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The children of importance in order of birth and their parents (there were a lot born but these are the main ones of consequence):

Kurosaki Pantera Kinomi: Rukia/Ichigo

Kyuusoku Galgo: Unohana/Stark

Volatil Taka: Unohana/Stark

Kotetsu Akataiyou: Isane/Aizen

Reina Ruizenban: Rangiku/Barragan

Kuchiki Barbo Halibel: Haribel/Byakuya

Yamada Azucena: Lilinette/Hanataro

Leon Vega: Rangiku/Ggio

Rinascita: Unohana/Stark

Colmillo Zangetsu Jeagerjaques: Rukia/Grimmjow

Chapter 1

Living World

"Grimm-ji!" Kinomi cheered as she felt his reiatsu appear in the living world.

"Otousan." Zan added.

She was gone in a flash of Shunpo, Zan following right behind her in a burst of Sonido.

Stepping out of the Garganta Grimmjow had about three seconds to breath before he found himself tackled by his son.

"Little twerps getting faster." He grunted to himself with a hint of pride. "Oi, let me breath, Col." He said louder.

Zan loosened his grip, but still held onto his chest while Kinomi approached him with a wave of her hand and a cheerful, "Oi, Grimm-ji, 'tera."

"Damn Pantera, you are growing." He grinned at her.

"I got my black belt finally." She chirped happily. "And Otousan has stepped up Kendo finally."

"You going to stay long, Otousan?" Zan asked hopefully.

"For a little bit this time. Nel agreed to watch the castle."

"Sweet. Yuzu Obasan's been teaching me how to cook. Are you and Otousan going to duel?" She asked hopefully.

"When don't we?" He offered back with a wide grin.

"When I kick your poor excuse for a tail all over the floor of three worlds." Ichigo boasted, leaning up against a pillar in his Shinigami form.

"I was wondering when you were going to show up, Shinigami. You are getting so pathetic that Pantera-chan and Colmillo-kun beat you here."

"They don't have a job." Ichigo snorted. "Yet." He eyed his daughter.

Now twelve years old, she was almost the spitting image of Karin at that age, with an attitude and the spunk to out do her aunt.

"Duel?" Zan requested.

"Later." Ichigo answered. "If I recall correctly both of you have homework that needs to be done and there wont be any training or fight watching until it's done." He said firmly.

Both kids pouted, but did disappear again in a flash of low level Sonido and Shunpo in a rush to get home to get it done. Once they were out of sight the two men turned grins of murderous anticipation on each other until they both disappeared, one to retrieve Orihime, the other to request quick use of Shinji's warehouse.

While they did duel in front of the kids, it was held back and slowed down and was more of a demonstration then anything. Out of sight of little eyes they went all out on each other, killing intent flying in all directions as no attacks were held back.

By the time they were done they were more bone and torn muscle then flesh, blood soaked the ground, and clothing was almost non existent. Then Orihime would put everything back together again like she always did and they would head out as if nothing happened, all for the sake of two little children.

Neither one could really be called a winner as they fought until they dropped, though according to Orihime the score was seventy four to seventy six in Ichigo's favor. First to pass out losses. Ties were becoming rather common.

By the time they cleaned up and made it back to the small little house Ichigo and Rukia called home the children had managed to get all their homework and chores done in record time.

Rukia greeted her husband with a deep kiss and greeted the father of her youngest with a casual wave. He was barely through the door before Kinomi was all over him, demanding tales of his fights to remain king of Las Noches and demanding to know when she was going to get to watch them duel while boasting about wanting to show him the things she had learned.

Although the first thing she had done, as was tradition, was to snag 'tera from his waist and hug the blade tightly before unfurling the now worn, blue ribbon and strapping the blade to her own back.

Zan was less noisy, but still just as interested and was slightly annoyed his sister was hogging his Otousan to herself when she got to see hers everyday. Not that he didn't like Ichigo, he loved him as much as he did his mother, but Grimmjow was his father and he didn't get to see him a lot.

