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Buffy bit her lower lip as she stared at Angel as he stood in the kitchen a pot on the stove in front of him and the smell of vegetables cooking reached her nose, mingling with the scent of the almost completely cooked to the way she liked it meat. Her hair was still damp from having had a shower after she'd gotten home from work, having had to miss out on one that morning because Angel had distracted her rather thoroughly from the time until she'd only had time to get dressed and brush her hair and give her teeth a quick clean, before rush for the door only to have to pause as Angel had made her take a few slices of toast for breakfast just so that she would have at least eaten something, and extracted a promise from her to eat a good lunch to make up for the lack of a proper breakfast, before he'd finally let her out the door.

Buffy released her lower lip and moved towards the kitchen and Angel, who looked over his shoulder at her a warm smile curling up his lips at the sight of her in her yummy sushi pyjama's her damp hair curling slightly around her shoulders. "Have you thought about what you want for your birthday yet?" Angel asked, his eyes turning back to the stove as he turned down the heat under the pot the vegetables were in his nose telling him that they were cooking to fast, before he checked the meat.

Buffy walked around the kitchen bench, coming up to stand beside Angel, looking curiously into the pot and over at the meat, silently noting how good it felt to allow Angel to cook for her and enjoying the pleasure it gave Angel to be allowed to do it. "Yes, I have thought about it." Angel glanced over at her with a smile, before turning the meat over. "And I want you."

Angel curled his hand into Buffy's and gave it a soft gentle squeeze. "Buffy, you already have me." He told her, giving her a sincere look.

Buffy shook her head and squeezed back, her free hand coming up to touch Angel's arm. "No, Angel, I want you." She said again, her tone leaving no room for misinterpretation.

Angel froze trying to get himself and his demon under control, her words having sent a bolt of arousal through him that had settled in his groin leaving him uncomfortably hard, and his demon damnably restless. Angel swallowed hard, a large lump caught in his throat. "Uh, Buffy," He managed to choke out.

Buffy shook her head and placed a couple of her fingers against his lips preventing him from forming anymore words. "Angel, I feel it. I do, every time you look at me, touch me. I feel your love for me, and now I want to be able to experience what every other couple in love experience."

Angel turned to fully face Buffy his brown eyes warm, and darkened with his desire for her. "Ok, but Buffy if that was how you felt all you had to do was tell me. You don't have to make it your birthday present."

Buffy flushed, and Angel's nostrils flared at the scent of her blood so close to the surface. "Well, I-I wasn't sure how you'd take it. I mean you were so adamant about me knowing that I wasn't just another woman to you, that you love me. I just didn't want to pressure you, so no pressure." She murmured embarrassedly.

Angel smiled and brushed a hand over her cheek, running it into her hair; he finger combed it back from her face making her raise her eyes back to him. "Buffy, there's no pressure." He's smile and eyes expressing just how happy he with what she said. "I'm pleased, I'm beyond pleased. There isn't a word for how pleased I am." Buffy smiled up at him brightly. "But, you have to pick something else for your birthday present." Buffy's smile faded, a look of disappointment replacing it. "You don't have to bargain with me for anything, especially not that. All you had to do was say that you were ready."

Buffy gave him a look. "I was ready ages ago. It was torture being teased so cruelly, with you refusing because you wanted me to be sure."

Angel chuckled, his expression completely unguarded. "Yeah, it didn't take long for you to put up some rules."

"Hey, there's only so much a girl can take before she breaks." Buffy said.

Angel's smile faded a little, before he gave himself a small shake and plastered the smile back on his face. "I suppose." He turned away from her to check on the meat making sure that he wasn't over cooking it. "So, was there anything else that you wanted for your birthday?"

"Well, actually yes." Buffy said, leaning against the bench next to the stove, being careful to not get in Angel's way.

Angel smiled. "Good. What is it?"

"Well, there's this carnival in town. It's starting tonight, but I was thinking that maybe we could go after dark tomorrow. There's this brilliant fireworks show at midnight. I haven't been for a while, but you know I figure that it would be fun." Buffy said with a small shrug and a hopeful smile.

"Well, I'm sure that you can multiply how long it's been since you've been to a carnival and you multiply that by a hundred and you'll get how long it's been since I've been to a carnival." Angel said amusedly.

Buffy looked down at the bench she was leaning on. "Oh, so then. I guess that you're not really interested in going then."

"Actually, I think it would be great fun to go to a carnival again. It'll be interesting to see how much they've changed."

Buffy perked up her smile beaming radiantly. "Great! Thank you so much. I love my present already!"

Angel smiled and laughed as Buffy placed a joyful affectionate kiss on his cheek. "Alright, birthday girl. Go, sit down, your dinners ready."

"Ok, ok. You're going to eat with me, right?" Buffy asked, as she backed away from the kitchen heading towards the dinner table.

"Uh," Angel said hesitantly, feeling uncomfortable about the idea. "Sure." He finally agreed, and found that he was pleased that he had at the increasingly bright smile and the twinkle that was shining in her hazel eyes.

Buffy sat herself down at the table, she was still finding it hard to believe just how much her life had turned around since meeting Angel. She'd never thought that she would be able to find this much happiness, it still felt rather surreal after everything that had happened with her. She'd been beginning to believe that she was unworthy of love, but Angel; Angel was giving her reason to believe otherwise. He was without question the best man that she had ever known and she was exceedingly grateful that she'd met him. She turned her gaze back to Angel, unable to wipe the goofy happy smile that was curling up her lips as she watched him serving up her meal onto the plate that he'd set out on the kitchen bench, a bottle of ketchup beside it and a glass of water. Picking up the glass and the plate he walked over to the table and set it down in front of Buffy. "There you go Madam." He said, making Buffy giggle, and he smiled, before returning to the kitchen, highly aware that Buffy's beautiful hazel eyes were watching him, as she patiently waited for him to join her at the table.

Grabbing down one of the mugs that he'd designated as his not wanting Buffy to have to drink from a mug that had had his blood in it, no matter how thoroughly he'd cleaned it. Going over to the fridge he pulled out one of his baggies of blood that he'd gotten from the local butcher. Opening it he poured it into the mug, before placing it in the microwave and setting the timer. Fighting the urge to look over his shoulder at Buffy to see if there was a disgusted look on her face, logically knowing that there wouldn't be, she was too good natured for that. The microwave dinged and Angel took out the mug, and began moving back towards the dinner table, swiping up the ketchup bottle on his way. "Are you alright?" Buffy asked as Angel took the seat on her left, noticing his uncomfortable body posture.

Angel gave her a reassuring smile. "Yeah, I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?" He asked.

Buffy shrugged. "No reason. Just a feeling I had."

Angel smiled and reached over taking a hold of her small warm delicate hand and gave it a careful gentle affectionate squeeze, feeling comforted by the fact that she'd noticed and taking an interest. "You should start eating, before it gets cold. Let me know if I've cooked it right."

Buffy smiled and reluctantly released his hand so that she could properly use her utensils, cutting off a slice of the stake, she moaned as she placed the slice in her mouth, chewing it she swallowed and gave him an appreciative look. "It's great, Angel. It's perfect, best cooked stake I've ever had."

"Now, you don't have to lie to me. It's a little mean." Angel said teasingly.

"Who said that I was lying?" Buffy asked. "Would I lie to you?"

"I guess not." Angel said with a smile, before he turned his gaze away from her as he picked up the mug with his blood, bringing it to his lips he tilted his head back and drank quickly wanting to get it over and done with, still feeling uncomfortable about the whole thing despite the comfort Buffy had offered him with just a couple of softly spoken caring words.

Finishing his mug, he licked his lips free of any trace of the blood from his lips, his eyes going back to Buffy feeling a strong sense of relief to see her entirely focused on the meal he had cooked for her, eating it with a gusto that worried him a little. "Buffy, you did eat lunch today?" He asked concernedly.

Buffy swallowed the food in her mouth. "Well uh, I had a slice of pie." She shrugged apologetically at the disappointed look on Angel's face. "I'm sorry. The cafe was swamped, didn't get time for a proper lunch, just something that I could eat on my feet and fast."

Angel shook his head with a frown furrowing his brow. "I really don't like your manager."

"That makes the two of us... and practically everyone else that works at that store." Buffy muttered as she scooped up some of the vegetables on her plate with her fork."

Angel sighed, and took a breath, forcing himself to let it go as he expelled the breath. "I just wish that you'd get to eat more whilst your there." 'And that the skirt of your dress wasn't so short.' He thought as he reached out and pushed some damp hair out of her face.

Buffy smiled. "Well, as long as I have you I'll at least be ensured good meals when I'm home."

"Yeah," Angel murmured dropping his hand away from her hair, still feeling rather unhappy about it.


Angel lay in the bed he shared with Buffy an arm placed behind his head, his other wrapped around Buffy who was snuggled against his side, her head resting on his shoulder an and arm thrown over his waist, her breathing relaxed and deep in the calm rhythm of sleep. He stared up at a random spot of the ceiling not really seeing it his thoughts directed inward. He ran a hand slowly up and down her side silently enjoying the warmth of her body against his own through the flannel pyjamas that she was wearing. Laying there for long moment, nervous excitement fluttering around in his stomach like giant butterflies.

Shifting slightly he looked down at Buffy's sleeping face, he moved the hand that he had behind his head, reaching down with it, he gently stroked the tips of his fingers over the soft curve of her cheek. He smiled as she sleepily nuzzled her cheek against his gently touch. Coming to a decision Angel slowly and gently moved, being exceedingly careful to not wake her from her sleep. Buffy frowned in her sleep, his movements disturbing her despite his efforts. Angel gently rolled her onto her back, making Buffy groan, her eyelids fluttering as she began to wake. "Angel?" She mumbled tiredly.

"Shh," Angel murmured quietly. "It's alright. I'll be back soon, you go back to sleep."

Buffy moaned tiredly. "Are you sure? I don't mind going with you if you want me to go with you."

"I'm sure, Buffy. You just go back to sleep. I'm sorry that I woke you." Angel told her.

Buffy nodded against her pillow. "Ok, be back soon."

Angel smiled. "I will." He promised, before straightening up and quietly walked over to the wardrobe that he was sharing with Buffy.

Pulling out fresh clothes he quickly changed out of his pyjama pants and into the clothes being as quiet as he possibly could not wanting to disturb Buffy's sleep a second time, remembering just how tired she'd been when she'd walked through the door after she'd gotten home from her shift at the cafe. Slipping on his leather duster Angel glanced over at the bed, a smile curling up his lips as his eyes landed on Buffy, one of her arms resting close to her face, her fingers softly curled and brushing against her cheek. Resisting the urge to go back over to her knowing that if he did it was more than likely that he wouldn't be able to pull himself away in time to be able to get what he wanted done before the sun rose hampering his ability to move around.

