So this is it I guess. My first multichapter came to its end. I hope you

enjoyed reading it just as much as I was enjoying to write it. Here you

go the last part -- hopefully not too fluffy. Reviews are appreciated.

And as always -- if you see any mistake, please let me know, I'm trying

but it's not that easy, believe me ;-)

Unnecessary disclaimer: I wish -- but sadly -- House still is not mine!

She was able to keep the conversation light, away from any serious

topics that might be in any way uncomfortable for him. Cameron learned

her lesson -- if you wanted to find out anything from House that even

remotely resembled feelings, you had to wait and let him do it on

his terms and in the time he chose. She knew that any kind of pressure

would actually only achieve one thing -- he would crawl back to his

shell using maximum artillery of his sarcasm in the meantime. So it was much

more reasonable to let him enjoy this evening and wait for his move. Though, she certainly hoped that this time he will speed things up. Otherwise it was

quite possible that they will be able to start their relationship

sometimes next to her fortieth birthday and she definitely wasn't in the

mood to wait this long.

It was right past midnight when they left the bar. She was the one who

had to pay the bill -- as House remarked with the mischievous smirk:

"after all you solved the puzzle almost crushing my ego and

self-esteem -- the least you can do is to make sure that I have enough

free alcohol to dull the pain of shuttered dreams".

She had no other choice than to pay but not before she pointed out her doubts about any possible harm to his ego: "Well I just can't imagine anything that could really get into you" she said still smirking at the very thought.

Right this moment House became serious and the mood started to get thick as the haze outside. "Actually you can" he admitted quietly. "I needed to tell you something from sometime. I just couldn't do it while I was sober and the fact that you had your more than average dosage of alcohol is definitely an added bonus. So here it goes – I think I might not be totally against the idea of us together in a relationship. And..." He wanted to say something more but was cut off by Cameron's lips.

This was their beginning. They knew that it would never be an easy relationship, that it was going to consist of many tears and angry words but they could live with those as long as there were some happy moments too. And there were.