A/N: This fic is a bit of a depture from the earlier stuff.

This fic is based on the very famous Agatha Christie novel, "Murder on the Orient Express", with particular regard to the 1974 all star movie. Oddly, I hadn't read nor seen the movie in many years when this idea struck me late one night. For those fans of the book and/or movie, you'll notice that I made some homages to actors and characters, especially in the name of the main charater. As with What Happened Offworld & Yuku Sue Unmei, I'll add a reference chapter at the completed end of the fic.

If you haven't read the book, you can get a synaps over at Spark Notes; if you're looking for the movie, you can find it on You Tube or Veoh. Unforunately, the YT version is missing the first and third parts, but the Veoh version is the full movie, but you'll have to download their player to watch.

DISCLAIMER: The TMNT and their characters are copyright to Eastman, Laird, and Mirage Studios; the plot of this fic is based on the novel, "The Murder on the Orient Express" which is copyrighted to Agatha Christie, as well as any character related to the book. Any relation in name are copyrighted to G W Films.

A Murder in Osaka



January 17th, 2012 Manhattan, New York

New Yorkers and those of the world were stunned this morning as news of the kidnapping of April O'Neil-Jones comes across newspapers and television worldwide. O'Neil, who is co-founder of O'Neil Tech along with her husband and adopted brother, was kidnapped last night from her second story home, which also acts as her second business, Second Time Around, an antique shop that had been in her family for years. She obtained it from her father.

Reports are still coming in, but so far New York police have determined that sometime between the hours of 1 AM and 3 AM, an assailant or assailants entered the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jones through the bedroom window. The Jones' had been entertaining extended family who were staying at the Jones apartment. Police so far have confirmed one victim, that of O'Neil's adopted father, who had been staying in the Jones' bedroom due to a case of a cold.

Police have also stated that along with the death of Mrs. Jones' adopted father, her husband and adopted brothers were injured in the attack. Arnold Casey Jones, Jr. is an easily recognizable figure in Manhattan and that of the Bronx, as his father and mother – Arnold, Sr. and Adelaide – ran a popular store when Jones was a child. It is now known as one of the unfortunate victims of violence brought on by the Purple Dragons gang. Jones, who is said to have tried to stop the attack and kidnapping, was struck in the right knee and suffered heavy damage. He is currently in the hospital.

O'Neil Tech, which opened its doors in 2010, is currently a staple in the design and development of high technology tools and programs, notable for its help and donations from several off world factions, like that of the aliens known as Utroms. O'Neil Tech was founded by April O'Neil, Arnold Jones, Jr., and Don Hamato, who is O'Neil's adoptive brother. It is rumored that he and his own brothers were involved in the attack and were injured as well.


January 21st, 2012 Manhattan New York

After four days, there still has been no word from those responsible for the kidnapping of April O'Neil-Jones, who has been missing since early this week. O'Neil, who is one of the co-founders of the enterprising O'Neil Tech, was taken from her home in the early morning of Tuesday. Police so far have no particular leads, though they have confirmed that O'Neil's husband, thirty-five year old Arnold Casey Jones, Jr. was injured in the attack as he tried to fight off the kidnappers. Police have also confirmed that O'Neil's adoptive brothers, one of them being Don Hamato, another co-founder of the company, was also injured in the attack.

Police confirmed that O'Neil's adoptive father was killed in the attack.

While Jones rests in the hospital, a spokesperson for O'Neil Tech spoke to reporters in a small press conference earlier this morning. "We hope for the safe return of April to us and to her family," the spokesperson said. When asked if the family had any ideas who could've committed this, they said, "The family does hold some suspicions and when they are physically healed, they would like to further help in the investigation."


January 27th, 2012 Manhattan, New York

The body of O'Neil Tech co-founder, April O'Neil-Jones, was found earlier today off a path through Central Park. A couple of teenagers found the body while jogging through the park and quickly notified police. O'Neil had been missing since the 17th, when unknown assailants entered the apartment that she and her husband, co-founder Arnold Casey Jones, Jr., shared with their young son. O'Neil's adoptive family was also in attendance. Her adoptive father was killed in the attack, while her husband and brothers were wounded. It has been confirmed that Jones had been struck in the knee, tearing ligaments and bones. He is still recovering in the hospital.

While the NYPD have yet to come out with a statement, sources say that O'Neil had been beaten severely and raped, though more will be learned as the investigation continues. Spokespeople for the NYPD have stated they have a few suspects in mind, though friends of the Jones' have openly stated that Karai Oroku Saki, a high ranking figure in New York, is behind the attacks. It has long been rumored that Saki, daughter of prominent businessman Saki Oroku, has ties to the criminal organization known as The Foot, who has dealings not only in the city, but that of Japan, in which they are based.

Rumors state that Saki has had dealings with the Jones' in the past, mostly those involving their adoptive brothers. It is not clear if those dealings have been legal or illegal.

A memorial service for O'Neil will probably happen quickly, mentioned a spokesperson for O'Neil Tech. O'Neil is survived by her husband and their three year old son.


March 11th, 2012 Manhattan, New York

Major bombshells have been leaked to the press regarding the O'Neil case, among them the fact that O'Neil herself was pregnant with her second child. April O'Neil, co-founder of the technology giant O'Neil Tech, was kidnapped January 16th from the apartment she shared with her husband, Arnold Jones, Jr., who is also a co-founder of the company, along with Don Hamato, O'Neil's adopted brother. Police confirmed today that along with the O'Neil's, Hamato and his family were in the apartment when the attack began. Hamato's father, who was also adopted O'Neil, was killed in the attacks.

