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Buffy walked down the dark streets of L.A making her way home from her job at a small time café. the hours where alright and the pay well it was enough for her to afford her apartment in an alright part of L.A and get her whatever she needed so she wasn't too bad off but she no longer had the luxuries she had, had when she was at home living with her rich as dirt mother and father, and it took quiet some getting used to.

Buffy paused as she heard a crash from the alley, she was passing, followed by a quiet 'damn' she looked left and right seeing the few people on this street walking passed in a hurry. Buffy shook her head and sighed. She knew that she was going to regret this but every fibre of her being told her to go down the alley.

She had no idea why though, everyone in L.A knew that you never go down a dark alley, especially at night and most definitely not alone.

Buffy crept down the alley slowly trying to keep her breathing normal and slow her hammering heart. 'Why am I doing this again? Oh yeah my instincts told me too.' Buffy thought as she moved slowly down the alleyway almost jumping out of her skin when a rat squeaked as it hurried passed.

She paused a moment before continuing, to get her breathing under control. She stopped when she reached the end of the alley. Looking around and at first seeing nothing but trash cans and the buildings surrounding it, but then a door opened and a pane of light leaked out from the open door and a big man walked out, carrying a trash bag that looked fuller than the bag could possibly handle, but it seemed to be holding up under the pressure.

Buffy kept out of sight not really trusting even someone who worked in one of the buildings, that looked to rundown to be considered establishments.

The man was about to head back inside when he caught sight of something, well someone she had missed on her first look around the darkened alley. "Hey! Come on! How many times do I have to tell you bums that you can't be back here! You scare away all my customers when they come out here, so just leave!... Hey did you hear me…hey I'm talking to you." The man said, obviously the owner of the building.

"Um yeah I'm sorry I'll…" The man said as the man from the building walked closer.

Buffy couldn't stay silent anymore at the way the man was talking to someone less fortunate than himself, and so she stepped out of the darkness.

"I am so sorry sir, he gets away from me sometimes, I'll just get him home now." Buffy said walking forward with more confidence than she felt as she came to stand by the side of the complete stranger she was helping.

"I'm sorry, do you know him, ma'am?" The man said scratching at his balding head.

"Yes, yes I do, he's a cousin of mine, he must have gotten lost when he left the apartment a couple of weeks ago I've been searching ever since. I'm just so glad to have found him." Buffy said lying through her teeth hoping that the man would stay silent at least long enough for this asshole to go away.

"If I was you ma'am, I wouldn't be admitting so freely that I was related to that." The man said indicating the man that was still sitting and leaning against the wall his eyes travelling from her to the man who had come out of the building.

"Well lucky I am not you, and therefore do not care what you would do if you were me." Buffy said stiffly. An anger welling up inside her that grew every time this fat bozo opened his mouth.

"Well alright ma'am no need to get prickly now, I was just saying." The man said before backing up obviously feeling that his welcome out in his alley was wearing thin, as the petite blonde woman in front of him glared at him freely hostile in her stance, and gaze and the man stared at him disquietingly. As he stared unblinkingly up at him. "You just, ahhh, get your cousin out of my alley." He demanded, before going back inside. Closing the door behind him, cutting off the little light that his opened door had let into the alley.

"Asshole." Buffy muttered, before turning to look at the man that she had just…well she wasn't quite sure what she did, but it was something.

Buffy squatted down so that she was eye level with him, she looked at him for a few moments. Noticing that he was looking at her as well, with something akin to fear. She reached a hand out to touch him, but he flinched away. "Hey it's alright I'm not gonna hurt you. I just want to make sure your ok." Buffy said softly reaching out her hand again, having no idea that he was more afraid of hurting her.

This time Buffy managed to put a hand against his dirty cheek, and she grimaced slightly at all the dirt and god knows what else was on his skin but she smiled warmly at him. "See no hurting going on here." Buffy said before trying and failing to pull him to his feet.

Buffy chuckled at herself, and she could have sworn that she saw amusement sparkling in his eyes but it was hard to tell in the dark. Buffy looked him over, as best she could in the dark, before sighing. "Ok I'm gonna need your help on this. I'm going to help you up and you're going to let me." Buffy said before trying again, this time succeeding in getting the man to his feet as he moved to stand up himself.

Buffy almost shied back from how tall and muscular the man was compared to her, but she refrained as she used her grip on his arm to pull him along.

"Where are you taking me?"

"To my place, get you cleaned up as best I can, but somehow I don't think I'll have enough soap to get you clean." Buffy joked. "My names Buffy by the way."

The man didn't answer and Buffy didn't press, she wasn't sure if she was doing the right thing by letting him into her home, but something about him told her, that he wasn't going to hurt her.