Angel turned his gaze away from Buffy's sleeping figure and softly walked to the door of the room. Walking out into the main area of the apartment and immediately headed for the door, grabbing his wallet and his keys, before walking out the door, making sure to lock it behind him, not wanting to expose Buffy to any unnecessary danger whilst he was gone. He knowing better than most just what people could do to each other. Angel shuddered at the thought of anything like that happening to his girl. Angel grabbed the handle and tested it, his sensitive ears picking up the straining of the lock against the limited amount of strength he was using against it, and the thought crossed his mind of needing to install a stronger lock. Knowing that the door was locked Angel turned and made his way down the hall heading towards the stairs, knowing that the chances of the elevator being broken down once again were high.


Buffy lay on the couch a blanket covering her curled up form, her hazel eyes focused on the TV screen, but not really seeing the images that were flashing across the screen. Worry curling in her stomach for Angel, the threat of sunrise getting closer and closer as the minutes ticked by. And as it grew closer she found it harder and harder to sit still on the couch. Buffy jerked as the door opened, and she swung her head in the direction of the door a smile of relief curling up her lips as she saw Angel coming through the doorway. "Angel!"

Angel's eyes landed on Buffy surprised to see her up so early. "Buffy," He said, as he slipped a small box that he'd had in his hand in one of the large pockets in the jacket. "What are you doing up?"

Buffy sat up on the couch causing the blanket to fall away from her, before it slipped to the floor. "I woke up, and you weren't there." Buffy said as she stretched her arms above her head, and stretched up on the balls of her feet stretching her legs.

Angel walked towards her an apologetic expression on his face. "I'm sorry. I did tell you that I was going..." He trailed off as Buffy shook her head.

"I remember. I woke up again early hours of the morning, and you weren't back. I got worried." Buffy explained wrapping her arms around Angel's torso when he came to a stop in front of her.

Angel wrapped his own arms around Buffy and pressed an apologetic kiss into her hair. "Sorry, it took me a while to find what I was looking for, but I wouldn't have stayed out past sunrise."

"I know, but I worried anyway." Buffy lifted her head from his chest and leaned back so that she could look up at his face. "But you found what you were looking for?"

Angel smiled down at her. "Yeah, I did."

Buffy nodded and let her head rest once again on his chest enjoying his masculine scent. "Well, then my worrying was worth it."

Angel shook his head and moved a hand up so that it was gently cupping the back of her head. "Ok. How about we go back to bed catch a couple hours more sleep, before you have to get up for your job."

"Actually, I've got the day off tomorrow." Buffy said happily, as she snuggled into his solid chest.

"Excellent. We can turn off your dratted alarm." Angel muttered.

Buffy giggled. "I don't know why you hate it so much. It's not you who has to get up when it goes off."

"Yeah, but you do." Angel said, his tone saying that it should be obvious.

Buffy giggled again. "Ok, well bed sounds nice. I just need a drink first."

"Ok." Angel murmured pressing a kiss into her hair again, before releasing her from his arms as Buffy slid her arms away from him. Buffy smiled at him, before moving towards the kitchen. Angel turned and headed for the bedroom intending to get changed back into his pyjama pants whilst Buffy slaked her thirst. Buffy took down a clean glass from a cupboard, filling it up with cool water from the kitchen sink tap. Drinking down three quarts of the contents slaking her thirst, she tipped the last bit down the sink. Placing the glass down on the sink bench, she walked back around the kitchen bench heading for the bedroom. Entering her room she saw Angel playing with the alarm and she smiled, crossing her arms over her chest. "Are you alright there?" She asked teasingly.

Angel looked over his shoulder at her. "Just turning off the alarm."

Buffy uncrossed her arms and stepped more fully into the room. "So, no attempt of sabotage then? I know how much the two of you don't get along."

Angel held up his hands in a show of innocence. "No, not this time, I promise."

Buffy smiled and walked over to the bed. "Ok, I believe you." She said as she slipped back into the bed. Angel joined her hardly a moment later, immediately spooning against her back, his arm sliding over her side to wrap around her waist. Buffy moved her hand to rest against his, and Angel tightened his arm around her, being careful not to hurt her, feeling the calm steady beating of her heart against his arm. "You're not even remotely tired are you?"

"Nope." Angel agreed. "But I enjoy holding you."

"Good to hear." Buffy said, her eyes closed as she smiled happily, loving the feel of him pressed against her back, feeling loved and protected in cased in his arms.


Buffy hummed a happy tune softly as she stood underneath the warm spray of the water from the showerhead an exfoliating glove on one of her hands her vanilla scented body lotion on the glove, spreading it over her body with soapy bubbles, the vanilla scent rising up around her. She'd stayed in bed with Angel long after she'd woken up once again. She'd never really done that until she'd met Angel, she hadn't felt any need to do that before, even when she hadn't had any family obligations, which had been rare when she'd been living with her parents there was always something that needed to be done some place where her family had needed to make an appearance. Taking off the glove she stepped fully back under the spray rinsing off the body lotion, she'd never had as much fun as she did when was with Angel, talking, teasing and flirting in the bed, and the desire that he could invoke in her was much easier for her to bear now that she knew that there was only a few short hours, before they would be consummating their love for each other in every sense of the word.

They'd only gotten out of bed after her stomach had begun to rumble and Angel had insisted on getting up so that he could get her breakfast. There'd been no real point to her staying in bed after he'd gotten up plus she loved watching him move, the way his muscles would relax and contract under the shirt with each of his movements. Watching Angel move was something that she fully believed she could take up as a full time occupation; if she didn't need the salary working gave her, and unfortunately watching Angel move wasn't an accepted form of employment. But it was definitely something that she had fun doing, there was no doubt about that. Turning off the shower, Buffy slid open the shower door and stepped out, grabbing her towel from the rail she wrapped it around her and walked towards the bathroom sink, reaching out in front of her she swiped her hand against the mirror removing enough condensation for her to see her face, still humming softly, her ears glad that the screeching of the pipes had stopped now that she was finished with her shower. The noise made it difficult to enjoy having a shower, something she used to enjoy immensely, before she'd gotten an apartment in a building that had squealing shower pipes.

Grabbing out her hairdryer she unwound the cord from around the handle and plugged it into the power point. Flicking it on, she grabbed her comb and began styling her hair.


Angel stood in the kitchen a mug of steaming blood in his hands, his ears grateful that the pipes had quieted down, the sound of the hairdryer turning on far more pleasant to his sensitive ears. Hearing the hum of the hairdryer made him aware that Buffy would be coming out of the bathroom, freeing it up, and knowing how long it could take a woman to get ready when she was getting ready to go out on a date especially an important one, so he knew that if he wanted a decent shot of the bathroom, he had to get in there before it grew even closer to sunset and their date at the carnival. Gulping down the remaining contents of his meal, as the sound of the bathroom door opening reached his ears.

"Ok, bathrooms all yours for the next hour and a half, after that, I'm taking it over again, using my right as a woman." Buffy said teasingly.

"Well, I should only need fifteen, twenty minutes." Angel told her as he turned around placing the mug in the sink filling it with water, rinsing it out, before filling it again to soak it.

Buffy rolled her eyes teasingly. "Men."

Angel smirked as he walked around the kitchen bench and headed towards Buffy. "It's a skill." He said jokingly, placing a kiss to her lips. Buffy looked after him, her eyes sliding down to his ass, watching it as he walked. Angel turned his eyes twinkling knowingly as Buffy raised her eyes back to him a flush rising in her cheeks, but shrugged at an attempt at nonchalance and failing rather spectacularly.

Angel winked at her, before closing the door. Walking to the sink he opened the top drawer and pulled out a pair of earplugs, placing them snugly in his ears he turned and went back to the shower and turned on the faucet the squeal of the pipes dulled, but still audible through the earplugs. Stripping off his clothes he hopped under the shower not caring what the temperature of the water was. His body unaffected by the elements.


Buffy entered the bedroom, the towel still wrapped firmly about her, walking towards her wardrobe she opened the doors, her gaze focusing on her side of the small wardrobe. She gazed at the contents for a good long while, before she pulled out a shirt, before shaking her head and tossing it onto the bed, her gaze returning to the wardrobe. She repeated that process many times until more than half of her wardrobe was thrown out over the bed, not noticing that the sound of the pipes protesting the use of the shower had stopped a little while ago, as she focused on choosing the perfect outfit for her date with Angel tonight. A knock sounded on her bedroom door, jolting Buffy from her musings, her hazel eyes turning towards the door. "Buffy, are you decent?" Angel asked, his voice coming through the door.

Buffy glanced down at herself the towel still firmly wrapped about her body, hiding all the important bits. She toyed with the idea of allowing him in, taunting him with the sight of her only in her towel, he had accepted that she knew that he loved her, and as such was ready to consummate their relationship whenever she desired. Buffy felt a rush of liquid heat sweep through her at the thought, before shaking her head and scurrying to throw something on for now. "Just a minute." She called to Angel as she pulled on a pair of panties and grabbed the first pair of jeans that were tossed onto the bed she laid eyes on. There was something just profoundly romantic in her mind about coming home from the carnival sometime after midnight after the fireworks display had ended, and making love to Angel in the early morning hours of her birthday, making it the best birthday in her young life.

Buffy threw on a bra and a shirt, before turning to face the door. "Ok, you can come in." Buffy said a little breathlessly.

Angel opened the door, his eyes immediately drawn to the mess of clothes that had been thrown over the bed, before his eyes quickly found Buffy, before he stepped into the room. "What happened here? Did a bomb go off without me realizing?" He asked a little teasingly.

Buffy shrugged, a flush that had as much to do with her slight embarrassment as it did with the fact that Angel was only wearing a towel that was wrapped securely around his hips. "Well, the search for the perfect outfit can lead to many casualties."

Angel's eyes surveyed the bed again, before turning their chocolate-y depth back to her. "So, I've noticed. I take it that you found it."

Buffy shook her head and slowly walked over to him. "Not yet, but I'll let you get dressed before I continue my search." She murmured as she raised her arms so that she could place her warm hands on his naked chest, enjoying the feel of his strong muscles underneath the soft padded flesh of her palms.

"How considerate of you." Angel murmured, his unneeded breath hitching in his throat at the soft warm touch of her hands against his naked chest. It didn't help that he was picking up the faint scent of Buffy's arousal.