A spokesperson for the NYPD confirmed that all those in the household, excluding several children, were attacked by the unknown assailants. While police have not said what injuries occurred, it is widely known that Arnold Jones' knee was severely damaged in the attack. It has also been said that one of Hamato's relatives lost an arm in the attack.

Speculation has been wild on who the attackers could be. Some have said that rival aliens orchestrated the attack because O'Neil Tech works and uses some of the technology garnered by their friends, the Utrom alien species; others have said that O'Neil's adoptive family were aliens in themselves and groups like the Earth Protection Force are behind the attacks. Family and friends point to Karai Oroku Saki as the culprit. Saki is the daughter of Oroku Saki, a former prominent figure within Manhattan who turned out to be an alien of Utrom origins.

It was in April of 2005 that Saki, who was later discovered to have ties to the criminal organization known as The Foot, held a farewell party for the city, stating he would be going back to his native Japan. During the course of the party, Saki revealed a massive rocket ship which emerged from an underground hanger and tried to leave the planet, along with his daughter. In the aftermath of not only learning of the criminal ties, but that Saki himself was a member of the Utrom alien species. This in itself seemed like a slap to the face, as it was Saki's money and influence that helped rebuild the city after the invasion of the Triceraton, another alien species who had come to Earth looking for a robotic man, late in 2004.

Police have not confirmed nor denied these allegations against Ms. Saki.


July 2nd, 2012 Manhattan, New York

Six months after the kidnapping, rape, and murder of O'Neil Tech co-founder April O'Neil-Jones, a judge presiding the case came back with a guilty verdict of the men charged with the crime. Sora Ito, Kenshin Yamato, Isaac Yar, and Toshiba Kwon were all charged with first degree murder after police received tips that the men were boasting about the crime. After an investigation, police confirmed the men are members of the criminal organization known as The Foot, which also has ties in Japan.

While the verdict was welcomed to the family and friends of the victims, there was some outrage that Karai Oroku Saki, a prominent member of New York society, was not charged as the mastermind of the crime. Rumors have circulated for years, since 2005 when it was discovered that her father, Oroku Saki, was head of The Foot, as well as a member of the alien species known as the Utroms, had taken over the mantle of leader of the criminal organization.

Sources say that Saki had a long standing rivalry with not only the Jones', but with O'Neil's adoptive family as well. No word has been given on what type of rivalry, but most are assured that it has something to with O'Neil Tech, the company founded by both Jones' and a Don Hamato, who has been identified as O'Neil's adopted brother.

The attack took place in the early morning hours of Tuesday, January 17th. From court documents, the four assailants entered through the second story window of the Second Time Around antique shop, which also housed the small Jones apartment. O'Neil's adoptive father, only called 'Mr. Splinterson during the trial, was sleeping in the Jones' bedroom. According to statements, both Jones' had offered him the room when they learned he was getting over what was most likely a cold.

Police stated that Mr. Splinterson tried to fight off his attackers and was killed in the process. Testimony given stated that one of O'Neil's brothers also tried to fight off the attackers and was blinded with some sort of substance; another engaged in a fight and lost an arm. Arnold Casey Jones', the victim's husband, had his knee shattered when he jumped in. There were several children in the apartment that night, including the Jones' three year old son. They were apparently unharmed.

O'Neil's body was found a few days later by a couple of joggers in Central Park. She had been beaten and raped. The coroner's office concluded that O'Neil had been about two months pregnant and had this tragedy not occurred, would have welcomed a little girl to her growing family.

The trial closes an ugly chapter for New York, but doesn't end a torment from the family. "This will never end," stated one of O'Neil's adoptive brothers. "She was our sister. I can't begin to explain how much this whole ordeal is hurting us."

O'Neil was originally from upstate New York, attending NYU and graduating with a degree in mathematics. She then went on to work for Stocktronics, which was then headed by Dr. Baxter Stockman, who would later be charged but not arrested for a string of robberies using one of his inventions. O'Neil then renovated the Second Time Around antique shop, which had originally been run by her father before his death. She was the sole remaining member of the O'Neil family – both of her parents had died, while a sister was killed in an automobile accident and her uncle, Professor Augustus Jones previously succumbed to a heart attack.

Family and friends are mostly tightlipped as to how O'Neil met Arnold Casey Jones, Jr., the man she would later marry, nor how she came to be adopted by Mr. Splinterson and his sons. Stating a wish for privacy, a spokesperson for O'Neil Tech asked that the Jones' histories weren't as important as their legacies. O'Neil Tech, an up and coming technology firm, seems to be a complete family affair – co-founded by both O'Neil, her husband, and her adopted brother Don, OT has now become a leader in technological solutions, thanks to the input and influence of the alien species known as the Utroms.

Many friends and family of the three work within the company. There has been speculation about the role of aliens and 'mutants' from some, especially the Earth Protection Force, who say that OT will be the beginning of the end to Earth companies and jobs held by humans. The controversy started when it was revealed that Don Hamato, one of the co-founders, is a giant mutant turtle. There are also claims that many of the workers at OT are aliens themselves. All three founders have spoken out against the mistreatment and racism towards those not of Earthly origin.

O'Neil is survived by her husband and their son.