It didn't take long to reach her apartment, she let go of his arm as she fit her key into the lock and turned before walking over her threshold. She turned around to see him standing uncomfortably in the hallway and she smiled slightly. "Come on in, I know it's not much but it's where I call home." Buffy said and smiled when he walked forward hesitantly, before entering the room and she quietly shut the door behind him.

Buffy cleared her throat softly feeling uncomfortable all of a sudden as this complete stranger looked over her small apartment. "Um, so the bathrooms through here." Buffy said walking over to a door which when she opened revealed a small bathroom with a sink a toilet and shower. "Ah, this soap here shouldn't leave you smelling like a girl." Buffy said as she opened up the small cupboard under the sink and getting out an unused soap bar. "Feel free to use whatever you want to get cleaned up, and I'll see if I can't find you something clean to wear." Buffy said handing him the soap and turning to leave.

"Why are you doing this?"

Buffy paused before turning back around, a confused look on her face. "Honestly. I don't know. Maybe it's because I can't stand how some people like the man from the building treated you, or maybe it's because I'm crazy. The only thing I know for sure is that I wanted to, reasoning beyond that…I'm not sure that I had one." Buffy said before walking out of the small room shutting the door behind her, to give her guest some privacy.

Buffy took a few steadying breathes before looking through her cupboards. She was sure she had some men's clothes around here somewhere. From when her now ex-boyfriend Riley Finn had come to visit, and they'd had a big argument and had broken up, she had always been sure that he had left them here deliberately, so that he'd have an excuse to see her again once they'd calmed down, and if she was lucky they just might fit her guest.

Buffy heard the shower turn on a few moments after she had started her search. She winced a bit when the plumbing let out a high pitched shriek of protest, before finally silencing itself after a very long few moments.

"Ah huh!" Buffy yelled in triumph, when she had finally found the green top and jeans that had once belonged to Riley.

15minutes later she heard the shower turn off and she smacked herself lightly on the head, when she suddenly remembered that she had forgotten to give him a towel. So she quickly went to the cupboard and pulled out a towel, and along with the clothes walked up to the bathroom door. She gave soft knock and with flushed cheeks opened the door slightly, just enough to slip the towel and clothes through.

"I hope they fit ok." Buffy said through the door after she had closed it again, she didn't hear any reply, so she backed away from the door and sat down on one of the chairs surrounding a small table as she waited for the door to open.

A few moments later the door creaked open and her mystery guest came out of the room, feeling rather uncomfortable, wearing clothes that weren't his, but they felt nice and clean at least the green top did; the pants had been too small, and as it was the top stretched a little tight across his chest, the man who owned these was built much smaller than he was.

Buffy turned around a smile on her face as she looked him over. "Well, what do you know you cleaned up nice." Buffy said taking in his long damp hair and the slightly too small top and his old pants…that looked really old. "Your hair could use a bit of a trim though, don't get me wrong it suits you, but I think short hair would look better." Buffy could have kicked herself the moment that last part had come out of her mouth, the guy had been living on the streets! He probably didn't have the money to go and get his hair cut.

The stranger lifted a hand to his hair, and Buffy looked away embarrassed by her run away tongue.

"Angel." The man spoke suddenly making Buffy turn back towards him.

"Huh?" Buffy asked confused.

"Earlier you introduced yourself, my name is Angel." Angel said almost wincing at how close the name was to his alter ego, but it was all he could think of to call himself, no one had wanted to know his name since he was left alone, roughly one hundred years ago.

"Oh, well sorry to state the obvious but the name suits you." Buffy said a small blush appearing on her cheeks. 'What in the hell had gotten into her tonight.'

"Thank you." Angel said sensing her sudden embarrassment and hid a small smile. The petite blonde was pretty, and she was wearing a very short dress that was a pale yellow in colour that had her name printed on it.

"Buffy is that your real name, or short for something?" Angel asked curious the name was unusual and one he had never heard before and for someone of his years that was highly unlikely.

Buffy nodded "Yeah it's my real name, my parents weren't ones for normal." Buffy looked away from the handsome man that she now knew was called Angel, as silence fell upon them.

"Can I get you something to eat or drink?" Buffy said suddenly remembering her manners.

Angel looked at her surprised for a moment, his eyes wandering to the beating pulse he could hear in her neck, before he brought his eyes back to face. "No thank you, you've done enough for me already."

Buffy looked at him unconvinced, before she shrugged it off. "Well ok if you're sure but it's no trouble you know."

"You look kind of young to be living by yourself." Angel said suddenly as another bought of curiosity hit him.

