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Holes and High-rises

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Chapter 1.

Naruto Uzumaki was coming home. He pulled to a jerky stop next to a familiar large brick building in the center of Konoha, his worn red truck rumbling loudly in the quiet streets. It wasn't until this very moment that the thought of being back really started to sink in with the blond. He wasn't really sure how he felt about this whole situation that he found himself in.

He had left at sixteen, as soon as he had gotten his license and saved up enough money for a rickety old car. The world was big and vast and there had to be something better around the corner. That thought had been what kept Naruto on the move for ten years. The promise of something new beyond that next hill, something more to see, learn and experience. Now he had come full circle and was back where he had begun.

However, the offer had been too good to turn away – his very own excavation with him running the show. Being offered a position at the department of archaeology at Konoha's museum of history was a dream for someone like him and a chance that didn't come along often. There was no way that he could turn it down.

Being an archaeologist is nothing like the movies, such as Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider, portrayed. It's a continuous struggle just to get employed and an even larger struggled when you found employment. It is dirty, strenuous, and more often than not, a very ungrateful job. You could dig for sixteen hours a day and all you had to show for it was dirt, mud, blistered hands, and a bucket full of worms. It could be scorching hot one day and freezing cold the next. You were always subjected to elements and wind and rain could ruin months of work in an instant. Nothing was ever sure and you had to work, sweat, and bleed for every shard of clay or fishbone that you would find.

Naruto loved it though and wouldn't trade it for anything. The feeling he got when he unearthed a broken bowl, or a piece of a comb that had been hidden in the soft soil for thousands of years, was unlike anything else. It was almost better than sex. The echo of the past was something that has always fascinated Naruto and he couldn't even imagine working in any other field.

He couldn't wait to start his excavation. His body positively hummed with pent up energy, already eagerly anticipating seeing the sight with his own eyes. There had been plans to erect a new high-rise in Konoha when some large company decided they needed a new status symbol. A phallus made of steel and glass that let everyone else know that they were bigger than them. However, when they had started to clear the land for the build, the remains of an old settlement had been discovered. Now it became Naruto's job to excavate the site, while preserving and documenting everything he finds before the company could continue with the build.

Naruto couldn't wait to get his hands dirty. A huff of warm breath against his ear suddenly woke Naruto from his daydreams and made him remember his passenger. "What? Are you in a hurry or something." Dark eyes only stared at him. "It's not like I'm scared to go inside so don't give me that look." Another pointed stare was his only answer. "Fine, fine I'll go. You can be such a bully Bo. Sometimes I don't know why I put up with you." Naruto gave his companion an exasperated look and got out of the truck, holding the door open. "Come on then partner; let's check out our new office… not that we'll be spending a lot of time in it."

Bo gracefully got out of the car – well, as gracefully as a hundred and eighty lbs of Great Dane can get out of a small truck… Long story short, there were paws and tails everywhere, but in the end, he finally managed to stand on all four paws in the driveway. Naruto reached over and petted the dogs spotted fur affectionately. He didn't have to bend down to do it being as Bo came up to his waist – something that was quite a feat considering that Naruto was anything but short at a solid 6 foot 2".

He had found the dog abandoned as a half grown puppy four years ago and they had been inseparable ever since. More than likely, his previous owners had abandoned him once they had realized just how large the Dane was going to get. Naruto gave the huge dog a fond look as he padded beside him. As silly as it sounded, Bo was his best friend and the dog definitely had a personality all his own.

Naruto left the large dog on the steps where he had shade and went inside to check out his new workplace. He supposed it was childish to get butterflies in his stomach when he saw his name written on the brown, plain wooden door. His office wasn't much larger than a closet after all and it was located very near the basement of the museum with not a window in sight. Nonetheless, Naruto didn't mind since in the end, what really mattered was that it was his. His name was on that door, proof that he existed and that he had accomplished something.

The blond looked around the tiny space with overwhelming pride and giddiness. He would make this the best excavation ever and it would be a stepping stone to even larger things. He made sure to briefly stop by the other offices so that he could greet the other workers at the museum and inadvertently became the cause of many whispers and raised eyebrows.

Naruto walked outside, lazily swinging his arms and ignoring the stir he had caused. Of course he had known that there would be gawking and talking behind his back when he returned. After all, Naruto had never been able to be just another face in the crowd in Konoha, but he had hoped that his years away would help him handle it better that he had when he was a child.

With a distinctly satisfied sigh, Naruto closed the museum door behind him and moved to get Bo. When he reached the dog, he found him lying on his back, more than likely hoping that the autumn sun would warm his tummy. Naruto whistled lightly to get the dogs attention and couldn't help but laugh as the dog got to his feet with a groan and huddled back to the cramped truck.

Naruto let him in and then took a seat himself, more than ready to go look at the dig site. He wanted to see how much damage the machines had managed to do to the location. He would also need to take inventory of what he would need when his team arrived before they could start their work. Naruto couldn't wait to get on his knees and get his hands dirty. He was a bit anxious about all the changes he was making to his restless life, but despite everything it felt good to be home.