Buffy smiled and raised herself up onto her toes, using her hands to balance herself. "I'm a very considerate person." Leaning up further she pressed a lingering heated kiss to his cheek, close to the corner of his mouth, before she slid back down onto her heels. Smiling up at him, she slid her hands down his chest, curling her fingers slightly so that her nails grazed gently over his skin until her hands dropped away, unable to keep herself from teasing him just a little. Turning away from Angel the smile still curling up her lips she walked towards the door, glancing over her shoulder at him before she left the room shutting the door quietly behind her.

Angel let out a shaky breath, looking down seeing the tent his erect cock was making in the towel wrapped around his hips. "I think there are some parts of me that would disagree." He muttered, looking towards the wardrobe, he did his best to turn his thoughts away from Buffy and the insistent throbbing of his cock, wanting to will it away.


Buffy smiled excitedly as she began hanging up the knee length skirt, the shirt and jacket that she had finally picked out from her entire wardrobe. Straightening the jacket out, she moved to place it carefully back in the wardrobe, not wanting Angel to see what she had chosen to wear. There was a knock on the bedroom door, hanging the hanger up in the wardrobe she smiled as she turned her head in the direction of the door. "Come in."

Angel opened the door and poked his head in. "Lunch is ready." He told her, his eyes travelling to the mess of Buffy's clothes thrown over the bed.

Buffy glanced over at the mess, before turning her gaze back to Angel and making her way towards the door. "Don't worry, I'll clean it up."

"Have you found something to your liking yet?" Angel asked as Buffy drew closer to the door.

Buffy smiled. "Wouldn't you like to know." She said. Angel stepped back allowing Buffy to walk out of the room a knowing expression on his face, having been alive long enough and around enough women to know enough women speak to know that she had indeed found what she had been looking for in amongst the clothes in her wardrobe. "So, what's for lunch?" Taking a deep breath taking in the scents of the lunch Angel had cooked for her. "Whatever it is it smells great." She said appreciatively, her tummy rumbling loudly in agreement.

"Don't get to excited, its only toasted sandwiches." Angel told her as the back of the knuckles on one of his hands brushed against Buffy's.

Buffy took Angel's hand in her own. "Well, they smell like great toasted sandwiches." Buffy complimented.

Angel reluctantly let go of Buffy's hand as they reached the dinner table. Pulling her seat back for her, he watched her as she moved in front of the chair with warm brown eyes. He gently pushed it under Buffy, dropping a kiss into her hair when she was safely seated. Angel shifted and pulled out the chair beside her. Buffy removed the tea towel covering the plate revealing the couple of toasted sandwiches that Angel had made for her. Picking up one of the cut half's she looked over at Angel as he sat in the chair beside hers, his eyes still focused on her. Buffy paused feeling a little uncomfortable with the intensity of his stare. "It's a little creepy. You staring at me like that."

Angel blinked and looked away. "Uh, sorry. It's just your fascinating."

Buffy flushed, with feminine pleasure and embarrassment. "You think so, huh." She murmured softly trying to sound calm.

Angel smiled taking in her reaction with all his senses not just his eyes. "It always surprises me just how little most women appreciate the sexuality of eating. It's uh, very sensual."

Buffy swallowed tingling fingers of desire spiking through her nerves as his words washed over her, creating vivid images in her mind's eye. "I can't say that I've ever really noticed before." She said a little hoarsely, before clearing her throat trying to loosen her vocal cords that had tightened on their own accord.

"Something that I find rather pleasing." Angel murmured softly, his eyes following Buffy's movements as she brought the half the toasted sandwich to her mouth and taking a bite.

Buffy chewed and swallowed before opening her mouth again, her eyes drifting back over to Angel. "Really?" She asked.

Angel shrugged with an air of forced nonchalance, wanting to seem unaffected and at ease with the information he was choosing to reveal to Buffy. "I'm rediscovering that I'm a possessive man, Buffy."

Buffy hesitated, before placing down the half eaten half of the sandwich, before turning her gaze once again to Angel. "Over me?" She asked, gesturing to herself with her somewhat greasy hands.

Angel nodded. "Yeah."

Buffy smiled and stood, pushing the chair back with the force of her legs. "I've never had someone love me enough to be possessive of me before." She said, as she settled herself in Angel's lap, resting her head against his chest, a happy smile curving up her lips.

Angel curved his arms around her stabilizing her and dropped a kiss into her freshly washed vanilla scented hair. He didn't have the heart to tell her that most possessiveness wasn't based on love, but something far darker. "That Harris kid was rather possessive of you."

Buffy blinked a little surprised, but not as surprised as she could have been, a part of her that she had chosen to not pay all that much attention to recognizing it as truth. "You mean Xander? Really?"

Angel nodded, despite the fact that Buffy couldn't see the action, as his arms tightened around her, being careful to not accidentally hurt her with his preternatural strength. "Yeah, most definitely. It barely took me five minutes after I met him that one time to size him up."

"Yeah, well. I don't care for Xands that way. No matter how much he may wish otherwise at times, and he has Cordelia now."

Angel stroked his fingers over Buffy's outer thigh. "I don't see those two lasting for very long. That Cordelia she's always going to looking for the next best thing."

"Wow, you really did size up my friends when they were here." Buffy said amusedly as she snuggled closer into his chest. "I'm sure that as soon as the angst-y passion fizzles out that they'll go their separate paths."

Angel pressed a kiss to the top of Buffy's head and loosened his hold on her. "You better eat your sandwiches, before they go completely stone cold." He murmured.

Buffy nodded and reluctantly slipped off his lap and moved back towards her own chair, her stomach still feeling empty. "Yeah it would be a shame to waste them. They really are tasty." She complimented.

"Thank you. I uh, met a chef a while ago." Angel admitted.

"Oh, so they taught you a few things." Buffy asked curiously.

Angel winced, not liking the memories of that time of his life. His life before the soul. "Something like that." He said reluctantly, not wanting to get into it.

Buffy who'd taken a large bite of her toasted sandwich, glanced over at him hearing the saddened guilty tone in his voice, and decided not to push it with him. "Well, whatever happened between you and the chef, they passed on some wicked skills."

"Well, thank you." Angel murmured a little strainedly, kissing the side of her head, just over her temple as he got up from his chair. Buffy glanced up at him with a concerned curiosity, as she swallowed. Reading her expression, Angel answered her unasked question. "I'm going to clean up."

"Ok, are you sure, you don't want to wait until I'm done and I can help." Buffy asked.

Angel shook his head. "No, you enjoy your lunch. There's not that many." Buffy nodded and watched him as he made his way around to the kitchen sink and turned on the faucet, before putting in the plug and squirting in dishwashing liquid. Buffy lowered her eyes back to her plate, the clacking sound of dishes being moved filling her ears as she ate a quickly growing bubble of excitement growing inside her at just how close it was getting to nightfall and her date with Angel.

Finishing off her toasted sandwiches Buffy picked up her plate and brought it over to Angel, who took it with a soapy wet hand. "Thanks again for lunch, it yummalisious." Buffy said giving him a grateful kiss to the cheek.

Angel gave her an amused look. "Yummalisious? Is that even a real word?" He asked

Buffy shrugged. "I dunno. It sounded cool when it popped up in my head. I'm gonna start getting ready for tonight."

Angel sighed disappointedly. "I'm not going to see you again until it's time to leave, am I?"

Buffy nodded. "Probably not, but when you do see me again I'll be all prettyful."

"But already very prettyful." Angel told her seriously.

Buffy smiled delightedly. "Well then I'll be too prettyful for words when you see me next." Buffy spun away from Angel and hurried off towards their bedroom. Angel watched her amusedly for a moment, before lowering his eyes back to the soapy dish water, removing the last cleaned dish he set in the draining rack, before pulling the plug.

His sensitive ears picking up the sound of the wardrobe door opening in the room, and the more distinctive sound of the scrap of a heavy coat hanger being removed from the rail, before Buffy made hurried steps towards the bedroom door once again. He looked up in time to see Buffy exiting the bedroom an overloaded coat hanger in her hand as she hurried across the short distance, and he chuckled. Buffy glanced over her shoulder at Angel and stuck her tongue out at him. "Shush, you." She said without any real heat in her tone. Angel held up his hands in mock surrender a smile still curling up his lips as Buffy disappeared into the bathroom the door closing with a solid click. Angel lowered his arms and grabbed a clean tea towel, drying off his hands with it, before he grabbed one of the dishes from the rack and began drying the few dishes he'd had to use.


Buffy curled her hair around an old curling iron, that was well past needing to be thrown out, but she never did as she couldn't afford to splurge and buy herself a new one. Not that she had the opportunity to use it all that often. She didn't have the time, nor money to go out. Removing the curling iron from her hair, raising her free hand she played with the curled portion of hair. Deciding whether or not she liked the way it fell about her face, not wanting her hair to be too curled. Separating the next portion of hair that she wanted to curl, being careful of the way she angled the iron not wanting the curl to stick out in an odd direction. She was going for hot and sexy tonight not awkward teenager who was only just learning her way around a curling iron. Well in her case it was relearning her way around her curling iron.

Buffy pouted at her reflection as she slowly worked her way awkwardly around her head. She'd forgotten just how long it took to do this, and just how tired and sore ones arms got holding the curler in the awkward positions for extended period necessary for the heat coming from the curler to fix her hair in the curled position. Finally finishing with her hair, she set down the curler, not yet turning it off as she fiddled with the curls, playing with the positions of them as they fell about her shoulders. Pulling at the hair around her face, she fiddled with it, curling the small strands around a single digit as she prompted the strands to fall around the sides of her forehead. Grabbing a can of hairspray she sprayed it all around her hair, her face scrunching as some of the spray hit her face. Placing the can back in the small cupboard under the sink, Buffy straightened and grabbed the small bottle of black mascara. Twisting the lid off, she pulled out the thin brush and lightly brushed it over the lashes on her upper eyelids. Not wanting to apply it to thickly, only wanting to lightly enhance her natural features.

Replacing the lid on the small bottle she picked up a tube of a light pink lip gloss that had a shiny quality to it. Applying it over her lips she smiled at her reflection checking her teeth, making sure that she had no horrible, disgusting remanent of her meal was stuck between her teeth. Nothing as off putting to a romantic atmosphere then a piece of food stuck between her teeth. And discouraging kisses from Angel was the last thing she wanted to do especially not tonight... or ever. Satisfied that her teeth were food free, she relaxed her face, and gave herself a once over, looking down at her clothes, her fingers coming up to smooth her hands over her shirt, highly aware of the sexy underwear that she had donned specifically for this occasion, for Angel's benefit, Buffy sunk her teeth gently into her lower lip as she imagined Angel's expression when he got to see her in nothing, but her underwear, and more, all of her at long last and she... she'd finally get to see all of him as well.