Buffy remained silent for a moment as she studied him before she shrugged. "It's no big secret, my parents couldn't wait to be rid of me and get on with their lives, that were so much better without me that as soon as I turned 16 they booted me out of the house with nothing to help me live, but I was lucky the librarian at the high school I was attending liked me enough to give me a job putting away books, and stuff like that, paying me out of his own pocket." Buffy shrugged after that with a sigh. "To cut a long story short I ended up working in a small café and earning enough to pay the rent and have enough left over for food. I'm sorta used to it now. I've been living here for two years." Buffy said putting a smile on her face, before she got up, and headed for the fridge looking inside for a moment, muttering something that would have been unintelligible to humans but Angel heard just fine. "Knew I'd forget something." Before she went over, to a fruit bowl and picking up an apple.

Buffy offered him one, but he again declined, he felt angry at her parents, for making her grow up so fast and in such away, if he didn't feel like he was prying where he didn't belong, he would have asked her more about it, instead he let the subject drop, and they fell into silence once more.

Buffy eventually sighed and stretched "Well I'm going to go to bed, um, look I dragged you here so you're more than welcome to stay, even if it's a bit small, and there's not really anywhere for you to sleep, but just feel free to stay, or whatever ok." Buffy said looking at him with a cheery smile the sadness and bitterness, of there earlier conversation put behind her.

Angel nodded and watched as she disappeared into a room and closed the door. Angel sighed slouching in the chair he was sitting in, he had a dilemma, he needed to go, he wasn't worthy of being around anyone. Especially not someone as vibrant and beautiful as the woman called Buffy and even if he did stay, it wouldn't work he was a demon, a monster that lived on the blood of others to survive. He would put her life in constant danger.

Angel sighed and got up, giving a last look to the door that shielded Buffy from his gaze, before he left the apartment quietly never planning on looking back.


Buffy woke up to the sound of her alarm clock and she groaned another day of slaving away over people. Buffy rolled out of bed and sleepily opened her door mumbling a morning to her guest. She got ready to go under the shower, it was on her trip out of the shower fully awake now, that she realised that her guest was gone.

Buffy couldn't help but feel mildly disappointed that Angel had left, without even a good bye, but she forced herself to shove it to the side, as she walked towards her work, preparing herself for the rude slobs that came into the café.

The day passed slowly for Buffy, as she worked busting tables and ignoring the crude remarks coming from the patrons as she leaned over the table to scrub the table top properly. 'You need the money, you need the money, you need the money…' Buffy told herself chanting it like a mantra to stop her from doing something, that would undoubtedly get her fired.

Buffy sighed with relief, as she finally knocked off walking out the back to collect her bag before exiting the café, turning off the lights behind her, as she was the last one out.

Buffy turned her feet in the direction of the grocery store, remembering that her fridge was practically empty.

She walked down the isle's grabbing what she needed, and making sure that she could afford them. Buffy sighed as she checked the price on the steak she was looking at before putting it back picking up a smaller packet, and placing it in her basket.

Buffy left after that, not feeling up to walking through the store looking at all the things, she liked but couldn't afford to buy, it was enough to make her feel depressed, and it took a lot to make her feel depressed.

Buffy walked quickly, it was later than normal for her to be walking home in the dark, and the prospect scared her, she normally did her shopping when she had the day off, or the afternoon but this week. She had been working full days every day, she wasn't complaining, she needed the money but it hadn't left her time to shop for food during the day. Which was why her fridge had been empty last night.

Buffy stopped suddenly, and looked around her, she had sensed movement from behind her, and it gave her the chills. But she started walking again, a little faster this time, wanting to get safely into her home away from her fears.

She heard footsteps. This time a group of them and the next thing she knew, she was surrounded by ridge faced people, who had very sharp teeth. Buffy turned around in a circle, and sure enough the strange faced people, had her boxed in a circle.

Buffy whimpered as one of them stepped forward, and she stepped back slightly, she didn't see what happened next, but the next thing she knew the woman, who had stepped forward had her up against a wall. Her hand at her throat.

Buffy's bag had dropped to the ground, without her realising it, so she used both hands to grasp the strangers' and try and pull it away.

"Don't worry sunworshipper, this will only hurt for a moment and then you'll know nothing." The woman said as the other moved, so that they were close to her there golden eyes looking at her hungrily. Buffy struggled and the group laughed at her expense, the brunette that had her by the throat leaned down, her thumb moving so that she could bight down on her jugular, when a familiar voice sounded behind them.

"That may hurt only for a moment, but this will hurt for the rest of your un-life." And the next thing she knew the woman holding her disintegrated into ash, or was it dust? She wasn't sure but neither did she care at the moment, as Angel dusted the 5 other facially deformed people.

Buffy breathed deeply, trying to calm her racing heart, she looked up to see Angel walking towards her, but she shied back when her eyes took in the fact that his face had also become ridged, and his teeth sharp and jagged, making Angel pause a jolt of fear going through him, when he realised that he was still wearing his demon face.

He turned to walk away, wanting to get away before he saw, her fear filled eyes and accusing looks, but he was stopped when she grabbed his arm.

