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A/N: Written for MtPB's Kiss Challenge :)


My eyes ran over the teens scattered in front of the school. I wasn't really looking for anybody in particular, just looking. School had ended minutes ago and kids stood in clusters, talking, running, laughing, and screaming. Some people walked to their cars while others stood with their backpack's on their shoulders, waiting for a ride. I saw Bella in the small crowd of people standing beside a tree with Edward.

I couldn't help but smile at them. They were so perfect together. Even though it sounded a little crazy, being in high school, I really believed they would be together forever. How could they not be?

Edward was saying something in Bella's ear, a small grin on his face. Her face heated up with a blush and she looked up at him, saying something back. He leaned down to kiss her forehead but she pulled his face down a little lower to kiss his lips.

I looked away quickly, ashamed at my intruding, but I couldn't help but turn back. They weren't openly making out, sloppilly and innappropriately like some of the other couples around, it was just a nice, gentle kiss. Bella's hands tangled in Edward's hair and his hands were on her waist.

Anyone could tell they were in love.

Edward slowly pulled away, leaving his face at her eye level before saying something to her. She smiled and her blush deepened.

Edward turned and look directly at me, smiling kindly. I dropped my head quickly feeling a blush on my face too. He knew I had been watching.

I was distracted from this thought when a pair of arms wrapped around me waist and lips brushed against my cheek.

I turned my back away from Edward and Bella's perfect love to appreciate my own.