Itachi Uchiha was not happy. Not that anyone at the office could see any difference from when he was in a good mood. At work Itachi had one expression and it was described by his employees as scary – not to his face of course… They valued their lives after all.

Itachi sighed and leaned back in his plush leather chair. For every hour that the machines weren't running, Uchiha Corp. lost thousands of dollars. The whole project was now way behind schedule and Itachi was growing frustrated. What could be so complicated about moving some mud-covered clay shards out of the way?

Not for the first time Itachi cursed the fact that they had been forced to report the findings to the authorities. If Itachi could have had his way, he would have run the whole site over, all the while whistling a merry tune while doing it. The past was the past. It was the present that mattered and this new high-rise would provide many needed jobs for Konoha, both during construction and when it was done. If it ever would be finished… it was already Fall and Itachi did not want to have to wait much longer.

Itachi got up from behind his desk and straightened his black suit even though it was already immaculate. He would drive out to the building site and see if he could find the little museum mouse that the council had promised him was coming. Itachi wanted to see if he couldn't 'persuade' the nerdy little Indiana Jones wannabe to move things along.

So what if some shards of the past stayed in the ground undiscovered, or if the whole site wasn't mapped out entirely. Nobody needed to know, and it was all for the greater good anyway, so what would be the harm? If it was one thing dear old dad had taught him before passing, it was that you didn't get anywhere in the world by being nice, and while Itachi's personal rule was usually to do everything exactly the opposite that asshole would have done it, this was something he really couldn't argue with. If you were nice you were stepped on.

Itachi Uchiha did not get stepped on…He did the stepping.

After running his long fingers over his ponytail to see that the silky strands were in place, he reached into his pocket and picked up his phone. A few button-clicks later he heard the surly voice of his brother and vice president.

"Sasuke, I'm heading out to the building site to see what the damage really is. Take care of the Chisato meeting will you?"

Without waiting for an answer Itachi silently snapped his phone shut and moved out of the office. He knew Sasuke could handle the meeting, his little brother had read the files and he was brilliant after all…Almost as smart as his older brother.

Itachi heard Sasuke's annoyed voice from down the hall and hurried his steps; maybe he should have waited to call his brother until he was in the car. Once the mirrored elevated doors slid shut around him Itachi smiled a tight lipped smile. He had managed to piss his brother off and avoided hearing Sasuke's ranting about it. All in all, it had been a pretty good morning. Now is he could only get the dirt rats to move their dig along, things would be back to normal in this Uchiha's life.


This was amazing! Naruto nearly drooled with excitement as he crawled on all fours, meticulously mapping out old structures long vanished with his fingertips. This settlement was larger than he had been told that it was; it was a fucking village. Imagine the things they could learn about ancient Konoha through this excavation… How they lived – how society was mapped out. A shiver of pure need ran through the blond. This was the sort of thing he had been looking for all his life and this time he would be running the show. Naruto couldn't believe his luck.

"This is it Bo, our big break. If this is as huge as I think it is…we'll be remembered in history!"

The large dog just looked at him blankly and went back to licking his balls.

"Nice Bo, really nice…"

Naruto looked away from Bo as a slick, gleaming black town car rolled up. Great… Naruto had been at the site all of five minutes and already the big wigs were here. In a town car no less, Naruto snorted to himself. It was probably some fat old geezer too lazy and too rich to even get a license and had to be driven everywhere.

The back door opened silently and a shiny black shoe was seen soon to be followed by another. Long legs dressed in black also emerged.

Naruto hissed and cursed softly as the most beautiful man he had ever seen stepped out of the vehicle. Nope, this was most definitely not a fat old geezer. This was sex on legs. Pale, pale skin, dark eyes, and long dark hair screamed gorgeous while hinting at dangerous. This was Naruto's secret wet dreams brought to life.

Itachi straightened his dark blue tie as he got out of the car, his sharp black eyes glanced around. The field was still and quiet, no machines were humming, no sound of hammers or drills and no sign of the future.

Suddenly a movement caught his gaze and he saw a blond on his knees in the grime staring back at him with the bluest eyes Itachi had ever seen in his entire life. Next to the kneeling blond was a strange spotted creature that most of all looked like a horse masquerading as a dog grooming his private region. Its white and black spotted fur reminded Itachi of the horse in Pippi Longstockings…Which had been Itachi's favorite book growing up…A secret that he would be taking with him to the grave.

What the hell was this? Thinking about blue eyes, horse-dogs and children's books… Itachi mentally shook his head to clear it and starting to walk towards the man kneeling in the dirt. He had to have access since this was a closed site but Itachi couldn't figure out who he was; all he knew was that he was intriguing.

Naruto watched those polished leather shoes come closer and he could feel his heart rate increasing. He looked up at the pale skinned man and gave him a sheepish smile.

"Who are you?" The words came out short and clipped but that dark smooth voice still resonated through Naruto.