"Angel wait I'm sorry, I didn't mean to seem ungrateful, I am, but after being attacked by those people it was frightening to see that you have that kind of face too." Buffy paused for a moment, and when she didn't get a response from Angel she walked round to face him. He looked away from her. "Look I would be lying, if I said that I didn't fear this face that you have shown me, but I know that all the time I spent with you last night and whilst I lay asleep in my bed, you didn't lift one finger to hurt me."

Buffy sighed, and grabbed his face forcing him to look at her. "Angel it is not you I fear, not really it is the unknown quantity, that you possess that scares me but I'll get over it…I owe you my life Angel, you wouldn't have saved me if you were a bad person…Oh boy did I just sound like an adult or what." Buffy muttered.

Angel's face shifted back into the one which she had first seen him wear, his eyes searching hers as he gently removed her hands, from the sides of his face before sighing. "You really believe that don't you." Angel said resignedly, his hands still holding hers captive.

"Yes I do." Buffy said suddenly blowing on his hands. "Your hands are cold." Buffy explained when he looked at her curiously.

Angel gently removed his hands. "There always cold…I'm always cold." Angel said preparing himself to answer the questions she'd have.

"Why would you always be cold?"

"Because I'm not alive, not really, I walk I talk and I live but I am not a living breathing human being."

"Then what are you?"

"Are you sure you want to know?" Angel asked not really wanting to expose her to what goes bump in the night, but now that they knew her, she would never be safe, so really she'd find out eventually and now was as good a time as any.

At Buffy's nod Angel continued. "I'm a vampire."

"Oh…well, I um…don't know what to say to that. What comes to mind is that you're crazy, but after what just happened, I think I actually believe you…does that make me crazy." Buffy asked believing him, but at the same time it didn't really seem real.

Angel sensed her mixed emotions and grabbed her hand. "I need to show you something." Angel said. Leading them swiftly through the streets, until he came to a door. "You are not going to like this, but you need to understand." Angel said before opening the door and leading her inside stopping, when she had a clear view of what was going on inside the club.

At first glance, the club seemed normal like every other club, the music was loud, so that you had to shout to hear what another person was saying, even if they were standing right beside you and people where dancing, or sitting talking and laughing, she was about to tell Angel this, when she noticed something odd, out of the corner of her eye and she looked closer, and she suddenly felt faint.

Most of the faces in here were deformed, or wildly different coloured, but that wasn't what made her feel light headed, it was the sight of what was obviously a vamp, licking what was most definitely blood of her lips, before she placed her teeth in the man's flesh again. As her eyes did another sweep, she saw tables where terrified looking people were tied to tables, some had bights littering their bodies, others didn't have any and some looked like they were off in some kind of dream land. She watched disgusted as one of those people got pulled aside by a vamp and the woman obediently bared her neck to him, a happy look on her face.

Buffy shook her head, her world felt like it was spinning, all the new information spinning around in her brain. It was all so knew and strange it rocked what she had believed right off its decorated pedestal.

Buffy stumbled from the club. She made it as far as a few steps, before she had to stop and lean against the wall to catch her breath, and hope that the world would stop spinning. She jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder, only to find that it was Angel and not caring that he was one of them, leaned into him burying her face in his top as she sobbed.

Angel hesitated, a moment before he wrapped his arms around her comfortingly, when she had calmed down enough to be able to listen, he pulled her away slightly, so that she could look at him. He shifted his face and was slightly surprised, when she didn't even flinch. "I'm sorry, but I had to show you, what they are, what I am. Demon's are not friendly, at least not most of the time and they definitely don't care about humanity. You needed to know that we are not some game that you human's make, we can hurt and more often than not, we will and we'll enjoy it." Angel said giving her a small shake when she didn't respond.

"But you're not like…them?" Buffy asked gesturing into the club.

"I used to be. A long time ago."

"But you're not anymore?"

"That's right." Angel said bringing her into his chest again, when he saw her bow her head, he could scent the saltiness of her tears.

"I'm sorry, this is just all so sudden and well it's kinda…"


"Yeah…um would you mind staying with me tonight, I don't think I could handle being alone." Buffy asked looking up at him again hopefully.

Angel nodded silently. His arm wrapped around her shoulders, as they walked away. Leaving the demon bar behind, as they made their way back through the streets, towards Buffy's apartment. Angel had a sense that his life was about to take a 180degree about turn. Something deep inside him, told him that it would be a good thing.

Buffy clung to him, like he was her life support as they walked down the dark streets of L.A. At Buffy's request they made a detour back to the place, where she had been attacked, so that she could collect her grocery bag.

"Hmm. Looks like nothings soiled." Buffy muttered. Picking up the bag, after checking the contents. She turned back to Angel. "Ok let's go home." She was surprised when Angel took the bag from her fingers, silently offering to carry it himself. "Thanks." Buffy said brightly releasing the handles from her grip.

