I get it now.

We're right at the end, and I'm still thinking about the beginning. A comment you made, out of the blue. I didn't take any notice. You were always blowing hot air back then, I never paid much attention. The important things, those were the things you said without saying.

"Wanna hear it, Squall? My romantic dream?"

I thought I understood when you left. Be the knight, protect the damsel in distress. It seemed like something you'd think of. But she wasn't the damsel. Or maybe she was. After all, we were all Ultimecia's tools at some point in that bloody affair. Just pawns in her game. Even you. You thought you were a knight, but you were less in control than the rest of us when it came to it.

How was I supposed to know? You said the important things without saying them, expected us to understand that language of yours, to be able to see past your arrogance. You should have said something!

But then, you let me in more than most. We knew each other better than the others, and I still didn't get it. Was I being arrogant? Assuming I knew you well enough to know when you were trying to tell me more than what you said? Did I let you down? Did you expect me to figure it out sooner, and wonder why I didn't?

You should have told me! Was it your own stupid pride that wouldn't let you? Or was it that I relied on you too much? Did you feel...like you had to be strong so that I wouldn't stumble?

I'm sorry. If that's the reason, then I'm sorry. I shouldn't have depended on you so much. I should have been the person everyone thought I was. Maybe if I had been...maybe I could have saved you, like you wanted.

That was it all along, wasn't it? I thought, everyone thought, that you wanted to be the saviour, the hero. But you just wanted to be saved for once. I'm sorry it took me so long to realise. I'm sorry I was too late.

You know what the funniest thing is, in this whole sickening joke? I wanted to be saved too.

I didn't bring flowers, by the way. I know exactly what you'd have said if I did.

"What does a dead man need flowers for?"