Price of Life

~Chapter one: Born in Sin~

I listened to the sounds outside my cell, the distorted chatter and angry voices. I could only hear bits and pieces, but I could sum up what was wrong. The Autobots were winning the war; it was time for some drastic measures.

My father is never one to take bold steps to insure his victory. He enjoys tormenting and teasing his victims. He enjoys harassing his younger brother to the point of breaking his spark. However, with the war the tide of the way is headed, new plans are needed. I am that new plan. The daughter of Megatron is no small burden, and under normal circumstances, I would have carried it with no complaint. If I were a normal Decepticon. I am not a "normal" Decepticon, however, and I am a disappointment to my father. Not that I care, I am also half Autobot, on my mother's side. My name is Silverstar, daughter of Megatron and Windrunner. I carry the insignia of the Autobot's proudly on my chest and await my end to come. I expect no rescue and I expect no forgiveness. No Decepticon will save me and no Autobot will dare come here just for me. These three walls and this force field I have come to know intimately will eventually become my tomb. It is only a question of when, not if.

Heavy footsteps pulled me from my daze and I knew my end was coming. I'd recognize those footsteps anywhere.

"Put him in here." Came my father's deep voice. I heard the force field drop in the cell next to me, along with some grunting and the sound of metal scrapping against the cold, unforgiving cement. "I'll deal with the scum later. For now, get what information you can from him."

"Yes, my lord." I cringed. It was Soundwave that answered him. He is as cold and unforgiving as my father.

I haven't forgotten about you, my daughter. In time. My father hissed over our bond. I pulled my knees against my chest and shivered in fear. I was hoping he would forget all about me and I would be given the chance to escape. Apparently, that wasn't going to be the case.

"Yes father." I answered meekly. I wasn't afraid of death, mother taught me that much. I was afraid of him, my dreaded father. I listened to him walk away as Soundwave commanded the guards to hold the scum down. He swore at them, vowing never to tell them anything. Many have said that, and all of them ended up breaking under the pain. It all depended on how long it took.

The screams started soon after and I cringed inwardly. I buried my processor into my hands and tried to drown out the shouts of agony by humming a lullaby my mother taught me.

It seemed like hours before Soundwave stopped. The hum of the force field resonated in my own cell as the mech next to me grunted in pain.

"Are you Autobot, little one?" It took me a minute to realize he was talking to me.

"Yes…and no."

"How do you mean?"

"My mother was an Autobot, my father…well, my father is Megatron."

"Megatron has a sparkling?!"

"No, as far as he is concerned, I don't exist. He is going to permanently take me offline when things settle down."

"You sound like you have already accepted your end." I chuckled lightly and leaned against the wall.

"I have. There's nothing I can do."

"How old are you, child?"

"18 orns."

"Still so young. You sound like our Prime, Optimus." I sighed.

"I've heard stories of him. My mother spoke very highly of him. I wish I could meet him one day."

"You will, I'll make sure of it. My name is Prowl."

"I am Silverstar, but don't waste your time worrying about me, you can't save me."

"You are very mature for a femme your age."

"My father expected nothing less than being the best at everything. Knowledge, training, fighting…everything. I was trained from a very young age. I can already transform, could at the age of 16."

"So young, you poor sparkling." Prowl whispered.

"It comes with the territory." I stood to my feet and walked towards the wall between Prowl and I, my hand touching it softly. "Prowl?"

"Yes, Silverstar?" I hesitated.

"Tell me stories."

"Of what?"

"Of Cybertron. Of our Prime. What is it like to be an Autobot, something to take my processor of my death." I heard him sigh with care before he started telling me stories. He told me stories of Cybertron, how beautiful it used to be before the war. Of how younglings could run around outside without the constant threat of a Decepticon attack. I sat back down and listened to Prowl talk about what being an Autobot meant.

I hadn't realized I had fallen into recharge until Prowl's screams jerked me awake.

"Where is the Autobot base?!" My father screamed.

"You'll get nothing out of me!"

"Oh, don't count on it. I will have the satisfaction of killing Optimus Prime's second-in-command." My father sneered. Prime's second-in-command?! That means he knows Optimus, that means there is a small flicker of hope, that means I might be able to escape this dreaded cell.

