And So We Run

"Put on your shoes." It's dark, but I know mother's voice.

I roll over and sit up in bed.

Heavy droning fills the night.

A shirt is thrown over my head while father rummages in the closet. I rise, half-dressed, fumbling for my shoes. He slings a pack over my shoulders and we race down the stairs.

A figure stands in the doorway, hand extended to me.

"You're coming?" I plead with my parents, although the truth burns my throat like bile.

They hold me; then I am shoved out the door toward the man.

"Run, Madge," he whispers.


My god, a non-Lord of the Rings drabble? Well, seeing as nobody else has written a Gale/Madge ship around here….All right, so I know he isn't in to her (yet!), but I'll be darned if she isn't crushing on him. In a fit of wishful thinking, I've decided that Madge did escape the destruction of Dist. 12 and Gale bloody well helped her. Fanservice, I inflikts it. ;)