Squatting down as best she could in the thigh length skirt she ran her hands as thoroughly as she could over her legs searching for any patches of hair that she'd missed when she'd gotten under the shower for the second time that day to make sure that she was fresh for tonight. Not feeling any stray patches of prickly fur on her legs. Straightening up she swivelled around so that she was once again looking at herself in the mirror. Once again fiddling with the curls she'd put into her hair, rather pleased with how well the curls were holding and the way that they were falling around her face and shoulders. Checking her makeup one last time she let out a slow breath trying to calm down the growing excitement that was bubbling around inside of her, growing steadily faster the closer to nightfall it grew. Buffy turned off the curler and unplugged it, but leaving it on the sink so that it could cool down, before she turned away from the mirror and walked towards the bathroom door.

Opening it and stepping out into the main room of her apartment, a large beaming smile curling up her lips at the appreciative look Angel was giving her, his gaze having immediately gone to her from his position on the couch, the TV on a very low volume, his sensitive ears easily being able to pick up the soft sounds being emitted from the TV. "Buffy, wow!" Angel complimented thickly around the large lump that had suddenly formed in his throat when his eyes had landed on her after he'd turned his gaze from the TV when he'd heard the bathroom door open and the sound of Buffy's soft steps coming closer of the titles in the bathroom.

Buffy turned around slowly on the spot happily. "You like?" She asked, unable to help sashaying her hips, drawing Angel's dark gaze to her feminine hips, his chocolate brown eyes darkening with his desire, his cock twitching to life in shared appreciation.

Angel swallowed thickly trying to swallow down the large lump in his throat. "Yeah." He cleared his throat. "Definitely. You look beautiful." He said appreciatively.

Buffy smiled at him again happily having completed a full turn. "Thank you." She said as she walked towards him. "Are you ready? Or do you have last minute prep to do?" She asked as she came to stand in front of him.

"No, I'm ready. I've got my hair done," Gesturing to the freshly spiked up hair. "My nice leather jacket."

"Very snazzy." Buffy complimented as Angel took her small hands gently in his own and pulled her down onto the couch beside him.

"So as soon as the sun sinks bellow the horizon, we can leave." Angel said gently his own excitement building inside him, finding that his own excitement at spending time out with Buffy was amplified by Buffy's.

"Great." Buffy said, as she snuggled into his side more than content to spend the time snuggled up against Angel's side, being a little careful of her hair, not wanting to ruin the curls, before the night had even really begun.


Buffy and Angel walked through the gate of the Los Angeles carnival their tickets in their hands. Buffy opened the small clutch bag that she had hanging across her shoulder by the large woven cord, so that the bag resting against her opposite hip. Slipping the ticket Angel had purchased for her into the bad so that it wouldn't get lost, she glanced up at Angel who was looking around at the carnival attractions with a slightly awed expression. "Did you want me to hold onto your ticket?" She asked.

Angel drew his eyes away from the bright lights of the carnival and down to Buffy, and to the open bag at her hip. "Yeah, sure. If you don't mind." He said holding his ticket out to her.

"Not at all." Buffy assured him, as she took the ticket from his slack hold, and safely tucked it away with her ticket before closing her clutch bag.

Taking his hand in hers she gave it an affectionate squeeze as she took in the showgrounds and the busy excited atmosphere of the crowd. "So, what did you want to do first?"

Angel looked around the showgrounds, his eyes going to the attractions provided by the carnival owners, many of which he had never seen before. He turned his gaze back to Buffy unsure which one he wanted to try first. "I don't know. It's your birthday, birthday girl, you chose."

Buffy giggled. "Well, it's not my birthday yet, but if you wanna be like that. I say we do my favourite ride... ok, well second favourite. The rollercoaster. Come on this way." Buffy said moving quickly towards the line, pulling Angel along with her. Angel letting her, as he looked at the large rollercoaster that Buffy was leading him towards, the joyous and some fearful screams reaching his ears from those already riding in the carts that were speeding along the rollercoaster track, his eyes following the line of carts as they went through a large loop the loop, making Angel swallow, as he wondered what kept the people inside the seats.

Angel turned his gaze back to Buffy as they made it to the ticket booth. Buffy smiled up at the ticket clerk. "Two tickets, please." Buffy requested as she opened up her bag, as Angel's hand went to the back pocket of his jeans. "It's alright. I got it." Buffy told him, seeing his movements out of the corner of her eye.

"That's ten dollars." The clerk said in a bored tone.

Buffy pulled out the bills she needed out of her clutch and handed the bills over to the clerk. "There you go."

The clerk took the bills counted it out, before putting it away in the small container that was hidden under the desk and printed out the two ticket. "There, enjoy the ride, guys."

"Thanks." Buffy said, before turning away and began walking towards the line that was outside the gate entrance to the ride. She tore Angel's ticket from hers and handed it to him. Angel that looked down at the small ticket Buffy had handed to him, as he followed Buffy to the end of the line of the ride.

Buffy looked up at Angel with a flirtatious smile and a happy twinkle in her eyes. "So, I've been meaning to thank you for agreeing to take me here."

"You already have thanked me." Angel said. "Many times." Buffy gave him a questioning look. "With every smile you've given me."

Buffy leaned towards him, placing her hands on his chest. "Well, thank you. I really love my present." She said, before she pressed her lips to his. Her tongue flicking out to slide against his lips, Angel obligingly opened his mouth allowing her warm wet tongue to slide past his lips and into his cool mouth. Her tongue setting the inside of his mouth on fire where ever it touched, and the heat moved down through the rest of his body, as his tongue moved against hers guiding her tongue in an age old rhythm.

Buffy slid her hands up his chest to his shoulders and up around his neck her fingers toying with the soft short hairs at the nape of his neck, a muffled moan escaping her lips, the sound murmuring against his lips. Angel placed a hand against her side, and the other going up further to come to rest against her curled hair, his hand cupping a curving angle at the base of her skull. The hand on her side, sliding around to curve around her back pressing her up against his body, the hard ridge of his semi-hard; swelling cock in the confines of his pants. Buffy feeling the hardness against her belly and pressing closer with a moan that was mingled with Angel's. "Hey! Lovebirds, are you getting on the coaster or not?" The voice of the employee manning the gate called drawing Buffy and Angel's attention.

They broke apart a sheepish expression on Buffy's face, whilst Angel forcibly swallowed a growl and kept his face from shifting into the hard ridges of the demon as his eyes landed on the pimply faced male that had interrupted him. His demon angry and impatient with the constant sexual frustration that he was being put through when a willing body was so close by from the very beginning and was the cause of all the frustration. Angel kept Buffy in front of him, hiding the fairly obvious tent in his pants. "Come on, their waiting for us." Angel said thickly, swallowing down the strong anger and frustration he was feeling with all of the self control he'd learnt over the centuries.

"Sorry." Buffy apologized as they walked past the employee assigned to work the ride.

"Uh-huh." He muttered closing and locking the gate after they'd walked through the gate. The three of them walked towards the last two seats on the carts. That were at the back of the last cart. Angel let Buffy slid up into the seats first, she slid over into the far seat allowing Angel to slide up beside her. The pimply employee stepped onto the raised metal step and reached up to the raised safety metal bars that were covered in a thick black foam for comfort, locking it down he tested it to make sure that it was securely settled around them, before stepping down and making his way towards a microphone and the levers that operated the rollercoaster.

"So, this is what stops us from falling out?" Angel muttered as he wrapped his hands around the black soft foam, feeling the harsh metal under the foam, he gently pressed against the secure bar, that rested against their shoulders, feeling the metal straining, not wanting to move from its locked position.

Buffy looked at Angel feeling concerned. "You know if you'd prefer we went on a different ride. It's not too late to get out, before he starts the coaster."

Angel having been satisfied that the vest like structure was safe and wasn't going to let Buffy fall to her death let go of the foam and looked over at Buffy. "No, I think it should be fun... different at the very most."

"Ok." Buffy said taking his hand, and smiling at him as the carts jerked softly as they started to move. "Good, because there's no getting off now until the rides over." Buffy said, a joyous laugh escaping her lips as the carts picked up a little speed as they travelled up a steep hill, that Buffy knew was going to lead to a short drop and a dramatic increase in speed that would make the world look like an unfocused blur.

Angel looked over at her with a raised eyebrow. "What do you know?" Angel asked, glancing over at Buffy.

Buffy smiled at him and squeezed his hand. "You'll see." She said. Angel looked back in front of them just as they dropped down the small drop and their speed increased dramatically, and that's when the first screams started as they whizzed around the large track. Buffy's hand squeezed around his tighter, a little sweat covering her palm as they came up on the first loop of the track, a whooping cry coming from her as they took the loop and she raised her arms, the hand of his that she was holding causing him to raise his one arm as she brought up both of her own without releasing his hand as they hurtled up around the loop, before turning the right way up once again.


"So, what did you think?" Buffy asked as they walked away from the rollercoaster hand in hand. The ride already starting up again with the next lot of people that hadn't been able to get on with them.

"It was good." Angel said slowly.

Buffy pouted. "You didn't like it, did you?" She guessed.

"No, I did." Angel assured her. "I just don't think I like the sensation of my stomach being 50 miles above where it should be." He muttered his free hand coming to rest over his stomach that was still settling back into its rightful place.

Buffy came to a stop looking up at Angel concernedly, her other hand coming up so that it was rest on his arm. "Are you ok? You're not going to be sick are you?"

Angel shook his head. "No. I'm fine." He assured her, dropping his hand away from his stomach.

Buffy began walking again, using quick steps to walk a couple of steps ahead of him. "So, how about you choose the next ride we go on." She offered with a small cute smile.

"How about we get you something to eat, before we decide on what ride to go on next."

Buffy shrugged. "Ok, I could use a fatty sugar fix around about now." Angel gave Buffy a disapproving look and she shrugged once again. "It's all the carnival has to offer food wise. It is an entertainment thing, and the more people keep their energy levels up with sugary foods the longer they'll stay the more money they'll rake in."

Angel nodded, still not happy about it, but understanding it. "Ah, the underhanded tactics of the carnival business." He sighed as he fell into step with Buffy.

"Don't be so broody about it." Buffy teased. "We're here celebrating."

Angel smiled and nodded. "Yes we are."

