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Legacy of the Messiah

Chapter3: The Eyes

Fire Country: Konoha / Chunin Exam Arena

"What the hell is that?!" Ino asked in a shout as she saw most of the higher-ranking ninja around them looking like they were having a panic attack.

"That is a demon," Kakashi said simply.

"What?!" Ino asked in fear.

"It's the Ichibi no Tanuki; also known as Suna no Shukaku," Gai explained further.

"It's one of the Biju albeit the weakest of the nine with Kyuubi being the strongest," Asuma told the Genin.

"This battle has just risen to a whole other level," Kakashi stated as he looked down towards his blond student.

'Dobe...' Sasuke thought having regained consciousness.

'Naruto…' Sakura thought worriedly.

"Shouldn't we stop this?" Kurenai asked the other Jonin.

Kakashi however shook his head, "no…let's see how this plays out".

"So they are both Jinchuuriki…interesting; I wonder what level they are both currently at," the Raikage mused upon seeing the giant sand Tanuki.

"I think they're…on my level grandfather; judging by how they're fighting right now," Yugito commented.

The Raikage nodded in agreement, "they are both on the Chunin level normally but when they access their inner powers like this…they look to be on the Jonin level".

"What should we do grandfather?" the Kumo Chunin asked him.

"…Nothing yet," he answered as he returned his attention to the match.

Beside him the Hokage watched in interest having not expected this outcome, 'Suna sent a Jinchuuriki into the exam…I wonder why. Especially one with such a pour containment seal…it's almost like they were planning to use him for something but what?'

'No, no, no, this isn't going like I had planned at all,' the 'Kazekage' thought angrily as he watched the match progress.

"Have you got a plan bro?" Gamakichi asked hopefully.

Naruto nodded as he bit his thumb and started making hand-seals, "just one". 'It will take all of Kyuubi's chakra I currently have to use though,' he added mentally as he finished. He slammed his open-palm down on the ground and called out, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

There was a sudden explosion of smoke from where he was standing and the next thing he knew he was standing on a forty foot toad he knew all too well. Gamabunta: the Boss of the Toads. He had of course drained every last bit of Kyuubi's chakra he possessed to do it without harming himself which left him a bit drained physically but he still had his normal chakra reserves left so he wasn't complaining.

"What the hell is that?" Kiba asked upon seeing the giant toad in samurai robes with a large dagger at his side.

"That is the boss toad Gamabunta…I never thought I'd see him again," Kakashi said surprised.

"That last time he has been seen by anyone from Konoha was twelve years ago on the night the Yondaime Hokage defeated the Kyuubi no Kitsune," Asuma explained to the Genin.

"Really?" Sakura asked having never read about that detail.

"Grandfather isn't that-" Yugito began.

"Yes," the Raikage interrupted.

"No Genin should have the chakra to-" she tried to finish.

"I know," he interrupted again already knowing what she was going to say. "Jiraiya-dono definitely has been teaching this boy".

'Naruto-kun you…' Hiruzen trailed off in thought upon seeing the giant toad.

'This damned brat…' the 'Kazekage' was seething at the sight unnoticed to the other occupants of the booth.

The two large creatures had all but taken up all of the room in the stadium with only a small (by their standards) gap between them. The toad poofed his smoking pipe and looked up to the figure that stood on his head. The one that reminded him of his previous summoner…

"Not you again boy; what do you want?" Gamabunta asked annoyed.

Naruto looked down into his eyes with a look of disbelief, "do you not see the giant Tanuki in front of you?!"

Gamabunta turned his gaze towards the monstrous sand creature and narrowed his eyes, 'that's…Shukaku'.

"I need your help," Naruto said simply as he looked over at where Shukaku stood with Gaara now visibly standing on top of it.

"And what makes you think I'll help you fight him of all things? The last time I fought a Biju I received this scar on my eye," Gamabunta told him.

"Oh come on pops; don't be like that. Help the kid out would ya?" Gamakichi asked from on Naruto's head.

"Pops? Wait—you two are father and son? Why have I heard none of this?" the blond Genin asked surprised.

"And what are you doing here Gamakichi?" Gamabunta inquired when he saw the toad that was his son.

"Well I came out to play awhile back but…that guy over there started bullying me," Gamakichi answered as he pointed towards the giant sand demon.

"What?" Gamabunta droned as he drew his dagger. "Alright boy; I'll help you out this once but you owe me a drink," the toad boss said and Naruto nodded in understanding. "As for you…" Gamabunta took two steps forward surprisingly quickly considering his size and sliced Shukaku's right arm clean off. "No one attacks my son and gets away with it!" he shouted as he backed off to avoid the counterattack and the sand arm dissolved.

"Hahahaha!" Gaara laughed insanely as he made a hand-seal. "You amuse me Uzumaki Naruto but your entertainment has come to an end! Tanuki Neiri no Jutsu!" his body fell unconscious in a matter of seconds as Shukaku's eyes sparked with life.

"Hahahaha!" Shukaku's laughter echoed throughout the stadium scaring the crowd and everyone else.