Dinner, duels, and bed times later, the three adults sat around the kitchen table, enjoying the peace for a few seconds before getting back down to business.

"Kinomi is reaching the age she should really attend Shinoreijutsuin." Rukia started the conversation they knew would be coming sooner or later.

"I never did." Ichigo pointed out.

"And you still can't use Kidou or control your reiatsu all that well." She pointed out.

"So send her." Grimmjow shrugged.

"It about a six year course." She pause. "We would need to return to Soul Society. The other children will be starting soon as well. And then there is Zan…"

That caught Grimmjow's attention.

"All of his abilities so far appear to be from your half. Rengiku reported Taka also doesn't seem to be sharing any Shinigami powers as well."

"What are they doing about it?" Grimmjow asked.

"Do to 'good behavior' over the last seven years, Yamamoto-sotaichou has permitted Stark and Ggio to temporarily have access to their reiatsu while under the watchful eyes of either Byakuya-niisama or Kenpachi-taichou to give them basic training before Cero's start blowing left and right." Rukia answered. "Leon already accidentally fired one, much to niisama's displeasure."

That got a chuckle out of both men.

"Anyhow, it was decided they would still attend Shinoreijutsuin. They might not be able to take the Kidou courses, but everything else is still practical. Taka is thrilled of course and has been bragging about it to Kinomi every chance she gets and claims she will get into the 11th first."

"Pantera-chan will beat her to it I am sure."

"If we go we will be in Soul Society for at least six years, maybe eleven or so if Zan goes as well." Ichigo pointed out.

That was the real point of the conversation. Zan was Grimmjow's son after all and they wanted his permission before disappearing with the boy, for they knew hell would freeze over six times before the former Espada would show up in Soul Society.

They sat in silence again, waiting for him to either give the go ahead, tell them 'fuck no,' or offer another suggestion. While Shinoreijutsuin couldn't teach the boy how to control his hollow powers, he would learn a great deal of other useful things.

Finally he sighed and ran a hand through his hair in annoyance.

"I guess it's for the best, but you had better bring him by for visits." He finally conceded.

So it was that fall the six eldest children born in Hueco Mundo began their schooling at Shinoreijutsuin. As expected Taka and Kinomi took the top two spots in all the combat classes, though Taka wasn't able to do Kidou and Kinomi sucked at it, which really rankled when it turned out Zan and Leon both did develop Shinigami abilities and were highly proficient in the Kidou Rukia had began to teach them.


"Usual place, usual time, Pantera-chan?" Taka asked.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world. We will get one of them this time, right, Taka-chan?"

"Definitely. We have been training super hard. If we get one then we have to get into the 11th when we graduate."

"Alright. I am slightly faster so you run interference and I will go for the kill."

"Right. Do we know the place and time the target will be in position?"

"If out Intel is correct he should be in the main office having his afternoon nap. If we jump him before he is fully awake we should succeed in our mission."


"Firmly bribed."

"Alright, lets do this."

Both girls disappeared in a bang and flash of Sonido and Shunpo. Their target was not very adapt at sensing Reiatsu so that was something neither one of them needed to worry about, which was good because neither one of them were that great at hiding it.

They arrived outside the 11th and made their way in, doing their best to avoid detection while they stalked their prey. As promised the target was asleep, laying on its side and snoring lightly.

With a quick nod Taka dove in first, her Asauchi leading the way. Kinomi waited for her turn to join the fray. Sensing the impending attack, the target moved out of the way at the last second, rolling over and climbing to his feet, towering over the young girl.

Taka had been expecting his quick reflexes, and so was not in the least bit upset by her miss. She dove right into the next swing, jumping to get a bit more height so she could hit more then just his knees.

The target blocked with his arm, her blade not even scratching his skin. She could feel his reiatsu rising and knew he was quickly waking up. She caught sight of Kinomi as the girl joined in the assault, her own Asauchi aimed high and at the back of his head.