"Home?" Angel questioned making Buffy blush in embarrassment.

"I, well, I didn't, I, um…I'm gonna shut up now." Buffy said her blush deepening, as she fumbled for her words. What was it about this guy that made her sound like a total idiot?

Buffy glanced at him shyly, as they continued to walk in silence. Now that the initial shock was over. She was bursting with curiosity. Questions chased each other around in her brain. She wasn't sure that she should ask though. How would she anyway. What if she offended him by asking something thoughtless, or something of the like. It made her wish for the days when you could ask anything without thinking about it first.

Angel navigated the streets easily. Effortlessly recalling where his young blonde companion lived. He could feel her hazel gaze on him and he was sure that if he had the ability to do so, he'd be blushing under the scrutiny. When she had said 'let's go home.' He'd felt a strange sense of comfort, of belonging. He hadn't been able to stop from feeling oddly pleased, that she included him in the phrase. He'd almost laughed at her flustered embarrassment. She really was a paradox. She was strong willed and intelligent, but easily flustered and embarrassed, at least around him. He'd only seen her interact with another person once and he'd been too surprised to really pay much attention to how she interacted, but now he wished he had.

He looked down at her and he could immediately almost taste the curiosity in her gaze, for the moment her gaze met his, before she snapped it away, embarrassment at being caught staring radiating from her. "It's alright you know. To ask questions. I won't bight you for it." Immediately her gaze snapped back to his all traces of embarrassment gone.

"Really? You don't mind?" Buffy asked hopefully. Angel shook his head. "How old are you?" Buffy asked and she could have immediately kicked herself why did she have to start with that question. What a teenage question to ask! But she really wanted to know.

"Well. I was turned at age 26. I've lived as a vampire for 244years."

"Wow! That's, I mean, you must have seen a lot throughout the years. Man you would have been such a help in history class. I would have Aced my exams for sure." Buffy exclaimed looking really wound up about it.

Angel smiled slightly and shook his head in disbelief. Her reaction to his age was an odd one. But all the same it made him feel lighter. Knowing that she wasn't freaked out by it. "I'm sure you did just fine without my help."

Buffy shook her head sadly. "Angel my friend. For all my talents research and hitting the books is not one of them, but by some stroke of luck I managed to pass history…barely." Buffy said just as they reached the apartment complex.

"Hey Chuck! When are you gonna get the plumbing fixed? The screech is terrible."

"Just as soon as all the tenants decide to double the rent." Chuck called back from his chair not even bothering to look up as Buffy walked through the lobby.

Walking up the flight of steps that led to the first floor. They were soon standing in front of her apartment door the number 15 on the door signally it was her room. Stepping into the apartment Buffy stretched her hands to the ceiling. Unwittingly giving Angel a small peak of her panties that fit snugly to the curve of her ass.

He bit back a groan and quickly adjusted his pants and hoped that the jacket he was wearing would hide the bulge in his pants from her view. Buffy turned back to him a smile on her face. "I'm just going to get changed into something more comfortable. You can just put that on the table," Buffy said indicating the bag still clutched in Angel's hand. "and I'll fix it up in a minute." Buffy said turning and walking into her room without awaiting an answer.

Angel shrugged and put the grocery bag down on the small kitchen bench. He couldn't help himself as he reached in and inspected her food choices. All of it was marked down. There was just enough there to keep her fed for a week. He judged. She was eating healthy or doing the best she could with her wage.

He felt another surge of protective anger flood through him, directed at her parents. His life as a human had been bad, but as much as his father disapproved of him, the old man had never kicked him out…permanently. The can he'd held in his hands crushed under his strength and he quickly calmed himself. Scolding himself mentally for destroying one of her foodstuffs. He put the can down. Wiping his hand clean, he set about putting things away.

He opened the fridge, the package of meat in his hand and scowled the temperature was cold, but not enough so, to keep the meat from soiling. Glancing up he opened the smaller door and was met with a blast of frozen air. He placed the meat in that one. Working like that he managed to gradually put the foodstuffs away.

He was down to the cans when Buffy came back into the room. "Oh. Thanks." Buffy said forcing her eyes not to linger on the mess in her kitchen. Picking up the remaining cans Buffy placed them in the pantry. Before turning back to the mess. Opening a cupboard she pulled out a small bucket.

She was about to reach for the cloth hanging of the tap, when Angel's hand brushed hers. "Let me." Angel murmured taking the bucket. Buffy opened her mouth to protest but Angel interrupted. "It's my fault." Closing her mouth Buffy nodded. Reaching over she grabbed the cloth and handed it to him mutely. Stepping out of his way as Angel first cleaned the splattered red soup from the white cupboard. Cleaning the cloth, before wiping at the bench top.

