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Bastard (of wine and other things),
I don't care how they effect you. I don't care how anything effects you anymore. I hold no affection for you now, nor will I ever again. Would you like to know why? It is because you mean nothing to me.

I was barely gone, you had no need for such comforts! You're just a lecherous bastard who doesn't know the meaning of the word restraint! You never were one for resistance, were you?

I wouldn't care, because nothing you do is of interest to me,



I believe we both know that you care more than you are willing to admit to me. Even if you truly do not care anymore, there is something in you that misses us. I see it, even if you do not believe I do.

You had promised to come back to me at a certain time. You did not keep that promise. You loved your oceans far more than you ever loved me, or able to love anyone for that matter. Spain cared about me -- oh, je regrette, I meant cares about me -- and your brother... well, if he did not want me the way you did, he would not have told me yes.

Hoping you are well,

A/N: Again, I am so terribly sorry about this. I'll be better next time, I promise!

je regrette = I'm sorry, pardon me, etc.