Both girls swung their blades with the intent to kill, knowing they couldn't pierce his skin if they combined their power and attack at the same time anyhow so they did not hold back in the least.

Taka did her best to ignore Kinomi's attack, not wanting to draw his attention to the ambush. Kinomi aimed for his neck, expecting the dodge that came and with intense satisfaction her blade sliced through his hair.

With a flash of Shunpo she acquired the targeted items and bolted. Mission accomplished, Taka followed behind with a boom of Sonido. Then the chase was on. Both girls raced away from the 11th, a demon hot on their tails.

"Catch." Kinomi called laughing, tossing one of Kenpachi's bells to her partner in crime.

Behind them the 11th division taichou was quickly catching up to them. With a shared nod both suddenly tuned about and Shunpo/Sonido back the direction they had just come from, blades drawn and slashing at their pursuer.

There was no anger on Kenpachi's face, only a wide, wild grin as he met the attack from the two girls, batting Taka aside with his left arm while catching Kinomi with his right. With matching grins the girls wailed into him, using every ounce of their young skills to try and score points.

Eventually they wore themselves out, panting while lying on the ground, their Asauchi's laying by their sides as they tried to catch their breaths.

"We are still alive, must be another lucky day, eh Pantera-chan." Taka panted.

"Yeah." Kinomi agreed. "How did we do this time, Kenpachi-sensei?"

Both girls turned their heads to face the large man, who was grinning down at them and tossing the two bells they had stolen in one hand up and down.

"Just over fifty points each today." He answered, a hint of pride in his voice.

"Woot. That's about ten more than last time." Taka cheered.

"Yeah, but we still got a long way to go." Kinomi scowled, forcing herself to sit up and holding back a wince from a few bruises on her ribs.

Kenpachi didn't take it easy on them, and neither girl would have it any other way. They didn't remember how the game of trying to steal his bells had begun, but somehow it had happened. The first dozen or so times they hadn't even been able to touch him, let alone get near the bells. That had been years ago when Kinomi was only in Soul Society for visits.

"There you are Ken-chan." Yachiru appeared, a big goofy smile on her face as she joined them. "Oh, hello Tori-chan, Neko-chan." She greeted them.

"Hey, Yachiru-chan." They both weakly waved back, more than used to the pink haired Fukutaichou's nicknames for them and not bother in the least by them. They were certainly better then almost every other nick name Yachiru had for people.

"Oh, I brought you something." Yachiru piped up tossing the girls a bottle of mineral rich water each that they downed in but a few gulps.

"Thanks." Kinomi thanked, her breathing somewhat back under control as she forced herself to her feet.

Taka did a quick flip and landed on hers, staggering a bit before regaining her balance. Both of them looked like they had just come out of a war, but they both had satisfied smiles on their faces.

"Here, 50 was the first mile marker." Kenpachi grinned at them.

Both girls gapped at him as they caught the bells they had stolen earlier. It was the first time they had actually managed to get one, let alone two. Then with wide grins and whoops of joy they hugged each other before disappearing to show off their accomplishment to their family.

"They are getting strong, ne Ken-chan." Yachiru commented as they watched the two girls run off.

He simply nodded in agreement, watching the two girls celebrate as if their bodies really shouldn't be in the 4th right now and showing more spirit then a large portion of the so called 'pure bloods.' He wouldn't admit it out loud just yet, but he would be happy to have both girls in the 11th, they were already as strong his as lower seated officers.

They had only been attending school for a year and already they were so far above the rest. Of course most of the students never even got to hold a blade until they got to the school, let alone having been trained from such a young age unless they were from a noble family like Kuchiki.

Kinomi and Taka may have been hyper, crazy masochist, but they were not stupid. Their first stop was the 4th as they showed off their 'trophies' to Taka's mother, Hanataro, and his daughter Azucena.

"Azu-chan, look what we accomplished today." Taka shouted in joy, showing off her bell.