They wandered through the festival in no real hurry as they looked at the booths that stall owners had set up. Angel looked at the different show bag stalls with amusement and silent wonder that people would actually buy the tacky ridiculously expensive things. Angel turned his gaze away from the stalls and caught movement out of the corner of his eyes, and his senses picked up a demonic presence. Stiffening Angel turned his gaze fully in that direction, and stepped closer to Buffy, a worried frown creasing his brow as he watched the vamp stalk the people passing him by with his hungry eyes. Angel removed his hand from Buffy's and draped it over Buffy's small shoulders pressing her firmly against his side, firmly staking his claim on the petite blond. The other vamp bared his fangs at him, and Angel did the same, before lowering his gaze down to Buffy sensing her gaze on him, to see that she was smiling up at him, her arm coming up to wrap around his back, hugging him, and resting her head against his chest, contentment pouring off her, aggravating his demon as much as it soothed and contented Angel.

"How about this booth over here?" Angel asked pointing at a food booth that was in the opposite direction of the vamp, not wanting Buffy to have to deal with something like tonight, not ever. He didn't want demons affecting Buffy's life more than they already had, since he'd come into her life, but he was to selfish to leave, he needed her, more then he'd ever needed anyone, more then he'd realized that he'd needed someone, until he'd met her.

Buffy smiled. "Oh, hot food, nice choice." She said agreeably, as she walked calmly over to the booth with Angel completely unaware of the danger that Angel had directed her away from.

"I'm glad that you approve." Angel said as they joined the back of the line in front of the booth. "See, anything you want?"

Buffy tilted her head back and rose up on her toes to get a better look at the menu that was printed in bold red and black print above the booth for easy reading from a distance. "Ummm, chips and an orange juice will do I think." Buffy requested, adding the juice mostly to satisfy Angel, adding something at least a little healthy.

"Ok." Angel said, reluctantly releasing Buffy from his side as he made his way up to the middle aged woman behind the checkout. Buffy watched him with affectionate eyes as he talked to the kind looking woman in the booth, making her food order for her. Her eyes travelled down Angel's body taking in his sculpted form from behind, wishing for a moment that he wasn't wearing his favourite leather jacket so that she could see the rounded curve of his ass in the tight snugly fitting jeans. She flushed hotly as Angel turned around her chips and bottle of orange juice in his hands, and she raised her eyes sheepishly to his face, and gave him a little shrug. Angel smiled and slowly walked back towards her, holding the hot chips over to her.

Buffy accepted them, with a warm smile. "You remembered the tomato sauce." She said, pleasantly surprised, having forgotten to mention the sauce herself.

"Of course, I remember how much you love your tomato sauce." Angel said. "Unless they've already been smothered in chicken salt." He continued, his voice accompanied by Buffy's an affectionate laughing smile in her voice, thrilled with just how well Angel knew her.

Angel ignored the annoyed grumbling murmur of his demon, who was not at all amused or even remotely pleased by the relationship between the soul that was invading his body and the tiny human woman. Angel watched her with a small smile, amazed by just how much happiness him knowing such a small thing about her could make her so happy that she was practically glowing. It was such a small thing, but it meant so much to her and it gave him an immense amount of pleasure learning those little things about her. He derived pleasure from learning anything about the small beautiful woman beside him. His eyes following her hand as her small fingers picked up a thin long chip from in amongst the others in the paper bag and brought it up to her lips. He watched her supple red pouting lips parted and she began eating the chip, his eyes shifting slightly to a small spot on her upper lip that had a small smear of red tomato sauce from the chip. He followed the motion of her pink tongue as she flicked the slick muscle out licking up the red splotch, leaving a wet spot of skin just above her lip that his keen eyes could easily see in the brightly light night.

Buffy turned her gaze to him and brought her hand up to her lips. "What do I have something?" She asked gently wiping her fingers over her mouth searching for any food that might be on her mouth.

"No." Angel murmured, his voice husky, with the heated desire that was flowing rapidly through his dead veins, putting a strain on his self control, especially now that he knew that very soon, they would be doing the very thing he'd found himself fantasizing about since he'd met Buffy.

"Oh, good." Buffy said, swallowing as she took in the darkening of Angel's brown eyes, causing a rush of desire to flood through her own veins. "I was b-beginning to get a little worried there." She said her tone coloured with her own desire.

Angel let out a breath trying to keep control over his libido, his eyes closing for a moment, before he opened them again. His eyes meeting Buffy's lust filled eyes once again, half hoping that the lust would have disappeared from her beautiful expressive hazel eyes, only to find that the lust for him was most definitely still present. "If you keep looking at me like that, we are most definitely not going to make it to your birthday." He murmured, his tone and expression leaving no doubt in her mind just what he meant.

"Sorry." Buffy murmured. "But you can't talk, Mr. Dark-Penetrating-Stare."

Angel chuckled, and ran his hand over the back of her head enjoying the softness of her hair against his hand as he leaned in towards her, his mouth coming close to brushing the soft sensitive skin of her ear. "Yeah, well you started it." He whispered huskily in her ear, seeing and sensing the shiver that it invoked in Buffy.

Buffy turned in towards him, her nose breathing in his spicy scent. Looking up at Angel from underneath her long lashes. "So, no more lusty longing stares. At least not until after the fireworks show."

Angel swallowed thickly. "Yeah."

"So, that would mean no more kissing until then either?" Buffy murmured softly.

Angel swallowed again, and shifted his feet as he fought the urge to step closer to her, his hands clenching into fists at his sides as he fought the urge to touch her; pull her up against him. "Y-yeah." He confirmed his voice hitching in his throat, the orange juice bottle bursting under the pressure, as their lips touched making Buffy jerk back as the cool liquid sprayed against her bare legs, accidentally dropping her practically full bag of chips to the ground and she pouted disappointedly. "Sorry!" Angel apologized as he looked down at the spilled chips as he shook his hand, that had been drenched by the juice when the bottle burst in his hand. "I'll buy you another bag."

Buffy shook her head, as she licked her fingers clean of any salty residue. "No, it's alright, Angel. I wasn't really all that hungry anyway." Angel opened his mouth to object. Wanting Buffy to at least have something in her stomach for dinner even if it was something as unhealthy as hot chips, but Buffy placing two fingers against his lips. "Come on, let's find you a napkin, or something." She murmured as Angel flicked his tongue over the tips of her fingers. Buffy took in a shaky breath, tingling fingers of desire through her fingers, and she pulled her fingers away from his lips and his clever tongue. "Not helping, with the whole control thingy." Buffy murmured.

Angel smirked at her. "Sorry, I'll try to behave myself."

"You better." Buffy said teasingly as she curled her hand into his and they began walking down the dirt path leaving the mess they'd made behind in the dirt.

Walking past another food booth Buffy released Angel's hand and walked over to it, with Angel's eyes on her, his senses stretching searching for any sign of demonic presence close by, not wanting anything to get to close to Buffy, a breath of relief escaping as nothing registered on his senses even as a small twinge of guilt passed through him as he knew that it more than likely meant that the vamp that he had clamped eyes on earlier had found himself a victim. He watched as Buffy took a couple of napkins and exchanged a couple of words with the person inside the booth, before she turned with a smile her eyes coming to rest on him as she made her way back to him. "Here." Buffy said as she made it back to him, one of her small hands picking his orange juiced drenched hand. Using the napkins she'd grabbed to pat his hand dry.

"Thank you." Angel murmured softly, with a small warm affectionate smile as he watched her tending to his hand.

Buffy looked up at him with a warm respiratory smile. "You're welcome." She looked back down and flushed slightly as she realized that she was now dabbing at a dry hand, and she gently released it, and looked back up at him, brushing some hair back from her face and sliding it behind her ear. "So what did you want to do now?"

"Uh," Angel said looking around at the stalls and booths that were lined up along the sides of the set up paths. He turned his gaze back to Buffy. "How about we do something a little less exhilarating as the rollercoaster." Angel suggested, as he draped an arm around her shoulders.

"Sure." Buffy agreed allowing Angel to lead her down the path, heading towards the game stalls.


Buffy walked beside Angel a happy smile on her face as she hugged the ridiculously large soft toy that had a nose like a dog, but had a Willy Wonka like purple hat with a black stripe going around the circumference just around the rim of the hat that was sown to the head of the soft toy. "Thank you, Angel." Buffy said sincerely. "I can't believe that you actually won. Those games are normally fixed. So that nobody really actually wins."

Angel smiled. "Well, I don't think the game owners factored in for vampires when they were fixing the game."

Buffy nodded with a teasing sage quality. "Ah, so therefore those people who walk around with teddy bears like this are vamps or demons... or at least with them."

"Yeah, probably." Angel agreed. "Though I don't see why you like that one." He said as he gently tugged on one of the soft floppy ears being careful not to tear it off. "It's pretty ugly."

Buffy shrugged and glanced over at him, before turning her gaze back to the soft toy, more particularly the hat that it was wearing. "I thought that it would be obvious." Angel gave her a look. "It's the hat. It gives it that adorably cute factor." She said brushing her fingers over the rim of the hat.

Angel raised an eyebrow, not seeing the cuteness of the toy at all, as he released the floppy ear. "If you say so."

"Well, I do." Buffy said, with a teasing pout.

Angel nodded. "Ok." Shooting Buffy an amused look that was met with one from Buffy.

Buffy turned her gaze away from Angel's deep brown ones, her eyes coming to rest on a big shed and she smiled. "Oh, Angel, can we go in there. It's this homemade thingy. Where people submit stuff they've made themselves. I know that it sounds lame, but there's some really cool stuff entered into these things."

Angel glanced over at the large shed, the smell that he could scent coming from the large shed, making him reluctant to enter. The smell was the waste of various different animals. "There doesn't happen to be animals housed in that shed as well?"

Buffy turned her gaze back to him a smile curling up her lips. "Yeah. There is a small petty zoo. I used to love it when I was little. My nanny used to take me. They've got gorgeous little lambs and bunnies. Oh and chicks, there's so cute and little. Puppies and kitties, even calves." Buffy took in Angel's hesitant, moody look that was directed at the shed. "Is there something wrong?"

"Animals." He muttered, with a small frown.

Buffy's look turned concerned. "Angel, it's alright. We don't have to go in."

Angel glanced down at Buffy, forcibly clearing his expression. "No, it's fine. Let's go on in."

"Ok, if you're sure." Buffy murmured as Angel began leading her towards the large shed, the smell still assaulting his sensitive nostrils.

"Yeah, I'm sure." Angel said giving her a reassuring smile.

Buffy returned it enthusiastically. "Great! The last time I was here, someone submitted a miniature village, with mini houses and mini people all doing different things. It was amazing! there was even a mini graveyard with little mini headstones that had names and dates of birth and death and even a little message from loved ones on it."