"Um…hi. I'm Naruto Uzumaki and I'll be the lead archaeologist when we start the excavation on Monday. I just stopped by to map things out a bit." Naruto got up from his knees and brushed the dust off his faded jeans and plaid cotton shirt before reaching his hand out to Itachi.

He was tall Itachi noted, taller than himself and those blue jeans hung low on lean hips and strong thighs. Itachi had to keep himself from licking his lips. This gorgeous blond was not what he had been expecting from a dirt rat. Itachi shook the blonds' hand; it was large, calloused and warm.

"I'm Itachi Uchiha, what do you think of the site?"

"Ah Mr. Uchiha, you own this land?" Naruto's eyes lit up and his voice laced with thinly veiled enthusiasm. "You are so lucky, come see." Without thinking he kept his hold on the CEO's hand and started to drag him along. "This is much larger than we thought, it's a village…Well at least part of one, and it's old. We can learn so much from this." Naruto kept talking as he pointed out where walls and buildings would have stood all those years ago.

Itachi's brow furrowed. This was not what he had wanted to hear. He couldn't care less about something that was long gone and forgotten; he cared about the future and the fact that his company was bleeding money because of this. Itachi pulled his hand away from the blonds' and ignored how cold his hand suddenly felt.

"So when can we start building?"

"What?" Naruto looked at him with confusion shining out of blue pools. "Didn't you hear me? This is a find that comes along once in a lifetime. It will take at least a year just to scratch the surface, to uncover the ruins." Why wasn't the pale man excited? He owned the land of something that would be included in the history books.

"That's not acceptable; I need the building to be finished and standing by summer." Itachi looked at him with unreadable dark eyes.

"What? No! It's already fall, we can't do much during winter other than map and measure and take soil samples. Your stupid building will have to wait." Naruto was filled with disappointment. This was the most beautiful man he had ever seen, making his tummy and…other parts tingle. He hadn't looked at him funny when Naruto had told him his name and then he had turned out to be another money-hungry dweeb that couldn't think beyond the reach of his wallet.

"As I said, I want it done by summer. How much will it take to make it so?" Itachi cursed himself inwardly. Where had his finesse gone? This beautiful blond moron made him act like…well, his little brother. Just the thought of that made him shudder. His brother was brilliant but rash and impulsive…Itachi had always prided himself to be able to control his temper in any situation. Then this dirt rat suddenly changed all that within minutes.

"You can take your money and shove them up your ass. I can't be bought." Naruto's blue eyes darkened with anger.

"I will take this matter both before the museum and the council."

"Go ahead and do that, I will fight you every step of the way. I am very good at what I do Mr. Uchiha, and I never give up."

Bo looked back and forward between the bickering men before sighing deeply and ambling off. He didn't do arguments.

"We'll see who wins then Mr. Uzumaki." Itachi said in a tone that showed that he had no doubt who would win.

"I guess we will, and no matter how high and mighty you think that you are, I still have a little thing called the law on my side." Naruto sneered back. People like Itachi Uchiha were part of the reason he thought he would never return to Konoha. Old families, old money and a stick shoved so far up his ass he couldn't bend to anything or anyone even if his life depended on it.

Itachi glared at him and Naruto felt another stab of lust run through him. Fuck but the other man was hot as hell when he showed some emotion, even if it was anger. He couldn't let that show though; Naruto wouldn't let Itachi Uchiha get an edge over him because he had a feeling the other wasn't above playing dirty to get what he wanted.

Naruto stepped closer to Itachi, ignoring the subtle way the Uchiha's lemony aftershave made his mouth water. "You know something? You remind me of my dog. Same huffing and same glaring…tell me, do you lick your own balls too?"

Itachi's eyes widened before narrowing. This crude dirt rat had some nerve. Itachi couldn't believe that the other wasn't afraid of him. That proved that he was an outsider but he would learn the hard way how Uchiha's deals with obstacles.

"I think we're done here for now Mr. Uzumaki. You will hear from us soon enough though… Don't get too comfortable down there in the mud."

Itachi gave him a short nod and walked back to the car, back ramrod straight and head held high.

Naruto watched him go in silence. He knew he had taken it too far but the other had gotten under his skin and made him react. He watched Itachi get into the car and mourned the loss of seeing that sexy ass move. Bo came back and plopped his ass down next to him, watching the car drive away with his tongue lolling out like he was laughing.

"Ah there you are, my brave defender; my knight in shining armor…you big, lazy coward." Naruto glared at Bo who hurriedly got on his back waiting for a tummy rub. Naruto sighed but got down to oblige the giant dog. "It looks like we have a battle ahead of us Bo." He said quietly to the dog as Bo moaned in pleasure at being scratched and rubbed.

Naruto suddenly grinned brightly. "And being the masochist that I am I actually look forward to it…I wish that bastard would let me rub his tummy." A picture of Itachi flat on his back, his hair spread out over the pillow and moaning in pleasure as Naruto caressed his stomach caused a problem to appear in the blonds' jeans and his had to change his position to relieve some of the pressure.

"Oh fuck…I'm in so much trouble."

Bo groaned in bliss at being petted and drooled.


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