"I got one to." Kinomi was quick to show hers.

"Dear me, those look like Kenpachi-taichou's bells." Unohana commented as the girls obediently climbed up onto separate exam tables without needing to be told.

"Yeah. We finally got not one, but two of them today." Kinomi boosted.

"And we scored just over 50 points on Kenpachi-sensei." Taka added with a giant grin.

"Wow, that is amazing Taka-neesan." Azucena complimented her.

"Yeah, I can't wait to show Rina-chan." Taka smiled.

Both girls forced themselves to sit still while Unohana supervised Azucena's healing of their wounds. None were really bad and would heal on their own, but it never hurt to give the young girl practice. Like Zan she was quickly becoming an expert in Kidou, though unlike him she had absolutely no hollow powers what so ever despite clear signs of her heritage.

"50 points?" Hanataro asked to confirm.

"Yep." They answered together.

Hanataro shared a surprised look with Unohana. 50 points was something full shinigami would be lucky to pull, and both knew Kenpachi enough to know he wasn't making it easy on the girls to get those points.

"You never cease to amaze me, Taka-chan."

Azucena had just finished healing the more painful of Kinomi's 'war wounds' when Isane walked in with Akata by her side, note book in hand as he recorded everything she was lecturing him in today.

"Akata-kun, Isane-fukutaichou, look what Kenpachi-sensei gave Taka-chan and I today." Kinomi shouted in glee with all the finesse her father had, waving her bell in the air.

"That is nice, Kurosaki-san." He commented.

Kinomi sighed in annoyance. Even after so long he was still so aloft. Even Reina wasn't THAT formal with them.

"Whatever." Kinomi huffed. "Come on, lets go show the others, Taka-chan."

"Right. Is Rina-chan still in her room?" Taka asked her mother.

"Yes." Unohana answered, a hint of sadness in her eyes.

"Let's go. Pantera-chan."

"Right behind you."

Both girls wandered through the 4th until they got to the more permanent quarters for patients who would be staying for extended periods of time.

"Taka-neechan, Kinomi-neechan." Rina greeted as the two girls entered her room.

"Hay, Rina. How you feeling?" Taka asked, sitting on the edge of her younger sisters bed.

"Better. I haven't had an attack in a while now, and 'taki-ji just went back to the 13th after spending a week here." Rina answered.

"Was it bad?" Kinomi asked worriedly. Ukitake was her mothers taichou after all and the few times they had meet he always had candy for them.

"Not as bad as I have seen. Truthfully I think he just likes to stay here to get away from his 3rd seats." Rina smiled.

The girls laughed. Taka and Kinomi shared their news with the bed ridden girl before heading out to tell the rest of their friends and family about their accomplishments for the day.

"Let's show Galgo-kun next. He's not too far away, and neither is Otousan." Taka suggested.

"Race you there."

"You're on."

With another flash and bang the two girls were gone. Unohana watched the girls take off from her office window, sighed and shook her head wondering where in Hueco Mundo Taka had gotten her energy from, because it sure wasn't from her or Stark.


Two men and a boy lay asleep under a tree, unaware of the predators that stalked them, blissfully enjoying the shade and the sound of a near by creek bubbling merrily on its way.

One wore a pink outer kimono over his white Haori, a straw hat, and was chewing absently on a piece of straw. One wore nothing more then a white hakama and vest, both hands folded behind his head. One wore nothing more then a black hakama and vest, both hands folded behind his head as well.

Their prey in sight, the two predators moved in for the kill, pouncing upon their unsuspecting prey before they had a chance to react.

"Otousan!" Taka shouted in joy, landed squarely on her fathers chest.

"Galgo-kun." Kinomi shouted with an evil laugh as she landed on Taka's twin brother, pinning him down.

"Dear god my spleen." Galgo roared as he tried to sit up in the shock of the attack, but was firmly pinned by the girl straddling him.

Stark, on the other hand, merely groaned as he forced his eyes open to peer at his daughter, wolfish grin on her face and beaming in pride.