"Sounds intriguing." Angel murmured, genuinely interested in what Buffy was saying, and the kind of obsessive personality behind the person who had made it.

"Yeah, it was totally cool. It was for sale to. The guy who made it, got like close to a million for it, I think."

Angel shook his head disbelief. "Only in Los Angeles." He mumbled as they walked through the open doors of the shed.

Buffy laughed mirthfully as she nodded her agreement as she nudged him gently in the side with her elbow. Her gaze looked around the entrance of the shed her eyes landing on of the handcrafted works, a cutely crafted dolls chair that was behind the glass of the long cabinet that it had been placed in and she smiled brightly and tugged at Angel's arm that her small hand was curled around as she moved to hurry over to it. "Come on, Angel. Look at this, isn't it cute?" She said pointing to the chair that had drawn her attention. Angel smiled feeling happy that this was making Buffy happy, making it extremely easy for him to ignore the smell of the animals that were at the other end of large shed.


Buffy leaned against the low fence of the baby animals pen a smile curling up her lips a she watched them sleeping the hours of the children being able to play with them having been long over so that the baby animals could get their sleep. She glanced over her shoulder at Angel who was standing a small distance away his hands in the pockets of his leather jacket as he watched her, watching the baby animals as they slept peacefully soft animal sleeping sounds coming from them, their small cute noses twitching. "You can come join me you know?"

Angel shook his head a little sheepish, feeling embarrassed. "Animals don't like vampires. It's the whole predator prey dynamic, that all animals feel, but there's something about vampires that sets all animals on edge even when there sleeping."

"Oh." Buffy said, before turning back to look at them. "They're so cute." She murmured, memories from when she was little and her nanny had brought her here, and to other such places where she'd played with the baby animals, and how one time her favourite time she'd been allowed to feed milk to a small little lamb from a special made bottle. The lamb even sat on her lap, the warmth of its woolly body seeping into her legs, she'd loved it.

Angel took a small step towards her, sensing that she was lost deep in fond memories of her past, and seeing that she didn't seem to have many happy memories in her past he was reluctant to interrupt, but he knew that she wanted to catch the fireworks display and if they didn't leave relatively soon it would start without them. "Buffy." He called.

"Yeah?" She answered, angling her head towards him.

"The fireworks show is going to be starting soon. If you still wanted to catch it?" Angel told her softly.

Buffy turned around fully to face him a surprised expression on her face. "Oh yeah. I do!" She looked down at her watch. "I didn't realize we'd been in here for so long." She exclaimed as she walked towards him taking Angel's arm as he began walking towards the exit of the shed, passing the scattered people that were still wandering around the shed looking over the handcrafted things out on display.


Angel stood behind Buffy from the spot on a small hill that was further away then the seat stakes that had been set all of them having been taken by the time they'd made it across the fair grounds to the fenced off field where they were holding the display of fireworks. His arms were wrapped around Buffy's petite supple body, both their faces angled up towards the sky to watch the brilliant display, but the bursting beautiful lights flaring across the sky in brilliant colours weren't capturing his attention, his mind being completely focused on Buffy as she leaned against him, her small arms folded over his as she watched the bright display with rapt attention exclamations of delight escaping her lips as she watched the fireworks bursting loudly across the sky.

Angel could feel the weight of the small box that he had hidden in his jacket pocket getting heavier as he kept imagining presenting Buffy with the small box and her reaction to it, and the more he thought about it the more nervous and impatient to give it to her he got, as the scenario kept playing through his mind. He tightened his arms slightly around Buffy forever careful not to hurt her delicate, fragile human body. Buffy's hands squeezed his arms in response and tore her eyes from the night sky, her happy hazel orbs meeting his, and Angel seeing it as his perfect moment slowly turned her so that she was facing him. "Its brilliant isn't it, Angel! I can't believe that I haven't come to see this in so long." She said tilting her head back to look at the sky once again.

Angel smiled, the light of one of the fireworks that had been shot up into the sky lighting up her face for a moment. "Beautiful." He murmured.

Buffy brought her head back down to look at Angel, his tone telling her that he wasn't talking about the fireworks. His expression confirming his tone, and she flushed in delight and she pushed some hair behind her ear in a nervous habit. "Thank you. I've had a great time tonight. It's been the best birthday ever." She said sincerely, rising up she pressed a kiss to his lips.

Angel moaned his hands coming up to rest on her arms, returning her kiss for a long moment, before gently pushing her back, and resting his forehead against hers. "I hope that in your opinion that this makes it even better." He expressed hopefully.

Buffy smiled. "I don't think that's even possible." She murmured happily as Angel reached his hand into his pocket his hand closing around the small box. Taking a step back from Buffy he pulled the box out of his pocket and held it up between them. Buffy lowered her eyes to it, her breath hitching in her throat at the sight of the jewellery box, her heart pounding in her chest, nervousness curling in her belly.

She watched with baited breath as his other hand came up to rest on the top of the box, and slowly opened it to reveal a small beautiful silver ring nestled in the silky velvet cloth on the inside of the box. "It's beautiful." Buffy breathed her eyes flicking back up to Angel tears of happiness welling in her eyes.

Angel smiled softly at her, his eyes going back down to the small ring in the box. "My people, before I was changed, they exchanged this as a sign of devotion. It's a Claddagh ring." Buffy turned her gaze back to the small ring, listening intently as Angel talked to her about it, as she felt her heart pounding excitedly against her ribcage. "The hands represent friendship, the crown represents loyalty... and the heart well," Angel swallowed thickly against the large lump in his throat as his demon snarled inside him in disgust, loathing the very words that the soul was trying to get past his lips. "The heart represents love. You wear it with the heart pointed towards you. It means you belong to somebody. Like this." Buffy raised her eyes to the hand that Angel was showing her that bore an identical ring to the one in the box albeit larger than its twin, as it sat resting on his left ring finger the tip of the heart facing towards him body just like he'd explained.

Buffy smiled the tears of happiness sliding down her cheeks, and she wiped them away with her hand, a happy little laugh escaping her lips. She raised her eyes showing Angel the happiness there, reassuring him that his nose wasn't playing tricks on him with the scent of her tears also filling the air. Slowly she held out her left hand her fingers splayed, a slight tremor running through her hand that she couldn't help. "Put, it on me, please." She whispered. Angel picked the ring out of its comfy nestled spot in the box. Snapping the box closed one handedly and slipped it back into his pocket. Using that same hand he took hold of her trembling hand, raising the hand that was holding the small ring. Making sure that the heart was facing towards Buffy, before he slowly and carefully slid the ring over her left ring finger. Buffy held her breath as she watched the ring gliding up her finger until it was firmly nestled in place on her finger.

As Angel released her hand she looked at the ring for a long moment admiring the way it looked on her finger, before she raised her eyes to Angel's, before she threw herself at him her arms wrapping around his neck as she hugged him, his arms coming up to wrap around her as well. "I love it, Angel. It's absolutely gorgeous, thank you."

"You're welcome. I'm glad that you like it." Angel murmured.

Buffy leaned back away from him slightly with a bright warm smile. "How could I not, Angel. It's lovely." She pressed a warm affectionate kiss to his lips. "I love you."

Angel smiled releasing a breath that was filled with a release of nervous energy that had built up inside him as he'd waited for her response. "I love you too." He breathed quietly feeling nervous saying it, and excited.

Buffy slid her arms back so that they were resting on his chest. "I'm ready to get out of here now. If you're ready?"

Angel smiled, and brushed a kiss over her nose, smelling the musky delicate scent of her arousal flavouring the air around him for his keen nose to savour as he breathed in his unnecessary breathes. "You don't want to watch the rest of the show?" He asked as another round of fireworks burst in the sky.

Buffy shook her head and bit her lower lip. "No. There's something else I'd much rather be doing something else."

"Really?" Angel asked huskily, his deep brown eyes expressing his love and desire for her clearly visible in his eyes, causing a flood of heat to sweep through Buffy's veins, her heart pounding in her chest once again in response to the heat flowing quickly through her veins to pool in her lower abdomen causing her womb and sheath to clench simultaneously.

"Let's go home." Buffy said breathily, her hands clenching in the leather of his jacket.


Buffy fumbled with the key, trying to fit the metal through the small hole that was fitted cut especially for the key in her trembling fingers. As Angel's hands slid over her sides, his clever fingers distracting her from her goal of getting inside their apartment. "Angel," She let out a whimpering moan, her head angling back, so that the back of her head was resting against his strong chest. "You're distracting me." She murmured, with a pout that Angel found adorable and made him want to take her lower lip between his lips, so that he could suckle and nibble at the pouty soft flesh of her lower lip.

Angel smiled, and pressed a kiss against the side of her head. "I like distracting you." He murmured huskily.

Buffy giggled as she finally managed to fit the key into the lock. "If you wanna get into the apartment sometime tonight, you better stop it."

Angel smiled and slid one of his hands up from her side, until his hand reached her arm, and he cupped the toned warm arm that was trapped in the leather sleeve of the jacket he had bought her for her birthday. Sliding his hand down her arm, until his hand was cupping her warm smaller one, his fingers sliding over hers, his cool fingers coming around to gently hold the key over Buffy's warm small fingers. "Not if I help you." He murmured teasingly as he guided Buffy's hand in turning the key in the lock, the sound of the tumblers shifting with the turning of the key reaching his ears, until the solid click of the lock unlocking, before he helped Buffy pull the key out of the lock. "See." Angel said, as he turned the knob and opened the door. "We're in the door." He murmured as he guided Buffy into the apartment, and kicking the door closed behind them.

"Good." Buffy said, as she opened her eyes wide in the darkness of the apartment, trying to see in the darkness. "Now, if I could only see."

"I can see, just fine." Angel said huskily, his arms wrapping around Buffy's waist, his hand gliding over Buffy stomach, causing fluttering waves of heat to course through her awakened and hyper aware nerves that were waiting for, seeking out the familiar touch of Angel's cool hands over her body, her entire being wishing that it was skin to skin contact.

"Good, that means you can guide us towards our bedroom." Buffy said her hands coming up to rest over Angel's her fingers gliding over the back of his hands, tracing the cool flesh blindly in the dark. A moan escaping Buffy's lips as Angel began moving them slowly around the room, she closed her eyes placing her trust completely in Angel as she leaned her head against his chest, taking deep breathes as her desire for Angel rose with each step and soft caressing movement of his nibble hands, as he moved his hands down so that his fingers were brushing the hem of her shirt, and his cool fingers brushed over her heated skin.

