Disclaimer: I do not own Indiana Jones… I envy George Lucas… I LOVE Shia LaBeouf… sigh…


What is the General meaning of life? To Dr. Henry Jones Jr. that would be a very long and difficult question filled with scientific answers and a very long explanation on old Greek philosophers. To Indiana Jones who has seen more of life then you or I, would interpret things differently. You see, Indiana Jones and Henry Jones Jr. share some similarities but are very different. For one thing, Indiana enjoys adventure, while Henry would rather hang around at the bar with his 24 year old son. They share their love for archeology, their wife, their son and their search for the unknown.

But the one similarity that stands above all is that they both share the same body. That's right. This is the story of two men who are one and the same continue the life long search for rare antiquity.

This is the search for the Philosophers Stone. This is Indiana Jones and the Hunt for the Philosophers Stone.