"My my, such a ruckus." Shunsui complained, his eyes opening to look at his two abused companions.

"Afternoon, Shunsui-taichou." Both girls chirped.

"My apologies Stark, I thought you had sensed the impeding doom." Shunsui commented.

"Kinomi, get off me already." Galgo grumbled.

"You didn't say please."

"Kinomi, will you please get off of me." Galgo grumbled.

With a pout, Kinomi did as requested. Taka remained firmly in place though, showing off her bell and going on about how the two of them had did in their 'deadly assault' upon Kenpachi-sensei. Though he didn't show it, she knew her father was actually impressed with her prowess.

"50 points you say?" Shunsui asked at the end.

"Yep." Kinomi beamed with pride. "Soon it will be 100." She boasted with a large grin.

"We should celebrate this with a drink." He declared cheerfully.

"You know we are two young to drink." Both girls shouted at him while he did a good attempt at looking surprised by this knowledge.

"Taichou, there you are." Another voice boomed before he could respond.

"Sorry Shunsui, I thought you had sensed the impeding doom." Stark commented as Nanao came storming up to them.

"Nanao-fukutaichou, look." Both girls shouted, running up to the woman to show them their spoils.

The two men and one boy took the chance giving to them and used it to their fullest potential, sneaking away to hide out spot #42 while the two girls unwittingly provided a very effective distraction.


By evening all of Seireitei knew about how the two had scored 50 points. Kinomi couldn't wait to tell Grimm-ji about her victory. She sat down before the mirror and cursed as she tried to attach the bell to a fresh braid made from her long bangs.

"Arg, Reina-chan is so much better at this." She grumbled.

"Want me to do it, neesan?" Zan offered.

"What? Oh sure, thanks Zan." She smiled at him, handing him the little worn bell.

"I still can't believe you and Taka-neesan pulled it off." He commented.

"Yep." She beamed. "We will get into the 11th for sure." She declared.

"Well, if your Zanjutsu, Hoho and Hakuda continue to rise and your Kidou continues to drop, you shouldn't have a problem." Zan pointed out with a soft smile.

"I hate Kidou." She grumbled.

He chuckled.

"Okaasan says your Hoho, Hakuda and Kido will be near the top of your class when you get in." She commented.

"Well, Otousan would be unhappy if my Hoho and Hakuda were low, and Kidou isn't all that hard, you just find the poems too girly."

"They remind me of Reina-chan." She admitted with a grumble. "I was going to beg Otousan to see about getting me out of those classes and spending more time in Zankendo."

"You'll learn it sooner or later." He consoled, knowing the real problem was the fact she still had yet to learn her Zanpakuto's name.

"But at least twelve people in class already have theirs." She protested. "And three have achieved Shikai."

"Taka-neesan doesn't." He pointed out.

"I don't think Taka-chan can. All her powers come from Stark-san." She pointed out.

"Well, Ichi-ji didn't learn his until he was fifteen." Zan countered.

"Yeah." She agreed. "But still. I want to know."

"Are the dreams getting any clearer?" He asked curiously.

"No." She admitted. "But they are a lot more frequent now."

"Have you told Okaasan about them yet?"

"No. This is something I need to do on my own. I'll learn it sooner or later. I wonder what it will be like." She wondered aloud. "Will it be and ice type like Okaasan's or a combat type like Otousan's, or something completely new."

"Well, it's suppose to be part of your soul, so it will probably be a violent and short tempered combat type." Zan grinned at her.

"Just so long as it's not a Kidou type like Yumi-taichou's." She grumbled, eyes twitching at her brother's comment on her nature. "And besides, Zangetsu isn't anything like Otousan." She pointed out.

"Neither one of them." He agreed. "Still, I haven't even had a hint of mine yet."

"You might not get one." She pointed out. "You will probably be more like Otooji."

He shrugged. His power would come when it came. Unlike her he wasn't competing with anyone, other then Leon but it was more friendly than competitive.