The feel of his cool fingers against her overheated skin caused her womb to clench in desire and her juices to slip from her sheath and soak her panties. "Angel." Buffy moaned heatedly, as Angel lead them through the open door of their bedroom.

Angel slid his hands up Buffy's stomach, his fingers brushing the underwire of Buffy's bra. "Buffy." He moaned heatedly in response his own desire mounting inside him, his cock throbbing urgently, uncomfortably in the confines of his pants.

Buffy slowly turned in Angel's arms, her hands coming up to rest on Angel's strong arms, her fingers curling around his heavily muscled biceps. "Can we turn on the light? Mr. Night-Vision guy." She asked hopefully. Angel didn't answer in words, But Buffy felt one of his arms stretch out in what she guessed was the direction of the light switches. She blinked as the light came on, making her eyes hurt for a small moment as they adjusted to the sudden brightness that filled the small room.

She smiled up at Angel, the curl to her lips seductive, and the heat in her eyes enough to sear Angel to his very core. "Thank you." She said gratefully, her hands moving up his arms to his shoulders, before sliding her small hands down his chest and slipping her fingers underneath his leather duster as she slid her hands back up to his shoulders. "I wanted to be able to see you." She murmured huskily as she slid the leather duster from his shoulders.

Angel smiled and helped Buffy remove his jacket and tossed it casually to the side, more interested in getting his hands back on Buffy's hot aroused body, the scent of her arousal making him hotter. He took hold of the lapels of Buffy's jacket and pulled it down over her shoulders revealing a little more of her golden flesh, the tiny hairs that covered her body standing on end seeking out his touch, telling him with her body that she wanted his touch; wanted him. "Not as much as I want to see you."

Buffy giggled happily and shook her head as she ran her hands down the short sleeved t-shirt he was wearing. "Know that is totally and utterly impossible." She said as she closed her hands around the hem of his shirt and began swiftly pulling it up over his body revealing the toned muscles of his pale chest.

Angel raised his arms over his head and ducked slightly as Buffy raised herself up on her toes to be able to reach up over his head. "Really?" He asked with a sexy smile directed down at her.

Buffy nodded sagely, her teeth sinking softly into her lower lip for a moment, drawing Angel's eyes to the abused flesh, his tongue flicking hungrily over his lips. "Uh-huh. It's impossible for your desire to see me to be strong then mine to see you." Buffy moved her hands slowly over his toned chest, working her fingers over the dips and contours of his chest, her hazel eyes darkening to a deep jade as she watched her hands move over the firm flesh and she moved closer her tongue peeking out over her lips as the desire to taste his skin as she watched the muscles contract and shiver under her soft touch.

Angel took a deep shaky breath as he fought to keep control of himself. Wanting to take it slow and make Buffy's first experience everything it was supposed to be. To make it something that she would always remember with fondness, love and pleasure. Settling his hands on Buffy's sides, his fingers playing with the hem of the shirt she was wearing his fingers teasing the flesh just above her hips. Buffy took a shallow breath, her own hands resting on his hips as Angel took a firmer grasp of her shirt and swiftly removed it and throwing it to the side.

Buffy lowered the arms she'd raised in response to her shirt being lifted and angled them behind her as she took hold of the back strap of her bra. Unclasping the hooks she slipped the straps from her shoulders and allowed the lacy bra to fall to the ground. Smiling happily at the look Angel had given the sexy design of the bra, but at this moment in no mood to allow him to soak in the appearance of it on her. There would be plenty of time for that later... when she wasn't so desperate to feel him against her, inside her. She was positive that there would be more than the one time between them. Buffy's sheath clenched emptily. 'God, she hoped so.' Buffy thought as she slid her gaze hotly over Angel's half naked body, her eyes lingering on the large bulging tent in his pants, undressing him as best she could with no prior knowledge of what he looked like below the waist, something that she was dying to rectify that.

Angel groaned strainedly as he felt Buffy's gaze like a physical caress burning over his skin, distracting him enough for him to tear his gaze away from her beautifully rounded breasts. Buffy stepped closer to him her hands coming to rest on his hips, her warm thumbs resting against the cool skin of his sides and they slowly glided across his skin as she smoothed her hands around his waist moving towards the front of his pants, shifting her hands she slid her fingers under the waistband of his pants, her thumbs fiddling with the snaps of his pants preparing to undo them. Angel slid his hands around Buffy's back pulling her closer against him, earning a moan from Buffy as she felt the evidence of his desire for her pressing against her belly. He slid his hands down her back to cup the rounded cheeks of her ass and he squeezed them earning another moan from her sweet lips.

Claiming her lips with his own. He slid his hands down a little lower and lifted her against him supporting her with his strength as he lifted her feet off the ground. Angel scrunched the material of her skirt up, bunching it around her hips revealing more and more of her tanned toned legs. Buffy moaned again as she slid her hands up from his pants the position uncomfortable with her pressed up against him so tightly, feeling his erection digging deeply into her hip, she placed her arms around Angel's neck feeling the cool softness of his skin against her soft fingertips. His tongue slid against her lips and she gasped as the contact sent tingling flares of desire rocking through her nerves. She moaned into his mouth as Angel used the opportunity to slip his tongue into her mouth.

Angel backed them up towards the bed and gently lowered them down onto the bed, being careful not to crush her small frame with his superior weight as he settled himself on top of her, his fingers slowly sliding down the zipper of her skirt. Angel's eyes were focused on Buffy's searching for the slightest sign of trepidation or a change of heart. Sitting back he changed his grip on Buffy's skirt and slowly pulled it down, revealing more of her golden flesh to his hungry gaze. Buffy's breath hitched at the darkening brown of Angel's eyes that were so dark now that they were almost black. She lifted her legs slightly to help him remove the skirt from her completely leaving her only in the small sexy matching panties that was hiding her core from his gaze. Angel stared at the soaked scrap of material that was fitted snugly around her hips.

Angel swallowed thickly and slowly raised his eyes up Buffy's body taking in the golden flesh that was splayed for his gaze, a sight that only he'd ever seen before, a knowledge that had his cock swelling further and pressing more uncomfortable against the crotch of his pants. His eyes made it up to her face, his gaze settling on Buffy's lust darkened eyes. Angel opened his mouth forcing himself to speak the words past his protesting throat. "Buffy, are you sure?" He croaked out huskily. "Because if we go any further... I," He swallowed. "I don't believe that I'll be able to stop." He managed to finish, his demon snarling angrily, not wanting to be reduced to be jerking off in the shower when she was right there, wet and willing to spread her thighs for him.

Buffy raised herself up onto her elbows. "Angel, I want you." She raised one of her arms reaching her out to him as she rested all of her weight on her other elbow. "I love you." She said touching the tips of her fingers to his face touching the skin and Angel closed his eyes leaning into her gentle caressing touch. "I've waited for this moment for weeks... for what feels like longer than forever. I'm not gonna change my mind." Angel opened his eyes again, his dark orbs meeting her hazel ones. "Now shut up and kiss me." She demanded.

Angel smiled and crawled up her body her hand gliding around his head burying itself in his thick hair as he grew closer. "Yes, ma'am." He murmured and Buffy giggled, before Angel captured her lips with his. Buffy moaned as she leaned back against the bed, her legs parting further to cradle his hips with her thighs. She slid her hands down her chest to his waist her fingers seeking out the snaps of his pants. Her fingers fumbled with them for a moment, before she managed to get them undone. "Angel, I need you." Buffy moaned against his mouth, her hands squeezing his sides. Angel moaned as he trailed kisses down her cheek to her neck, his mouth worshipping her golden skin as he kissed and licked her soft flesh earning appreciative moans from her parted lips.

"I need you to, Buffy." Angel moaned his hands trailing down her supple lithe body, his fingers slipping under the thin strap of her panties and began sliding them down. Buffy moaned and lifted her hips allowing Angel to remove her panties the backs of his curled over fingers brushing against her skin sending tendrils of pleasure shooting through her hyper aware nerves. Angel threw her panties across the room, one of his hands going to the zipper of his pants and pulling it down the rest of the way freeing his aching cock and he groaned against Buffy's flesh in relief, before he began pushing his pants down his legs awkwardly as he continued to worship her body with his mouth and his other hand as it trailed over her flesh unwilling to stop touching her body.

Buffy whimpered as Angel moved away from her for a moment as he finished taking off his pants, her eyes going down his body her eyes landing on his erect cock, the angry red colour capturing her attention as well as the shape of the mushroomed tip of it. The size of his cock surprised her and worried her as well as sent a flood of heat through her that settled in her lower abdomen and she felt a rush of her juices slipping from her sheath, despite the worried flag that had flared in her lust fogged brain about just how he was going to fit inside her, it didn't seem possible despite the fact that logically she knew that it would. Angel gently shushed her with his lips, kissing her lovingly. "I love you, Buffy." He breathed hoarsely against her neck as he slid a hand between her thighs. He parted the swollen lips of her pussy gently with his fingers his breath hitching in his throat as he felt just how wet and ready she was for him.

"I love you too, Angel." Buffy breathed out breathily, her hands holding him tightly, feeling his fingers whispering over the vulnerable wet flesh of her pussy. She sighed her hands squeezing his strong muscles tightly as she felt his love for her in every touch of his hands and mouth over her body. "Angel." She sighed out lovingly, her hands sliding over his upper back trying to convey her love for him as well as she kissed the skin she could reach with her mouth and her hands travelled over his flesh a rushing sense of feminine power filling her with every sound she got him to make when she touched certain spots on his body.

Angel reached a hand down between their bodies grasping his cock as he positioned himself at her small slick entrance. Meeting her eyes with his own he lifted his free hand to caress it over her face, before he slowly started to push inside her tight virgin sheath. Buffy's eyes widened slightly at the slightly uncomfortable, but at the same time still a strangely pleasant feeling. Her mouth opened as he pushed deeper inside her causing the first fissions of pain to shoot through her and a small sound of pain escaped her lips.

Angel winced, but pushed ahead stifling the groan of pleasure that wanted to escape him at the feeling of her tight silken hot wet walls stretching around his cock, fighting to accommodate his size. "I'm sorry." He grunted as Buffy let out a cry of pain, her hands tightening around him, her nails digging into his flesh. Angel pushed himself the rest of the way inside her seating himself inside her fully, before stilling completely as he gently and lovingly stroked her skin trying to sooth the pain he'd caused her. "I'm sorry." He apologised again and pressed a kiss to her lips.

"It's ok." Buffy said softly, her voice muffled against his shoulder as the sharp pain she had felt dulled to an uncomfortable throb. "I'm ok."