Buffy watched fascinated by his movements. As he again rinsed the cloth, before starting on the floor. "What about sunlight?" Buffy asked suddenly needing to get her mind out of the gutter as images assaulted her virgin mind, as she watched Angel kneeling on her floor.

"What?" Angel asked.

"Sunlight. Can you know, go into it, or…"

"I can't, no vampire can. We tend to catch on fire, as we are no longer welcome in among those who walk in the sun."

Buffy was silent a moment allowing that information to sink in. "But then, you can still walk among us at night, so…"

Angel stood up having finished cleaning the floor. Rinsing out the cloth for the last time and placing it back on the tap he spoke. "True. But in ancient times. Before civilization humans went to bed with the light. Which is why we also can't step into a place a human calls home, we have to get invited in first. So in those times Vampires, very rarely got to drink from a human, instead surviving on the blood of animals." Angel explained.

"Oh." Was all Buffy could manage for a moment. Remembering suddenly, how Angel had hesitated in the hallway. "Garlic?" Buffy asked remembering the fables.

Angel shook his head. "Does nothing. Except maybe, be a bit too strong for our sensitive noses. A fledgling wouldn't be able to handle the smell and would run, which of course is how the fable started."

"So I guess that means I don't have to get rid of my garlic."

Angel shook his head silently wondering what she was talking about, he didn't scent any garlic in her apartment.

"What about coffins?"

"Coffins?" Angel asked confused vampires generally rose from coffins, but that wasn't all the time.

"You know. Do you sleep in one? Or maybe underground in the dirt." Buffy asked her eyes twinkling.

"Oh." Angel said a small shudder running through his body as he remembered the disconcerting experience of waking up in his coffin. The light died in Buffy's eyes. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to, upset you in anyway. You don't have to answer anything you don't want too." Buffy said hurriedly walking towards him.

"No it's fine. We don't sleep in coffins, at least not many of us," Angel corrected as he thought of the over dramatic vampire Dracula, who had made many enemies, in the vampiric world after his publicity stunt. "We wake up in a coffin after were turned. It's…a very confusing experience…" Angel cut off from whatever it was, he was going to say as his eyes took in exactly what she was wearing. "What, what are you wearing?"

Buffy frowned and looked down over her flannel pyjamas, the image of Tweety Bird dotted over the material. "My pyjamas?" Buffy said a blush spreading over her cheeks as a sudden wave of self-consciousness came over her. "I'm gonna go change." Buffy muttered.

Angel caught her arm before she could move two steps. "Don't do that." He murmured his breath tickling her ear making her shiver, despite its lack of warmth. "I think they look cute." Buffy turned to look at him the blush fading from her cheeks. "Really?" Buffy asked softly not really caring about the answer, as her eyes where focused on his lips. At how close they were to hers, there shape, the way they moved. God everything about the man called to her, in a way that she had never experienced before.

"God Buffy when I'm this close to you, all I can think about is kissing you." Angel said huskily not hearing her question as his mind and eyes had been focused on her rosy red lips the moment she'd turned to face him. Her scent of coco butter surrounding his senses.

"Me too." Buffy whispered.

Then their lips were touching. She didn't know who initiated it. All she knew was that it felt good. She pressed closer her hands coming to rest on his arms. His hands had found their way to her waist.

Angel couldn't believe he was kissing Buffy. He didn't deserve her. Not after everything he'd done. He should go back to the alleys and pretend he'd never met this beautiful, vibrant girl, who innocently wore her heart on her sleeve. Leaving herself, exposed and vulnerable to the world. But he hadn't had physical contact with anyone for almost a century. So he couldn't bring himself to move away. Enjoying it when she moved closer. A moan coming from her. His mouth swallowing it, a moan of his own rising in his throat.

He tensed as he felt his demon rushing to the surface. The suddenness of it surprising him and his face shifted. Pushing Buffy away from him, an aroused growl coming from him, he turned from her, determined that she wouldn't see him like this again. "Oww." He heard Buffy mutter, and he looked at her from the corner of his golden eye, and he cursed himself. When he'd pushed her away he must have made her stumble and fall to the ground, turning towards her immediately. "Sorry." He apologised holding out his hand, freezing when he saw her looking over his face. "Damn." Angel said turning his head away again.

Buffy took his hand and he pulled her up. Getting his face under control, he turned towards her again. Buffy looked him over again and smiled at him. "Ok that's not how I imagined it would end, but I can deal."

"Buffy I…" Angel began but stopped when Buffy held up a silencing hand.

"Angel I'm not sorry about it, I enjoyed it…well not the landing on my ass part but the rest was definitely of the good. So don't you dare apologise again." Buffy scolded.

