Author's notes: The last chapter. This was especially hard to write because it deals with the emotions after the first time.

By the way, I have a thing for eyes and scars. I personally think that Hijikata's eyes are really pretty, so blue and dilated.

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Chapter 8 – Food Makes Everything Right

If he had ever been bored enough to write a blacklist, the sun would've been among the top 10. Gintoki rolled over and pulled the covers over him, trying to block the annoying rays that always seemed to find some cracks to shine in from. Maybe he should start sleeping in the closet like Kagura did.

Finally realising that he wouldn't be able to get back to sleep, Gintoki sat up and yawned, wincing when he felt sharp pain in his left side. There was also dull pain coming from his shoulder and he touched it tentatively, feeling something like a bite mark there. At that point he realised he wasn't hung over. That was weird because he distinctly remembered visiting five or six bars after his jackpot at the Pachinko parlour. Waking up this late without feeling like the whole world was coming down wasn't something the Yorozuya was used to.

Trudging to the bathroom Gintoki tried to backtrack his actions during the previous night. After the fourth bar he had been pretty wasted and everything had been kinda blurry. He recalled angry blue eyes that had reminded him of someone, so he had followed them, attracted to the familiar aura he had sensed. Then there had been an intoxicating scent and soft, pale skin that he just couldn't get enough of. After that there was something akin to disappointment, followed by slight panic when he realized he might have lost the blue eyes forever. Things started to get clearer after that as the alcohol buzz had started to fade. He had found the person he had been looking for and then...



He ran back to the bedroom, almost ripping the sliding door from its frame in his hurry. Throwing the covers off he stared at the empty futon. Had he just imagined it all? That couldn't be, the new marks on his body were proof enough. Most likely Hijikata had just decided to slip away unnoticed.

So, we're just going to pretend that nothing happened, huh? Gintoki couldn't really blame the guy, he had seen the demon vice-commander in his vulnerable state, that must've been quite a blow to the man's self-esteem. He returned to the bathroom to do his business and freshen up. On his way he peeked into Kagura's closet to see the girl still deep in dreamland and Sadaharu lazily opening one eye and yawning at him. He would kick them up in a minute. Dammit, if he had to be up feeling lousy he wasn't going to be the only one!

After the bathroom he stalked to the kitchen, only to find out that the fridge and the cabinets were empty, Shit, hopefully I didn't splurge too much last night. At this rate I'll be forced to dumpster diving... again, he slammed the cabinet door closed, deliberately making some noise. He stomped back to Kagura's closet and kicked the door as hard as he could. It kinda hurt, "Wake up, princess! It's your turn to go to the store!"

There was rustling of sheets and angry growling that could've come from either of the space monsters. Gintoki slammed the door open and started pulling on Kagura's bedsheets. She shrieked and curled into a ball, grasping the warm sheets like a lifeline, "Noo! I dun wanna get up! It's too early!"

"Too early, my ass, it's almost noon! Were you watching some indecent late night shows or something? You better not have gone out to party while there was no one to keep an eye on you!"

"I'm not you! I just wanna sleep!"

"Not happening today! I'm really pissed off right now and I'm hungry!"

"What the hell are you two doing?"

Gintoki let go of Kagura so suddenly that she crashed against the wall, muttering curses that a girl her age shouldn't be knowing. But he didn't notice, too busy staring at Hijikata standing on the doorway, still with long hair, still wearing one of his yukata. Without a word Hijikata closed the door and walked to the kitchen, placing a grocery bag on the small counter. Gintoki, following right behind him, could only stare some more.

"What's with you?" Hijikata snapped while pulling out various food products.

"No... It's just... You're here..."

"Of course I'm here! I can't go back looking like this! I called the Shimura woman but she said not to bother her until she'd be ready to wake up, so I can't get my clothes and I still don't know how to get these things off my head!" Hijikata pulled at his long hair and turned back to the food.

"Yeah, but you were gone when I woke up so I thought you had..." Gintoki looked at the other man, not really wanting to accuse him of cowardice.

"I just went to get some food and cigarettes," Hijikata muttered, not looking up, "I could arrest you, you know. Not keeping enough provisions to feed an under-aged girl and a huge dog. That's neglecting your duties as a guardian."

"Hey! We had food yesterday! And I was just going to get Kagura to go to the store."

"Yeah, right," Hijikata started searching the cabinets and drawers, pulling out various equipment.

"Umm, what are you doing?"

"What do you think? I'm making breakfast."

"Yeah, but why?"