Angel rested his forehead against hers, whilst gritting his teeth against the almost overwhelming desire to move. "It'll get better I promise."

Buffy nodded and met his eyes a small reassuring smile curling up her lips. "Yeah, I know. I'm a virgin, not a monk." A mischievous twinkle entering her eyes. "Or don't I qualify on virgin thing anymore."

Angel smiled back at her. "Not really, no." He answered.

Buffy loosened her grip on him and she roamed her hands gently over his skin. Sliding her hands around to his chest her fingers tracing his muscles. "How about we get moving on the 'getting better part'" She murmured with a seductive look and smile.

Angel smiled and brushed some hair back from her face. "Ok, if you're ready."

Buffy nodded and glided her hands up his chest, caressing her hands up his neck, before burying them in his thick soft hair. "I'm more than ready, Angel.

Angel caressed the back of his hand down her cheek. "I love you." He told her again, it was something he doubted he'd ever get tired of saying, nor the delighted joyful light that lit up Buffy's face every time he said it.

"I love you too." Buffy said, before bringing his head down and rising up from the pillow to kiss him passionately.

Angel moaned as their tongues duelled together, their tongues massaging each other slickly, Buffy's own moan being swallowed by Angel's mouth as they kissed passionately. Buffy shifted her hands in his hair, curling her fingers so that her nails scrapped gently over his scalp, causing his own moan that was swallowed by Buffy's mouth. Angel slid his hands over Buffy's body coaxing more moans to escape her lips. He settled his hands over her breasts, his fingers finding her pert diamond hard nipples. Buffy keened loudly, her mouth tearing from Angel's as her aching nipples came to life under Angel's attention his fingers twisting and flicking the hard puckered little buds sending waves of pleasure through her body. Buffy shifted her hips experimentally against Angel's and whimpered out a pleasured moan as the action generated friction.

Angel let out a shuddering breath and shifted his own hips against her gently thrusting his cock only slightly inside her groaning as her hips rose up in response to his action an encouraging moan coming from her, reassuring Angel that she was ready. Pulling out of her until only the mushroomed tip of his cock remained in her slick heat. Thrusting back inside her, he lowered his head to the crook of her neck kissing and nibbling the sensitive flesh there, before working his way down her golden flesh. He came to her left breast and slid his hand away from the firm mound. He closed his lips around the diamond hard nipple flicking his cool tongue over the sensitive bud. Buffy gasped, her body arching up into his touch as her hips rose up to meet Angel's thrusts of his hips trying to keep up with the rhythm he'd set.

Angel moaned against her warm flesh as he felt her inexperienced instinctual thrusts meeting his own as she did everything she could to please him. He could feel her warm hands clutching at his back holding him tightly as they moved together, breathy moans escaping her lips reaching his ears spurring him on as he sped up his thrusts. Releasing her breast with a wet pop, he kissed his way across the valley between her breasts, before kissing his way up her right breast and shifting the hand he'd been using to play with the puckered nipple as he replaced it with his mouth as he brought up his other hand to play with the swollen red nipple that had once again started to ache for attention as soon as Angel had lifted his mouth from her breast. Buffy released a high pitched keen escaped Buffy's parted lips as she panted, her eyes closed as she focused on the pleasure that was growing and spreading throughout her entire body, but centred in her lower abdomen where a cord that was coiling tighter and tighter inside of her.

Angel suckled at Buffy's breast, grazing her sensitive nipple with his blunt human teeth, not wanting to accidentally hurt her with his sharp fangs. Fangs that wanted to descend from his mouth, but he wasn't willing to let that happen, no matter how much the demon inside him wanted its sink fangs into her. Angel released her breast causing a whimpering moan of regret and disappointment to leave her lips. Angel raised his head, looking down at Buffy's impassioned face, her eyes closed to the world her as focused on the motions of the pleasure these actions caused. His eyes came to rest on her parted lips as she breathed in shallow breaths, dipping down he captured her lips with his own. Buffy moaned her fingers digging into the flesh off Angel's back as she moved her hips harder against his. She kissed Angel back heatedly, the sounds of their flesh moving against each other filling their ears along with the muffled moans of their shared passion.

Angel slid a hand between their driving bodies, his nimble fingers finding the swollen throbbing bundle of nerves just above their joined bodies. Buffy let out a shuddering moan as Angel's clever fingers stroked over her clit, manipulating the sensitive bud expertly, sending Buffy hurtling over the edge into her orgasm. Angel groaned as Buffy's tight sheath spasmed about his cock uncontrollably, stretching his control to the limit as he gasped and groaned as he gritted his teeth, trying to keep control. Buffy breathed heavily, her body relaxing as she was washed in her afterglow. She gasped as Angel began moving inside of her again sending shocks of pleasure through her overworked nerves. "A-Angel!" She cried out passionately, throwing he head back against the pillow as she felt the passion growing inside of her again much faster than the first time.

Angel thrust into Buffy's body the fluttering of her sheath around his cock again so quickly signalling the onset of her second orgasm bringing on his own, his balls tightening, before his dead seed shot up into Buffy's welcoming womb as her sheath spasmed around his cock for a second time the sound of their names coming from their lips in cries of ecstasy as they tumbled over the edge together, Buffy's sheath attempting to pull him deeper milking him of his dead seed. Angel shuddered as he felt the strength in his body waning, he rolled to the side slipping his softening cock out of Buffy's tight heat, making her whimper at the friction it caused as Angel fell to the mattress beside Buffy, not having wanted to crush her with his weight.

Buffy snuggled into his side her eyes closed, her head settling on Angel's shoulder and an arm coming to rest on his chest, her hand splayed out above his un-beating heart. "I love you." Angel murmured looking down at the top of Buffy's blond head with a loving smile, his arm coming up to wrap around Buffy's small body, whilst the other went down their bodies to grasp the sheets and pull them up over them to keep Buffy warm as he felt a shiver run through her peacefully sleeping body. Caressing his hand up and down her arm as he dropped a kiss onto her head, before closing his own eyes a happy smile curling up his lips, he couldn't remember being this happy in the whole of his entire life! And it was all thanks to the glorious creature in his arms.


Angel lay peacefully beside Buffy sleeping completely untormented the happy smile still curling up his lips, Buffy's scent filling his nose, his fingers aimlessly stroking her flesh in his sleep. A moment later Angel's eyes shot open the smile disappearing from his face like it had never existed as a searing pain shot through his head and radiated out through his body. "Oh no!" Angel gasped as more pain shot through his head. Carefully disentangling himself from Buffy's warm body, not wanting to wake her, wanting her to remain safely asleep. Slipping from the bed and coming to his feet only to fall to the ground as another wave of pain shot through his head and out through his body. Stifling the pained cry that wanted to rip from his throat, not wanting to wake the still peacefully sleeping Buffy.

Coming to his sleep as he walked unsteadily over to his discarded pants and slipped them on, the pain he was feeling clearly displayed on his face. "No." Angel whimpered as he felt his demon coming closer to the surface, breaking free of the prison that it had always been in, whilst feeling himself fading. Hurrying over to his shirt he pulled it on, not caring that the shirt was on backwards. His pained brown gaze went to Buffy as she lay in the bed still sleeping. Shoving his feet into his shoes, he tore his gaze from Buffy and forced himself to stumble out of the room. Hurrying out of the apartment he shut the door behind him, he tried to lock the door for Buffy's benefit and safety, but another wave of ripping pain shot through him and he could feel his grip on the body lessening as the demon locked inside him grew stronger and closer to the surface. Already he could feel it ripping and tearing at the bindings that had held it down for the past 80years.

Running as fast as he could through the building, her hurtled down the stairs stumbling as another shooting pain tore through him, and he fell and he tumbled down the stairs harshly his body hitting the steps hard as he rolled until he finally landed on the bottom floor of the apartment building. Chuck the night attendant stood up concerned at the fall Angel had taken. "Hey, are you alright?" He called and began to come around his desk.

Angel stood to his feet. "I'm fine!" He called without looking over his shoulder at Chuck. He had to get away from Buffy, far away! Far enough away that his demon wouldn't be as enticed to go after her. He couldn't bear the thought of his demon unleashing anything like the horrors he knew that he could on the sweet innocent bright women the bed he'd just vacated. It was his Buffy, she deserved so much better than being subjected to the twisted psychopathic demon that was fighting to push him out of his body faster than whatever was loosening his hold on the body as it was.

Angel ran through the darkened streets of L.A. moving as fast as he could. Another ripping pain shot through him and he fell to his knees on the street with a cry of pain his hands coming up to grip his head. The terrifying pain gripping him no longer coming and going, but a constant thing that was growing. Angel shook his head and shuffled on his knees trying to get further away. "No!" He shouted fearfully, he wasn't far enough! He could feel his demons glee and excitement as his pain grew stronger and stronger. Angel fell forward onto his face, before rolling onto his side wreathing in pain a pained scream building in his throat as the pain grew to searing proportions. Flopping onto his back the scream that had been building in his throat finally ripped free. "BUFFFY!" He screamed terrified, before his body relaxed.

From down an alley a dirty covered woman that had a cigarette in dangling from her mouth crept towards him curious as to what had happened and wondering if there was anything on him that was worth pilfering. When he moved she froze, before cautiously stepping forward coming out of the alley. "Mister, are you alright?" She asked.

Angelus opened his eyes, before jumping swiftly to his feet. "I'm fine." He looked down at his hands and consciously clenched and unclenched them a predatory gleeful smile that had cruelty written all over it curling up his lips. "The pains all gone now."

"You sure? It's sounded kinda like you were dying." The woman muttered feeling put out that her chance to rob some cash for her next fix was gone as she took a drag of her cigarette.

"I'm positive." Angelus murmured, before whirling around to face the woman and grabbing her by the arms. "I haven't felt this good in a long time." He growled as he shifted his face into the hard ridges of the demon. The woman screamed as Angelus lunged forward sinking his fangs into the woman's neck. Wet suckling sounds came from his mouth as he gulped down the woman's blood hungrily. Quickly draining the woman dry he let the woman's body fall to the ground as he tilted his head back in pleasure as he savoured the taste of the human blood on his taste buds. "God, it's been to long since I've tasted real blood." He growled. Looking back the way the soul had come, his dark eyes landing on the apartment complex that his soul had been so desperate to get away from, to keep 'her' safe from him. He stared at it for a long moment contemplating, before turning away and walking down the street, his eyes taking in his surroundings for the first time in 80years without being filtered by the pansy assed soul that had been forced on him.

End Part One: Angel

Part Two: Angelus

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