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Everyone knew the Greek spent most of his time asleep, that was no big surprise. Everyone also knew that the Turk and the Greak use to be very good friends. It's not like that was a big surprise either. What the Egyptian didn't understand was why the Turk was cuddled up to the Greek, so lovingly, and why the Greek seemed as if he didn't mind.

It baffled him.

Maybe the Turk brainwashed him? That could be a possibility. Or, maybe it wasn't really Greece in that bed? Maybe the Egyptian was just seeing things again...

As he stood in the doorway, he could hear quiet whispers in their native tongues. Things that the Egyptian believe to be I love you's. He let himself gasp. Although barely audible, he did make a very small noise.

The sound of movement could be heard in the sheets. Gupta focused a bit more closely on the bed.

The Turk was staring at him, a smile creeping onto his tan face. "Gupta, would you like to join us?" A playful tone came into his voice. It was that kind of creepy tone you could only hear from Sadiq. That tone that just made you shiver.

He found himself a loss for words, trying to fabricate what the Turk had just asked him. He stood completely motionless for a moment, his eyes growing wide.

Gupta shook his head, and gulped. "No thank you, Sadiq," he responded, turning himself around, and walking right out the door. Man, he was glad to be out of there.

More movement could be felt on the bed, as the tired Greek leaned his head up. He rubbed his eyes, staring at the door that had just closed. "W-What was that?" He asked, his voice cracking a few times.

"Nothing important, go back to sleep." Turkey stated, kissing the Greek's forehead, and laying back down next to him. "Seni Seviyorum," he spoke quietly, playing one arm around the Greek.

Heracules cuddled into the Turk, using his chest as a pillow. A small yawn forced it's way through the Greek's lips, as he nodded his head in agreement. He was about ready to sleep off the pounding headache.

The cuddling pleased Sadiq, and the Turk himself shut his eyes for another few hours of rest.

But they both knew how this was going to end.

By the next morning, they'd go back to hating each other. Each day passing, acting as if what they had was a distant memory. A thing of the past, if you will. They will keep their love secret from the rest of the world, settling for one-night stands, and an hour or two in a broom closet. Every day would be spent thinking of ways to hurt each other, rather then thinking of the truth.

Heracles would go back to ignoring Sadiq.

Sadiq would revert back to his constant teasing.

Having nothing but pure memories to hold onto.

I love you.

I love you too.