Angel nodded and offered a small awkward smile. A strange feeling settling on him, one he hadn't felt since he was human. Buffy was offering him acceptance, and a place in her world. Angel silently allowed himself to be led to the couch.

"So what about blood?" Buffy asked once they were comfortably seated.

"I don't drink human." Angel said quickly his eyes flicking to the pulse he could hear pumping in time with her heart.

"So what do you…drink?" Buffy said uncertain whether he'd answer.


Buffy made a strangled noise in the back of her throat. "Rats?... do they arrr, taste good?" Buffy asked wondering if she was pushing her luck.

Angel was silent for a few moments. "No their horrible, but it's better than hunting down humans like cattle." Angel ignored the part of him, the demon that whispered of thrill of the chase the sweet scent of his prey's growing fear and the pounding rhythm of their heart and the sweet nourishment of their thick blood spurting into his mouth and running down his throat.

Buffy nodded silently planning to go to the butchers and by some animal blood; anything had to be better then rats blood right? Buffy shuddered at the thought of Angel having to drink rat's blood. 'No' Buffy thought. 'He doesn't have to. He chooses too!'

"So, what about your past? You've lived for over 2 centuries. What did you do?" Buffy asked generally curious about his life. But immediately she could tell she'd hit a forbidden zone in his mind. His shoulders tensed and a deep, dark frown marred his angelic features and immediately she felt contrite, but before she could speak his expression cleared and his dark chocolate brown eyes met hers again.

"How old are you?" He asked.

Buffy gracefully accepted the change in subject. "My dear sir. Someone of your years should know it is impeccably rude to ask a lady…" Buffy had to break off as she was overcome with laughter. "Damn." Buffy chuckled when she finally got her breath back. "I'm 19 in little over a month." Buffy answered his question, not attempting to finish off her affronted façade. She could still feel the laughter threatening to bubble over to the surface.

Angel watched in fascination as Buffy laughed. At first he thought she really had taken offense to his question, but the sparkle of mischievousness and mirth in her eyes, gave her away and he'd relaxed again. More than glad that she hadn't pressed about his past. She should never have to know such things! Never! Plus he was afraid that if she knew, she'd leave and he desired the contact and the feeling of belonging somewhere, as much as he felt he didn't deserve it.

She was 19 in a month, and yet she was still innocent. Her virgin body untouched by a man. He could scent her innocence as clearly as he could her arousal in the kitchen. The scent made him hard and he bit back a moan, controlling his animalistic desire to rip away the barrier guarding her feminine core from him and pound into her. But where had the male clothes come from? "Where did you get the clothes gave me?" Angel asked jealousy ripping through him, as his mind conjured up the possibilities.

"An old boyfriend." Buffy said jumping in surprise when a low deadly growl emanated from Angel's chest.

"Boyfriend?" Angel bit out. His voice sounding more like a rumbling growl.

Buffy swallowed the fear that swept through her. "Old boyfriend. As in ex. Riley didn't last long anyway. Was way too pushy, and cramped my style too much. Always hovering like a mother hen."

Angel relaxed at hearing this. His jealousy dissipating, even as his mind stored the knowledge of what annoyed her away in his mind. Mustn't hover. Mustn't be too pushy. Mustn't cramp her style. Whatever that was? 'You shouldn't be thinking about this. You don't have the right to be jealous!' Angel reminded himself, but even now only after knowing her a few short nights, his conviction was softening, growing weaker.

"What about your life with your parents?" Angel asked determined to think about something else other than his unworthiness of this female, that he was sure he had lost his heart to, out in the alley as she yelled at the shoddy pawnshop owner.

Angel's body tensed and his eyes went wide, his look resembling that of a deer caught in headlights, as he noted the small tightening of her lips, and the sadness in her eyes. The scent of her emotional scars, heavy in the air.

As soon as it was there it was gone. Replaced by the happy bubbly Buffy. "I think that discussion can wait. Besides you know the basics. What else is there to know?" Buffy said her smile wide and happy, but it didn't quiet manage to warm the depths of her eyes, like her other smiles had.

'To know everything about you. So that I can avenge you, on those that caused the light in your eyes to give way to the hollowness of despair.' Angel thought.

Buffy yawned then. It had been a long night for her and a very revealing one. The excitement of the night had made her bone tired. "Angel. Would you hold me tonight. It doesn't have to be all night. Just until I fall asleep and then you can stop. If you want. It's just that. I'm afraid I'll have nightmares." Buffy said explaining her reasons in a rush, already feeling her cheeks burn. When would she stop feeling like a complete idiot around him.

Angel nodded without hesitation. He doubted he could deny her anything with those beguiling hazel eyes of hers. Grasping her hand in his. Angel led them into her room. Helping her into the small double bed. He removed his old long coat. Wishing he could remove his pants, not wanting to dirty her bed with their grubbiness. Climbing into the bed, Angel slowly drew her into his arms. Bringing her as close as he dared. A small contented sigh escaped him, as he felt for the first time in many years, how preferable a mattress was, to sleeping on the hard concrete of a dark room, of an abandoned, broken down house.