"Because I'm hungry... Gods! Go put a shirt on or something!" Hijikata snapped and kicked the other man out of the kitchen.

Gintoki was quite taken aback by the vice-commander's sudden return. Not knowing what else to do he returned to his room to get dressed, still pondering about the new situation. So, Hijikata had come back but he didn't seem all that eager to bring up last night's events. Well, not that Gintoki was any more ready to do that. Whatever it was that had taken hold of them last night was now gone and in its place was a feeling of embarrassment and uncertainty.

Should he say something? Offer some meaningless words to assure that nothing had really changed between them? Did something change between them? Gintoki opened the veranda window and stared outside. The sun was shining like always. The people were dealing with their business like always. The only real difference was that he felt more well rested than usual.

Last night, after Hijikata had passed out, Gintoki had cleaned them both up, applied some ointment to their new wounds and finally fallen asleep himself, with peacefully sleeping Hijikata in his arms. It had felt good. Not just the sex, but having another body next to him, snuggling, actually trusting him enough to let their guard down like that.

But, all good things had to come to an end. The next time they met they would most likely be arguing again, beating the crap out of each other and competing about something or another. Not to mention this seemed to be his part in this life, always messing up human relationships no matter what he did, Always alone... Yay, now I've gone and depressed myself, Gintoki sighed and returned to the main room where, to his surprise, he found Hijikata sitting with Kagura, calmly eating breakfast.

"Gin-chan, why's the Mayora here?" Kagura questioned, her mouth full of rice.

Gintoki just sat next to her, ruffling her hair affectionately, "He's here to feed us."

Kagura stared at him, not really satisfied with the answer but deciding not to question things as long as she had food and returning to her bowl. Gintoki started eating too, avoiding eye-contact with the vice-commander. To his relief Hijikata hadn't messed everything up with mayonnaise, although the man's own bowl was full of the stuff. The three of them ate silently and peacefully, trying to ignore the huge white beast begging for treats.

"Seconds!" Kagura announced.

"That was your second. How much food do you need?" Hijikata glared.

"Why are you wearing Gin-chan's yukata?"

"Here! It's not like I'll be carrying these to my place, anyway," Hijikata refilled the girl's bowl before she could start asking more questions. She had been staring at his hair for a while now.

The phone rang and before Gintoki could react, Hijikata was already up and answering it. He spoke briefly and then lowered the handle, glancing at Gintoki but not really turning around, "She's up?" Gintoki guessed.

"Yeah, I'm going now," he grabbed a bag that most likely contained his outfit and started heading towards the door. Gintoki stood up and followed him, leaving Kagura and Sadaharu to their meals.

"You going to be alright?" Gintoki asked while leaning against the wall.

"I'm fine," Hijikata mumbled while putting on his geta-sandals, "I just have to avoid the main roads so that I won't run into any of the guys."

"Yeah but... are you going to be alright after..." Gintoki didn't really know how to say it. To him it seemed like Hijikata wanted them to pretend like nothing happened, that nothing had changed and everything was like it always had been and always would be.

"My backside hurts," Hijikata said suddenly. Gintoki looked at him, surprised that the man actually wanted to acknowledge what had happened, "And my shoulder hurts, too," Hijikata rubbed the bite mark Gintoki had left on him.

"Well, you're the one who asked for it," Gintoki grinned, "Besides, you left one on me, too."

Hijikata glanced at him and there was a small smirk on his lips, "Well, hopefully it won't get infected or anything. Wouldn't want to lose you."

"Aww, thanks for worrying about me."

"I was being sarcastic, idiot."

"Yeah, yeah," Gintoki looked at the other man. There were other things he could be saying, other things he could be doing but he didn't want to disturb this calm they had created between them, "You better return my yukata."

"I know," Hijikata opened the door and finally looked at his eyes properly, "Thanks."

And he was gone.

Gintoki just stood there pondering. He wasn't sure if this meant anything, if he should be thinking about this more deeply, but he didn't really find it in himself to be feeling worried. Maybe it was that weird connection he and Hijikata seemed to have, or just his regular optimism, but he had a feeling that everything would be alright the next time they met. Stretching his sore muscles he returned back to the main room to see if Kagura had left him anything.

The next time he saw Otae, he had some embarrassing questions to answer.


Author's notes: I don't think neither Gintoki nor Hijikata would be the kind of person to go admit any feelings after just one time. They're both too stubborn like that.

I love Kagura and I especially love the father/daughter brother/sister relationship between her and Gin-chan ^-^

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