart from his thigh.

"Ronon," Sheppard yelled, panic evident in his voice.

"Go," the wounded man hollered back fiercely.

Sheppard hesitated for a moment, but realized there was nothing he could do and staying would only risk all their lives. Regretfully Sheppard turned and stepped through the gate with his burden, already planning the rescue mission that he would lead back to the planet.