Okay, so here is my first fic, if the layout is funky or something like that, please don't be too harsh. Rated T just in case. Post Days of magic, Nights of war, so spoilers from both books.



Chapter 1: Aftermath

Silence. All Silena could hear after the floodwaters from some unknown place had retreated was an eerie calm. Standing on the roof of her apartment building in Chickentown, was debris from all the houses in town deposited in a jumbled heap. This disaster had shocked her deeply. Life had been so ordinary until now : working at a clothing store, movie nights with friends and shopping at the tiny Chickentown mall. Now all that was gone, and who knew what life had in store for her, now that normal life didn't seem to matter anymore.

Her blue kept scanning the strange landscape. Silena's black shoulder length hair blew in her face on a wind that vaguely smelled of the sea. She had seen the floodwaters invade, quickly running up the fire escape stairs to the roof. Silena had gazed at alien looking fish swim past her in the frenzied waters. On the other side of town, she had glimpsed some type of enormous ship with purple sails before it had disappeared into a wall of mist.

Impossible, why would there be a ship here? That can't be right, I must be seeing things.

Doubt about what she had seen had made her turn away, so she wouldn't see that bizarre image again.

Now that the flood waters were long gone, Silena went back into her apartment to see what was left of it. She shoved open her front door to see that everything in her living was gone. Her couch, TV, bookshelf with all her books and coffee table had all been swept away . The front window was completely smashed open, and Silena guessed the water had entered and exited there. A few dead fish who didn't escape with the waters were strewn all over the floor. She felt a tear run down her cheek as she thought of everything she had worked so hard for had disappeared with the waves.

Silena walked into the kitchen and found it in a similar state, same with the bathroom. What she found in the bedroom was entirely different.


So what did you think?? I hope you liked it and stay tuned for more (even though the next few chapters are short)