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Things Happen For A Reason

Chapter 1: Hide and Seek

They'll never find me. Sabrina, Puck, and Daphne had been bored that day, so they decided to play hide and seek in the forest. Though she wasn't a bragger, Sabrina was known to be very clever at playing the game, hence her name Queen of the Sneaks.

Unfortunately, Puck was the Trickster King. He also cheated. Puck had summoned his "monkey-minions" and they were planted all around the forest. Well, Grimm-it seems this day won't be so boring after all!

He looked giddy as one of his chimpanzees reported he had found her, "You did well, Dave. Go have a banana." Puck jumped from tree to tree, and landed close to Sabrina, peering at her.

Puck told all his 'friends' to get ready with their grenades, "Wait for it..." Sabrina stepped closer, still not noticing him, "Found you!"

Sabrina had no idea what was happening, until the first grenade hit her. It smelled of syrup, mud, and...something else unfamiliar. Crap, they found me! One of Puck's chimps threw a grenade directly in her eyes, causing her to go blind for a few seconds.

Sabrina could hear Puck laughing. That jerk. She still couldn't see, and was edging away from the forest. Sabrina fell backward, and tumbled down the side of the forest, hitting a tree on her way down. She didn't seem injured, but there was a sharp pain in her head. Sabrina ran farther away and found a cave to hide from Puck, hopefully he would forget about her and go for Daphne. She heard something move in the cave, so she grabbed her mini flashlight to see what it was.

What she saw was an angry troll looking down at her.

The troll was about 10 feet tall, very gruesome looking, and had murder in his eyes. Sabrina knew there was only one logical thing to do.

She ran.

She ran as fast as she could, coming closer to the forest. Any other place is better than that freakin' cave!

Puck had seen her return-worrying only for a slight moment. Then...

"Hey ya, Ugly!" Puck shouted from above her.

Sabrina jumped. She saw his grinning face from in the trees.

She couldn't say she was happy to see him. At all.

"You idiot!" Sabrina cried. "While you were laughing about your oh-so-amazing prank, a troll was about to eat me!"

Puck scrunched up his nose, "Why would a troll want to eat something as ugly as you?" He didn't let her answer and continued, "Well of course he was chasing you, he must hate you like I do. I should hang out with Gerald more often."

"His name is Gerald? You know him?" She asked him incredulously.

"Well no, not exactly. But I've heard about him. He's a vegetarian."

"And I couldn't have known that before I met him?" Sabrina muttered to herself. She then looked back at Puck, "Then what the crap was that? Why did he look at me with murder in his eyes?"

"It's probably because your human, he feels more comfortable when he's around Everafters," he paused, then said, "Or maybe it's because he thinks your ugly!"

"Ha. Ha. So very funny." Sabrina said sarcastically.

Daphne came running, "There you guys are! Sabrina! Sabrina! Sab- Sabrina, what are you covered in?"

Sabrina fumed when she saw a particular bottle in Puck's hand. "Syrup? Really?"

He nodded with delight.

Daphne went over to Sabrina, sniffed her, and hesitated for a moment, "Yup, that's syrup alright!"

Puck said, "I can't believe you didn't figure that out. I mean, it smells okay, right?"

"I know it is. But couldn't you have picked something-oh I don't know-less sticky?"

He shrugged, "That would make it less fun!"

Sabrina sighed, she really couldn't blame Puck; it was who he was.

An idiotic, smelly, rude Everafter.

The blonde looked at herself, "This is gonna take a long time to get off, come on-let's go home."

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