It was late Friday afternoon. The halls of PPTH were mostly deserted. Desk lamp dimly lighted one of the offices on the fourth floor. But then again, Diagnostics department never was known of typical working hours.

- Alright, you can go home, it makes no sense for all of us to stay here – said House and yawned obnoxiously.

- Well, good night then – three ducklings rushed to pick up their belongings, eager to head home. But there was something unsettling in their boss offer. It was so not him. And again as they say – never look the gift horse in the mouth, so Foreman and Chase left as soon as was humanly possible. Cameron hesitated though. Something was bothering him and maybe, just maybe he needed someone to stay with him in this moment.

She knocked delicately on the glass door to House's office.

-House, is everything alright? - she asked anxiously.

-Yeah, just peachy. Why aren't you heading home? I told you, you can go, and when I said you, I meant all of you, not only the dark one and the dumb one.

- I know, I just wanted to make sure you don't need anything before I go.

- No, thanks I have it all covered, said House putting scotch bottle on the desk with quite loud thump.

- Well, alright then, good night dr House

- Night Cameron

As soon as she was gone his hand started to massage his right thigh absentmindedly. What the hell is wrong with him! It's been almost two years since their date and back then when she was offering him herself on the silver plater, he wasn't interested. At least that was the version he decided to stick to. And now, when she finally moved on, he admits to himself that he wants her! How screwed up is this? He should be relieved that she can work next him without discomfort of any kind, but of course he wasn't relived. After all it was him – the guy who always purses what is unattainable.

All the reasons why he refused her affection in the first place was still valid. Nothing has changed. She was still innocent, hopelessly romantic and ethically aware person she was the day he had hired her. She was everything he wasn't and everything he despised. What the hell is wrong with him. Well, she is beautiful, that is true, but nothing has changed in that matter in the last two years. Today, she was as beautiful as she was two years ago, when she dragged him on this ridiculous date. So nothing has changed but in the mean time – everything did. He wanted her in his life, he wanted her in his bed, he wanted all those ridiculous things that usually couples do and he wanted it with her. This was dangerous because he wasn't sure of himself anymore, he couldn't trust himself any longer. It was doomed to spill over. He was almost convinced that one night after one too many scotch he will call her and tell her everything. It was just a matter of time.

After this particular thought Gregory House slipped into alcohol induced slender.