Buffy walked. Her gaze fixated on the door. She didn't really want to go towards the door, but she couldn't seem to stop herself from walking towards it.

The door was getting closer. She recognised it now. It was the door to the demon bar that Angel had shown her. Buffy tried to get herself to stop, to turn back from the door and into the safety of Angel's arms. She had no control over her body. No matter how hard she fought it.

She was right in front of the door now. Against her will she pushed open the heavy door, entering the musky club. The music pumped through her. She stood looking out over the mass of people. Her eyes searching for any of the horrors, that she had seen when she was here with Angel, but she saw nothing. As if what she had seen the first time, was merely a trick of the light and of the smoke that swirled through the room.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Buffy walked down the stairs and onto the dance floor. She still had no control over what she did but she was no longer wary of those around her. Willing to let the dream take her where it would without putting up a fight.

She wandered over to the bar an apology on her lips as she jumped into someone about to leave. "Mom! Dad!" Buffy said in shock. "What are you doing here?"

"You don't belong here Buffy. Your father and I never should have had you. You've been nothing but a stain on our reputation." Her mother said coldly. The familiar cold words of 2 years ago lashing out at her. Making her wince and stumble back as if struck.

"We don't want you here anymore. You need to leave. Don't even think about coming back. You don't have to worry about our reputation we have a suitable excuse for your disappearance. Now get gone with you." Her father said just as coldly. Buffy didn't, couldn't answer as she watched her parents walk away into the crowd. Their bodies disappearing into the crushing, and gravitating crowd.

Buffy turned and continued on her way. Heading away from the bar now. Her feet carrying her to another staircase. Walking up the stairs. Buffy emerged in a privet lounging area. The occupants smiled at her warmly. Welcoming her into their privet domain.

There was a mixture of men and woman scattered on the lounges. All skimpily dressed and oozing sex appeal. Buffy was ushered to a seat by unknown forces between a man who was topless and had on tight fitting denim jeans and a woman who's top was see-through so that her breasts and dusky brown nipples where clearly visible through the material.

Buffy averted her gaze shifting uncomfortably, suddenly feeling very self-conscious of the fact that she was clad in her Tweety bird pyjamas. Buffy jumped as she felt the female nuzzling her face against her neck. She could feel her breath against her neck coming in pants and she realised the woman was pleasuring herself shamelessly. Having pushed up her skirt high so that it bunched up to her hips revealing her naked sex. Her fingers playing with herself. The woman moaned, snatching Buffy's unsuspecting hand and placing it over one of her heavy breasts forcing her to squeeze.

"Oh yes!" The woman moaned her hand working harder. Thrusting her hips against her hands as she plunged fingers into herself. Buffy watched in morbid fascination, unable to turn her gaze away.

To Buffy's relief her attention was caught as she felt a hand travelling into her pyjama pants. It was short lived however when the man's hand settled over her panties playing with her sex for a few moments before slipping his finger under the material. She gasped her eyes travelling to his face and she gasped as she saw the hard ridges of what she now recognised as the vampires demon face. Tearing her eyes away from him. Her eyes searched around the lounge a scream rising in her throat as she saw everyone in the lounge had shifted their faces. It was then that she felt the sharp teeth grazing against her neck and she knew that the girl that was pleasuring herself and forcing her to squeeze her breast was also a vampire.

With a burst of terror induced strength Buffy managed to pull away from the female and male vamp backing away from the vampires. They got up as one stalking her across the lounge. Echoing her steps until her back hit against the metal pole that stopped people from falling over the edge.

The vampires continued to advance until they were only a hairs breath away from her. Then suddenly without warning the female who had been pleasuring herself shoved her. Causing her to flip off the metal bar and fall down into the crowd bellow. Buffy screamed as she fell. She continued to scream even as hands caught her.

Faceless demons ripped at her clothes, tearing them away from her body until she was completely naked. Securing her to one of the horrid tables she had seen on her visit with Angel. She felt their fangs sink into her skin, like a knife through butter. Their pleasured moans and groans and they sucked down her life giving blood. Mingled with her screams and cries. Their bodies rubbing against hers in their blood oriented orgy.

The world she was surrounded in suddenly rocked as she felt something shaking her, repeatedly. Thinking it was one of them many vampires trying to catch her attention. She screamed loudly again.

She bolted upright in her bed. The nightmare still swimming in her eyes Buffy looked around the club frantically. "AAANGEL!!" Buffy cried out the fog of her nightmare clearing from her mind and her night darkened room met her eyes. Relief rushing through her sweat drenched body.


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