"That's the demon?" Naruto asked in disbelief at seeing the clearly mad Tanuki.

Gamabunta simply stared impassively, "yes. That's Shukaku; he was always the…craziest of the Biju".

"Believe it," Naruto said weakly as Shukaku's gaze settled on them.

"Oh goody; my first victims," Shukaku chuckled and inhaled a large amount of air.

"Kid; we're going to jump," Gamabunta told him.

"What?" Naruto asked surprised only to find that the toad boss had jumped high into the air.

"Futon: Renkudan!" Shukaku bellowed as he exhaled a large ball of concentrated wind at where the toad boss had stood just moments ago. The blast exploded with tremendous force through the wall which immediately levelled it, "You won't escape!" He shouted crazed as tracked them and launched another attack, "Futon: Renkudan!"

"Boss!" Naruto shouted upon seeing the three monstrous attacks coming at them.

"I see them! Suiton: Teppodama no Jutsu!" Gamabunta called out as he released two condensed blasts of water downwards.

"Is this a fight or a storm?!" Ino shouted as the two attacks collided and sent water spraying everywhere like it was raining.

"Go Naruto!" Sakura cheered seeing her team-mate winning.

"Damn it looks like they missed one," Kiba growled as they all saw one of the wind balls continue on towards the toad boss high in the sky.

"Well this is turning into quite the battle," the Raikage commented upon seeing the attacks the two were throwing at each other.

"Who do you think will win grandfather?" Yugito asked him.

The Raikage remained silent but the smirk remained on his face as he looked returned his attention to the fight.

"You missed one boss!" Naruto shouted as he saw the wind blast coming towards them at high velocity.

"Damn," Gamabunta grunted knowing there was nothing he could do.

"This isn't going to be pretty," Gamakichi said as he covered his eyes.

Time suddenly seemed to freeze for a moment as Naruto closed his eyes and breathed slowly. He slowly opened his eyes having sent chakra to them and they now looked like they had rings around the pupils and turned the colour gray. Time returned to normal as he pointed his hand down towards the wind attack and whispered two simple words.

"Shinra Tensei".

Almost immediately the wind bullet dissipated into nothingness and Gamabunta fell back towards the ground. He landed in a crouch at the other end of the stadium and grinned as he looked up at his summoner. Naruto stood firm on the toad boss' head with his eyes glowing slightly gray and his jacket was now open and swishing slightly in the wind…just like his previous summoner.

"Those eyes…" Shukaku shook slightly upon seeing them. "The Rinnegan," he growled out no longer amused.

"What happened?" Ino asked confused.

"What's up with Naruto's eyes?" Kiba asked as he tried to get a better look at them.

"H-he's using chakra in his eyes," Hinata stuttered out.

"Why?" Sakura asked confused.

"That's the…" Kakashi eyes widened as he heard what the sand demon had said.

"The Rinnegan; the first doujutsu and has only ever belonged to the first Shinobi. The Rikudō Sennin and the man who founded the Shinobi world," Asuma explained just as surprised as everyone else.

"Wait your saying the dobe has a bloodline?" Kiba asked looked between the Jonin.

"Apparently so," Kakashi answered trying to calm himself. 'Why wasn't I told?'

'Dobe…' Sasuke's eyes narrowed in anger at this little piece of information.

"What is that grandfather?" Yugito asked as she looked the where Naruto stood on Gamabunta's head.

"That is the Rinnegan; an extremely powerful doujutsu and I think it is the reason my brother asked me to attend this little event. He did say he felt something unusual coming from Konoha…now I know what he meant," the Raikage explained.

'There's no doubt about it; that's the Rinnegan but how is that possible? Neither Minato-kun nor Kushina-Chan had it so why does Naruto-kun have it?' a hundred thoughts and questions ran through the Hokage's head as he tried understand what was happening.

'How can that failure have that doujutsu? I cannot let him live; he could very well become an even bigger annoyance than Pein,' the 'Kazekage' thought angrily as he weighed his options.

"Believe it," Naruto grinned as did Gamabunta and Gamakichi.

"Yeah!" the young toad cheered and jumped off the boy's head as his father dashed forward and cross the stadium in a matter of seconds (they took up most of it).

Shukaku raised his one arm and made to backhand the oncoming toad when he suddenly found his left sand arm blown off of his body.

"Shinra Tensei!" Naruto called out having used his gravity manipulation to destroy the arm. He panted slightly having used up most of his chakra reserves doing so many high ranking jutsu plus accessing Kyuubi's chakra, "grab him now!"

"Right!" Gamabunta shouted in acknowledgement and proceeded to grab onto Shukaku's shoulders. "Go!"

Naruto jumped towards where Gaara stood unconscious on the sand creature's head, "wakey wakey!" Naruto called out as he landed a solid punch to the unprotected redhead's face, "rise and shine!" He slid down the tanuki's nose as Gaara seemed to shake for a moment, "wake up you bastard!"

Gaara's eyes snapped open and he immediately glared at the blond for waking him, "you…"

"Had enough yet?" Naruto asked as he suddenly started to move again.