"NO! You can't kill him!" I cried, pounding the wall between us desperately.

"Silverstar, what are you…?" Prowl started to ask. I heard my father growl in disapproval as he sauntered towards my cell. I was standing on my feet, fighting the urge to purge my waste tanks. My hands rolled into fists as the force field lowered. His optics were flaring an angry red as he marched towards me.

"You dare challenge me?" he hissed icily.

"It's been a long time coming, father." I snarled back. His optics locked onto my blue ones, as if trying to find fear. I was sure he could see I was absolutely terrified, but I stood strong in front of him.

"Foolish child." He charged me, faster then I ever thought possible. Somehow, by sheer luck ,I dodged his attack. I saw surprise flicker in Megatron's optics before anger quickly replaced it. He reached down and grabbed my throat, squeezing and choking me. I grabbed at his wrist as he lifted me off my feet, my back scarping the cement wall.

"You look so much like your mother. I am sure she will understand if I kill you. You had a choice, I gave you plenty of opportunity to become my heiress, but you chose to be a fraggin Autobot! You chose wrong, my child. Time for your punishment." I wasn't afraid; I knew I had this coming. I closed my optic lids, dimly aware of Prowl's desperate pleas.

"My lord." Soundwave stepped in, processor bowed. "I am sorry for the intrusion, but there is a small Autobot incursion that needs your immediate attention." My father snarled and threw me across the room. I cried out in pain and fell to my hands and knees.

"I'll deal with you later, my child!" he snarled, spinning on his toes and marching away. I glanced up and saw Soundwave was staring at me. At first, I though it was pity, but I noticed the emotion on his faceplates. It wasn't pity, it was something more, something deeper. His optics were tender, softer as he stared at me for a few seconds before Megatron called him. He left quickly and I grabbed my throat, coughing in pain.

"Silverstar, are you okay?!" Prowl's voice broke out of worry.

"I'm okay, I'm alright." I told him, moving to lean on the wall between us. "Sounds like your rescue is on the way." I told him.

"I'm not leaving you behind!"

"Like you have much choice." I chuckled, hearing swearing and plasma blasts coming from down the hall.

"Prowl, are you down here?!" I heard someone shout.


"Along with some friends." I heard the force field drop and footsteps run in. "Primus, Prowl, you look horrible."

"Ha ha, Jazz, get me out of here. Ironhide, nice to see you."

"Come on, we need to move. Don't know how long…"

"Okay! Can't go back that way!" Another, deeper voice called.

"Optimus?! You two brought our Prime here?! Are you two mental!?"

"He was going to go after you by himself, we just tagged along." Jazz chuckled.

"Optimus, sir, the cell next to me, you have to get her out as well." My optics widened in shock.

"No, Prowl! Just go, leave me here! You know who my fath…!"

"I don't give a frag who your father is! You are an Autobot and I am not leaving you here!!"

"Prowl, who is she?" The mech named Ironhide asked. I heard Prowl sigh softly.

"She is Optimus' niece." I nearly fritzed as I comprehended what Prowl had said. I was related to Optimus Prime?! That could only mean…

"Your brother has a sparkling?! Not to mention a sparkmate?!" Footsteps came towards my cell and a large mech stood in front of the force field. His armor was in place and his mask covered most of his face. He was tall, intimidating and daunting.

"Is it true?" he asked me, his voice surprisingly sweet.

"Sir…if you just let me…?"

"I wasn't asking you, Prowl!" Prime suddenly snapped. Prowl visibly flinched as Prime turned to face me again. "Are you Megatron's daughter?" I pushed myself to my feet, using the wall to support myself. I walked towards him, struggling to not fall to my hands and knees. My body trembled with pain and fatigue, but I squared my shoulders as I faced him.

"My father is Megatron, sir. But my mother was an Autobot. Her name was Windrunner and she told me stories of you, sir. I would be honored if you allowed me to serve under your command, my Prime sir." I couldn't tell his reaction, but he nodded to the smaller mech next to him. The force field dropped and I took my hand off the wall, falling. I felt strong arms grab me and I saw Optimus Prime holding me steady.

