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Chapter 8 Rejected

Christopher Carrion was very pleased by the fact that he could still use fear as a weapon without the help of nightmares. He turned back to Silena, registering the look of shock. The frailness and weakness of her expression was enough to make him laugh, though he didn't. He simply held her gaze, waiting for her to look away. Instead she continued staring waiting for him to say something, anything to explain what justified him killing those two. Carrion couldn't waste anymore time, he would have to kill her, she had seen to much and apparently snapped. Yet could he bring himself to do it?

Silena broke his train of thought, "why did you do that?" her voice coming out weaker than intended.

"Did you prefer to die?" The statement sprung Silena out of the trap of disbelief.

"You… murdered them! You never had to kill them, they were foolish yes, but not deserving of death!" With that she ran over to him, intending to strike back perhaps in the heat of the moment, but got too close. With a quick and powerful blow, Silena was sent flying into the fence of the nearest house, some six feet away. The impact left her breathless and feeling as if she were going to pass out as black spots in her vision made seeing difficult.

While in this compromised state, The Lord of Midnight strode up to her and spat in her face, "You got what you deserved, you ungrateful imbecile! Don't try and follow me, or you'll be worse than dead." His piercing eyes seemed to drill right into her head, making her break eye contact. After giving her one of his infamous smiles, he swiftly departed down the alley, heading north. Silena felt so unappreciated and defeated that she started sobbing, lying on the pavement gasping for air. Slowly, the emotion was sapped away after several minutes of emotional overload and Silena was left dry eyed and numb to any feeling.

Looking up at the stars, she thought of everything that had happened in the last couple of hours, finding out all the things she had could never dream of knowing about herself. Why did this have end now in this horrid way she would never revisit because of the pain that it had caused her? The pain in her ribs made breathing laboured, and she guessed that they may be bruised, or worse. With some wincing, Silena lifted herself off the ground and propped up against the fence. Getting home would take several hours in this condition, but the edge of town was only a couple of blocks away, not more than 15 min even with the injuries. Was she actually considering this last ditch effort to get into the Abarat? Pushing herself off the fence, Silena thought up the crazy plan that could actually work.

Carrion walked onto where the road became the endless sea of prairie. How could that stupid girl have been so angry at him for saving her? Who did she even think she was? These questions plagued Carrion as he found the right spot to begin summoning the Izabella.

Silena stumbled down Lincoln street, using the sides of waterlogged homes to support herself. It took all her will power to keep from quitting, just collapsing and letting sleep overtake her sore and tired body. But would she wake if she let sleep come over her? This question made the fear that kept Silena going along the dark and abandoned road onto the prairie. At the end of the asphalt, Silena spotted Carrion and could tell he was doing something that required immense concentration. To avoid his lethal attention, she sunk down to her hands and knees and proceeded to crawl closer. Arriving at about a hundred yard safe distance, Silena sensed a change in the winds, a sudden cooler breeze coming from the north that carried a smell that she couldn't place. A salty, smell that suddenly took a powerful hold over her, something she hadn't smelt in a long time, a scent left over from a childhood long gone.

Peeking over the grass, she could just make out blue and then heard a rushing sound, like a wave. Like the ocean tide coming in, but how could that be in prairie? Of course, the same sea that entered Chickentown two days ago! It was getting hard for Silena to think straight. Her lids were extremely heavy, sleep promising to end the pain with dreams of the hot showers. But no, she must go on, the sea was in her grasp, so to speak. She continued her pitiful crawling for another twenty yards, and then couldn't take it anymore. With a final desperate sigh, Silena slipped into a welcoming sleep, knowing she was destined only to dream of the Abarat, never to see it.

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