"Oh, did you hear?"

"Hear what?" She asked curiously, admiring her new bell in the mirror.

"Leon-kun has a new move he wants to show us. He said he would try and show me how to do it tomorrow. Want to come watch? It will be after classes at Ojisan's estate."

"Sure, why not. Bet I can get it down faster then you can." She boosted.

"Doubt it." He grinned.

"Want to bet?" She offered.

"Sure. Dishes for a week if I win."

"Fine. Laundry duty for a week if I win."


They shook hands, sealing the deal.

"Well, time to crash, see you in the morning, Neesan."


Kinomi stretched before falling backwards on to her bed. She glanced over to the Asauchi laying on its stand. She had dreamed of being the first in her class to learn her Zanpakuto's name, but it wasn't coming as easy as she had hoped.

The only two she had confided in was Zan and Taka about her frustration. With a groan she forced herself to sit up, grabbing the Asauchi and laying the plain Katana across her knees.

She cleared her mind and evened out her breathing just the way Tatsuki-sensei had taught her. She smiled briefly, thinking about the human woman who had trained them in martial arts. She may have gotten her black belt first, but Zan had quickly surpassed her when he got a bit older. She much preferred a Katana where as he was happy to fight with either his bare hands or his duel Katar's.

There, it was right at the tip of her brain. She could hear the voice calling to her, shouting as if from an extreme distance. It was just out of reach. She listened as hard as she could. She meditated deeper, dropping her heart rate down and even went so far to hold her breath to make things as quite as she could to better hear the voice.

It was so close now. She could here it calling her name as she had for the past month.

"I can hear you, please, tell me your name." She requested.


"Kya what?" She whispered.

She could hear it, it was almost there. She just had to strain a bit harder.


Almost. She almost had it.


"Kyattsuai!" She suddenly shouted as she put the name together from the bits and pieces she had obtained.

There was a flash and her eyes snapped open, staring down at the Zanpakuto in her lap in awe. Kyattsuai had a green wrapped hilt, a cross guard shaped like a black cats eye, and a normal katana like blade.

The soft voice in her mind was a bit more closer now and it took every ounce of her training to curb her excitement and remain seated, softly calling her Zanpakuto's name over and over instead of rushing off to show the others she had finally earned it.

Apparently understanding her mistress desire to show off, Kyattsuai retreated from her mind with a soft, thank you. But before the voice was completely gone Kinomi managed to catch a hint of her Zanpakuto's spirit form.

Her father was going to be annoyed when he found out it was a white panther with startling green blue eyes. Oh yeah, this was going to go over so well and no doubt Grimm-ji was going to be laughing his ass off when he found out.

Still, nothing could curb her excitement. Thus the Kurosaki household was awoken at four in the morning when she bolted from her room, shouting and dancing about in joy and calling her Zanpakuto's name over and over.

She hadn't realized she had been in meditation for eight hours and the annoyed 'going to kill you for waking me up' look her brother was giving her combined with the annoyed look of her father was over shadowed by the sheer joy reflected on her mothers face as they danced about.

Eventually her brother and father joined in, for it was indeed a stepping stone in her accomplishments.

"50 points, my first bell, and my Zanpakuto all in one day. There is no way this could get any better." She cheered.

"This calls for a celebration." Rukia declared.

"What does she look like?" Zan asked.

Now too wired to go back to sleep, a large breakfast was prepared and the family sat down to eat. Kinomi was all but hugging her new blade and kept softly repeating her name over and over. She wondered what things Kyattsuai would be able to teach her.

Rukia merely patted Ichigo's shoulder in comfort as his eye twitched violently when Kinomi explained that her spirit was like a white panther. Kinomi chuckled at her fathers reaction.

"Grimm-ji is going to be in for one hell of a fight when Otousan sees him again." She chuckled silently to herself.

In the back ground another soft voice chuckled in tune with hers, causing her smile to widen even more.