Jurassic Park


Chapter 2: From Bad to Worse

Vincent awoke to the sound of gulls circling overhead. His body ached everywhere and tingling filled his limbs. He was cold, wet and longing for his bed. When he finally opened his eyes, he saw only the white sand of the beach he had come to rest on. An hour passed and the sun rose high, warming his body and soothing his mind. At last he felt the strength return to his limbs and he managed to drag himself into a sitting position looking out over the sea. Debris from his father's yacht law strewn about the shore line and amongst it was several fish, one of which appeared to be his pursuer, a young Hammerhead Shark no more than a meter and a half long. In his disorientation, the fin upon the back seemed much larger than it really was.

Vincent let out a sigh of relief. He had survived the night. How long had he been out for though? He could help but wonder. Had it been hours or days? Did anyone even know what had happened to him? Would the ever know he was missing? An image of him talking to a coconut popped into his mind, he didn't want to lose his mind and drift into madness.

Dragging himself to his feet, Vincent staggered towards the short to see if any of the debris would be useful to him. He search amongst the chunks of hull and mast but found nothing useful. Most of the stuff he could have used was too heavy and would have sunk to the bottom the moment it hit the water. A few bright yellow plastic chunks made him feel worse. They were from the blow-up raft that he could have used to get off the island but he knew now that it would not be in one piece if he ever found it. A dark shape down the beach caught his attention and he looked at it with hope, hope that it was some link to humanity. But what he saw quickly drove a stake through any hope he had.

From the jungle emerged a great shape. It stood twice Vincent's height and walked on two legs. It was unlike anything he had seen before. The dark color of its skin mimicked what water looked like. At first his gaze was set upon the massive elongated snout that came forth from the head like a crocodile's but his attention was quickly turned to the massive hook of a claw on each of the forelimbs. It was enormous in size and could without a doubt disembowel a man with one light swipe.

Vincent began to shake. His limbs froze out of fear and he body stiffened. The creature however paid little attention to him and instead stopped at the shore where it began to pick through parts of the hull to eat the fish that had gathered. Slowly, the lumbering behemoth began to move closer to Vincent until it was only a dozen meters away. At last his limbs unfroze and the fibres of his being that screamed run were appeased.

He bolted for the jungle. It had to be safer than the beach he prayed. He glanced back just as he entered the jungle and stopped. The creature was continuing its picking through the hull to find fish and only had looked at him with a sense of curiosity.

His mind was a flurry of thought and stared at the beast that was so unwilling to kill him even though it had the potential to do so. A distant crack caused him and the animal on the beach to freeze. Vincent saw a tangle of roots and ducked into them just as a large foot came into view. This creature was much larger with a similar shape save a massive sail that stuck up from its back. A thunderous roar filled the air and Vincent was forced to cover his ears. The suddenly the large beast charged the smaller, herding it into the water.

This is crazy Vincent thought, he must be hallucinating, he had to be. Just then, he felt the cool touch of something on his shoulder and bolted out of the roots to see it was simply a python that had come down to hunt rodents in the undergrowth. With his heart pounding, Vincent decided it would be best to stick to the trees but close to the beach so that he could see if any ships were a possible escape from this place, whatever and where ever it may be.

Vincent started with a slow jog to get away from the clashing titans, the small of which was losing quickly. Every step drove a shiver down his spine and made him hope more and more that there were no more of these creatures. The sounds of the fighting subsided and he knew the victor but could not see down the beach to confirm it, nor would he want to. Twenty agonizingly paranoid minutes passed as Vincent trod as quickly as he dared to and seemingly he was alone.

The birds whistled in the trees and insects sung a sweet song. If he hadn't known better, he may have considered this place paradise. But it was far from that. The ocean sloshed against the shore and Vincent looked through an opening in the trees to see the storm clouds only a bar on the horizon. Lingering clouds had speckled the sky overhead and seemed tame by comparison of what he had witnessed last night.

Weary and weak yet from what had happened Vincent finally had to sit down. The stump he chose was covered in moss and mushrooms. He dared not eat anything on this island. The creatures were fierce and so in his mind the plants and fungi might be just as bad. He panted heavily and wished he had a soft bed to lie in. His mouth began to water as the thoughts of food entered his mind, the sweet taste of fruit and the juiciness of a well-done steak. He shook his head. He had to focus on the present. He could hear rustling a short ways away from him.

This was not his day, he thought grimly, definitely not his day. He was shocked by what had jumped out. It was small, no larger than a chicken, but definitely like the other two creatures he had encountered, not normal. It had a long mouth with small sharp teeth protruding from it. Piercing eyes stared eerily at him as tiny forearms twitched the three fingered hands. It made a soft cry.

Unthreatened by this creature, Vincent kicked a small amount of moss at it. "Shoo," He said as he kicked another clump at the seemingly fearless creature. Then he heard more rustling. Eight more creatures emerged from the undergrowth and began to hop and chirp. More rustling became a concern for Vincent and he stood up just as nine more emerged. "Shit," he whispered.

Vincent began to move away from the little creatures. They followed him, chirping and hopping then entire time. Eventually Vincent broke out in a run and yet they pursued him. Five minutes passed and at last Vincent jumped into a tree. He climbed to the middle height and looked down at the pests and stuck out his tongue but he quickly realized trees were not an issue for them as two of the little animals began to climb. Vincent cursed them and started down to meet them. He gave a hard kick to one, sending out of the tree and killing it. The remaining animals on the ground leapt on the body and began to rip it to shreds. When Vincent kicked at the other one, he felt the sharp teeth break his skin and latch onto his sock. He shook his leg violently and somehow, the animal fell off even when it didn't seem that it could be. That was enough.

Vincent jumped down, sending the animals scattering with chunks of the dead one in their mouths. Vincent rubbed his leg and headed away. He knew the creatures were following but at a distance this time. A slight drowsiness filled him he just wanted to sleep more than he had already. It never occurred to him that it was the creature that was the source of this new found weakness.

Just as he was about to fall and stay asleep, he found himself in an unnatural clearing and he soon realized it was a road. A buzz filled him and he managed to keep himself upright. Vincent sighed with a great heave of his chest and started down the road. There was some hope of humanity after all.

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