"You are allowed to call me Uncle, if you want." His optics were gleaming as he chuckled. "Alright, Ironhide, let's get out of here, Jazz watch our backs!"

"I'm doing more than that when we get home!" Jazz winked to Prowl as Optimus kept one arm around my waist. Prowl rolled his optics as we ran. I had no idea where we were going, I had never been outside my cell.

The five of us eventually made our way outside.

"The shuttle is not far from here." Ironhide said. My optics were flickering on and off. Optimus jostled me awake by shaking his arm.

"Just a little bit further, then you can rest."

"Yes sir." I breathed, fighting the urge to recharge a little bit longer.

"Ah ha! Home free, I see the shuttle." Jazz laughed. Optimus broke into a sprint as Ironhide helped Prowl. As the shuttle came closer, I let go of Prime and allowed my armor to snap into place. My visor dropped and my protective mask snapped over my lips and nose.

"Silverstar, what are you doing!?" Prime called, reaching to grab my arm. I pushed him away and primed my weapon, ready to fire.

"Get the others back to the shuttle!" I told Optimus, firing my weapon into the darkness. There was a terrified scream and I smirked under my mask. I knew that scream from anywhere.

"Starscream! You coward, come out here and face me!! Not as vulnerable as you like now that I have my armor!!" I started to run forward when someone grabbed my arm and yanked me to a halt. I spun around, fury blazing in my eyes when I noticed it was Optimus who held my arm.

"You'll have plenty of time for revenge later. Now, we need to get Prowl and the others home." Primus, I had forgotten about Prowl! I started to run when, in my fatigued state, I fell forward. Prime managed to catch me before I hit the ground, but I had fallen victim to my automatic recharge systems and he carried me back to the shuttle. The shuttle powered up with a roar and left the Decepticon base.

I woke to soft voices arguing about something.

"No, Ironhide, leave her be!" Someone hissed. It took me a minute to notice it was Prowl.

"But she'll want to see this!" Ironhide shot back.

"See what?" I yawned, rubbing my optic lids with my knuckles. I opened my optic lids to see Prowl glaring at Ironhide while he and Jazz chuckled.

"Sorry, if they woke you." Prowl told me as he continued to glare at Ironhide.

"Actually, I heard your voice first." Prowl's optics widened in surprise as he looked over to me. Ironhide's roar of a laugh echoed in the small shuttle. "And again, see what?"

"Come up here, Silverstar." Optimus called. I glanced over to Prowl and he nodded once. I pushed myself out of my chair and walked over to where Optimus piloted the shuttle. I gasped at the sight before me.

"This, Silverstar, is your new home." Prowl told me, hands on my shoulders.

"It's…breathtakingly beautiful…" Optimus chuckled as he landed the shuttle. I then noticed some Autobots were waiting for us. "Who are they?" I asked nervously, cringing behind Prowl.

"Well, one of them is your Aunt, one is your cousin The two mechs are my best friends. No harm will come to you, child. You have my word." I nodded, but still hid behind Prowl.

"Looks like you made yourself a new friend there, Prowler." Jazz chuckled, marching down the ramp to greet the others. Ironhide followed and Optimus shortly after.

"You are going to have to meet them at some point."

"No, I think I am content to stay here for the rest of my life." Prowl laughed and moved away. I hesitated, not sure if I was going to follow or not. "Wait!" I ran down the ramp and grabbed Prowl's hand. I heard Jazz laugh as I followed Prowl to the others.

I noticed that the smaller femme was smiling as she glanced up to Optimus. He nodded to her and she walked forward to me. I cringed behind Prowl as she got closer to me.

"My name is Kaceystar." She told me.

"I'm Silverstar." I whispered. She squealed and I jumped, my optics wide with surprise.

"You have star in you name too! We're cousins!" She suddenly grabbed my hand and Prowl let go. I sent him a worried look and he smiled, nodding. I followed her into the base as the older bots followed us. They were talking quietly amongst themselves. What I didn't realize at the time was that they were discussing my future.