"Not so fast!" Gaara bellowed as sand shot up trying to encase Naruto.

'Shit,' Naruto thought as he raised both of his hands in opposite directions. "Shinra Tensei!" her called out as the sand was blasted away with pure gravity. He continued running up towards where Gaara stood while dodging the spears of sand that were sent at him, 'I have to get in close or I'm dead'.

"Hold still!" roared the Ichibi Jinchuuriki as the entire Shukaku body tried to break free of Gamabunta's hold.

"Hurry up kid; I can't hold him for long," Gamabunta grunted as he tried to hold on.

"My existence will not end here!" Gaara shouted as Naruto jumped up towards where he was located.

"Shinra Tensei!" he called out as he blasted the sand away that tried to intercept him and landed yet another solid punch to the Suna nin's unprotected face. "Got you," he grinned as the sand Tanuki started to crack around them before finally it all fell down and dissolved.

"We'll be going now kid…come on Gamakichi," Gamabunta said before he and his son disappeared in a large poof of smoke.

The two Shinobi touched down on the now sand covered ground and sluggishly they both climbed to their feet.

Gaara raised his hand towards Naruto and had the sand at the blonde's feet surround him, "Sabaku Kyū". He clamped his fist together and called out, "Sabaku Sōsō!"

"Shinra Tensei!" Naruto shouted as he blasted the sand away from him along the rest of the sand within a twenty feet radius.

"Those eyes won't help you here!" Gaara shouted in anger as he charged forward having expended the last of his chakra.

Naruto swung his arm out towards him and shouted, "Shinra Tensei!"

Gaara immediately found himself being pulled backwards by an invisible force crashed through the nearby tree which surprisingly had remained standing throughout the clash between the two giants from before. Gaara tried to stand but couldn't find the strength to do so and collapsed onto the ground unable to move.

"Are you done yet?" Naruto asked exhaustion clear in his voice.

"My existence won't be extinguished! I won't allow it!" the Ichibi Jinchuuriki cried out almost terrified as Naruto slowly and sluggishly made his way towards him.

"The pain of being alone…it's not trivial…I understand…but I won't allow you to hurt those that are important to me," Naruto told him as looked down at the fallen Suna nin.

"Why…why do you go so far for others?" Gaara asked not understanding.

"Because they saved me from my own darkness…someone once told me…when a person has something they want to protect. That's when they become truly strong," Naruto answered truthfully.

Gaara simply stared at him for a moment before he said, "I see…I cannot win".

Genma approached the two and upon hearing Gaara's declaration held up his hand to where Naruto stood. "Winner: Uzumaki Naruto!"

"He won!" Chouji cried out happily and the crowd burst into cheers around him.

"He actually went and did it," Ino commented in disbelief at her side.

"Nice one Naruto!" Kiba cheered at seeing his friend's victory.

'Naruto-kun,' Hinata smiled down at where the blond stood.

"H-he won?" Yugito asked not believing her eyes. "He actually won?!" she let a smile grace her features as she stared down the boy.

"Why Yugito-Chan if I didn't know any better I would say you had a crush on the young lad," the Raikage commented innocently.

"D-don't be ridicules grandfather," Yugito stuttered in protest as her cheeks turned slightly red.

"You're blushing," the Raikage teased.

"I am not," she said forcefully.

"Well I hope you get used to the idea of working with him because if my plan works out you will be seeing a lot more of him," the Raikage smirked making her look at him in confusion.

'Well done Naruto-kun…though I have to wonder why the Rinnegan would be awakened in you,' thought the man who was nicknamed the God of Shinobi.

'I must begin the attack now,' the Kazekage thought frantically.

Naruto swayed slightly but was caught by a red blur which he quickly recognised as Jiraiya of the Sannin.

"Great work kid; keep this up and you'll reach your dream in no time at all." Spoke the Gama-Sennin confidently.

"Ero-Sennin?" Naruto asked weakly as his eyes closed.

Jiraiya nodded as he laid his godson down on the ground to avoid injury, "sleep now kid. You earned it".

Moments later though a large purple barrier went up around the roof of the Kage's Booth and a Genjutsu fell upon the stadium. This marked the beginning of what later became the Suna/Oto Invasion as a combined attack force of Oto and Suna nins launched a strike on the village hidden in the leaves…

Author's Notes:

And that's a wrap on chapter 3. The Naruto VS Gaara fight is finally over and before anyone complains I am well aware that the stadium isn't that big but the two practically filled it while they fought so…I don't care. Encase anyone starts saying I made Naruto too strong I will refer you back to chapter 1 where I stated clearly that he doesn't have that much control of the Rinnegan yet. The only thing he can do is Shinra Tensei and even that isn't fully mastered because in the manga Pein could crush people in one attack.


Kuchiyose no Jutsu = Summoning Technique

Tanuki Neiri no Jutsu = Feigning Sleep Technique

Futon: Renkudan = Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet

Suiton: Teppodama no Jutsu

Shinra Tensei = Divine Judgement

Sabaku Kyū = Sand Binding Coffin

Sabaku Sōsō = Sand Waterfall Funeral

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