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Buffy murmured contentedly in her sleep a relaxed happy smile curling up her lips as she slowly drifted towards wakefulness, not feeling Angel's solid body against her own she reached out for him, her hand coming into contact with the cool sheets of her bed. Her hand searched lazily around the mattress a frown beginning to pull down her brow as she still couldn't find the man that was supposed to be lying beside her. She shifted closer to the centre of the bed so that she could reach further across her bed. When her fingers came into contact with the edge of the bed she gasped sharply and her eyes shot open to land on the empty side of the bed she had been fruitlessly searching for Angel. Sitting up in the bed clutching the sheet to her chest she looked around her room that was dimly lit by the morning sun that was trying to peak through her closed curtains.

A frown pulled down her brow as she looked about her empty room, her eyes focused on the open bedroom door, a door that had been shut when they had gone to bed that night. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Buffy slowly shifted on the bed until the balls of her feet touched the floor of her bedroom. Her body aching in a way that it never had before, but it wasn't bad. In fact it was one of the first times that she had considered an ach being good, pleasant even. Releasing the sheet, Buffy pushed herself to her feet and began walking towards her wardrobe. As she passed the open door she couldn't help, but look out of it and into what she could see of the main apartment, a shoot of disappointment settling in her stomach making the beginnings of butterflies to beat slightly anxiously in her lower belly.

Forcing herself to open her wardrobe and pull out some clothes, she quickly got dressed telling herself that the complete and utter silence of her apartment although eerie didn't mean anything. Angel wasn't all that prone to making noise, but there was something about the silence that unnerved her in a most unpleasant way. Quickly throwing on the clothes she had mindlessly picked out for herself, she hurriedly made her way to the open bedroom door a smile curling up her lips as she chose to focus on the anticipation of seeing his beloved face in the main room of her small apartment. "Angel?" She called, her smile fading at not seeing him, making her anxiety rise and with quick steps she hurried to the bathroom, the only other place Angel was likely to be. Pushing open the door her shoulders visibly drooped at finding the bathroom just as empty as the rest of her apartment. Buffy crossed her arms over her chest a frown pulling down her brow as she turned away from the bathroom. 'This wasn't supposed to be what she woke up too!' She thought despondently.

Slowly forcing herself to move away from the door of the bathroom her arms still wrapped tightly… protectively about herself. Her mind whirling over the possibilities of why Angel would leave her during the night… especially after what they had shared together! She'd thought that it had been magical… everything that she could have ever wanted her first time to be… and… and she'd thought that he had felt the same, but… but maybe… maybe she'd been wrong… maybe…

Buffy forced herself to shake her head in denial. 'No, I'm just being stupid! Angel-Angel loves me.' She thought determinedly… or as determinedly as she could with her heart trembling with something that was pretty damn close to despair… something she hadn't felt since… Buffy gave her head another shake, she wasn't going to go there. This was nothing like then… it couldn't be… Angel… her Angel was nothing like that! Buffy felt her knees tremble for a moment, before she crumpled to the floor in an undignified heap, desperately trying to come up with an explanation as to why Angel wasn't here with her… an explanation that wouldn't leave her heart in broken tatters. Buffy took a deep shaky breath, she never believed that she would be feeling anything like this again after Angel had come into her life! He had been good, so good… he'd had her smiling and laughing and feeling like her life was coming together at last… that her life would stop being horrible! She had believed for the first time that her life could be good…

She had no idea how long she sat crumpled on the floor of her apartment, hoping rather vainly that Angel would walk through the apartment door, not that he would… the sun was shining after all, there was no way that Angel could be moving about outside not without burning, but after long moments she realized that her alarm was screeching rather loudly from her room, demanding for her to get up and get ready for her long day ahead. Buffy wiped at her cheeks, wiping away the tears that had fallen silently from her eyes. Unsteadily getting to her feet, Buffy reluctantly walked her way back into her room, not feeling even remotely up to spending the entire day at work after waking up the way she had, but she knew she had no other choice. She had to work for the money… she couldn't afford to skive off at home, no matter how rotten and wretched she was feeling.

Buffy turned off the alarm plunging her apartment into silence once again. She heard the unmistakable sound of a door opening and her eyes lit up with hope as she scurried out of her room her eyes on the apartment door, only for disappointment to slump her shoulders once again as she saw her door untouched and no sign of Angel in her still empty apartment. The sound she had heard having only been one of her neighbours returning home after a long night on the town. Shuffling back into her room with a sigh that smacked of desolation and worry, her steps were slow and heavy as she pulled out her uniform from her wardrobe, her eyes going over Angel's clothes that still hung in his side of the wardrobe. Seeing the clothes gave her hope that he planned to return, that something had called him away only temporarily…

But still she couldn't even begin to imagine what could possibly make Angel leave her after they'd shared something so intimate and magical together. It didn't make any sense! Buffy walked into her bathroom, closing the door behind her with a more solid thunk than was usual for her. She began going through the motions of getting ready for her shift at the café, her mind however was focused on what was weighing her heart down with worry and not a small amount of fear. She had been let down so often in her young life… but she had never expected it to happen again with Angel… he'd seemed so genuine and real compared to those who had let her down before… she'd really believed everything he'd said.

Buffy shook her head firmly as she forced herself to step under the shower the squealing pipes doing nothing to distract her from the pain she was feeling, in fact the sound barely registered with her as her thoughts continued to whirl around Angel and last night, unable to keep herself from pouring over every detail, wondering if she had done something, anything to accidentally offend him, but nothing came to mind a she went through the motions of cleansing herself, when she wanted nothing more than to curl up into a ball of misery on the bed that she had only just left not over an hour ago.


Angelus grinned widely as he fell back onto the plush bed of the darkened room, raising a hand in front of his face that was covered in the blood of the woman who had fallen prey to his charms. Lowering his hand he brought his fingers to his lips, sucking one digit into his mouth at a time, cleaning the blood from his hand, his fingers scrapping against his fangs as he revelled in the taste of fresh human blood. To feel it in his belly, instead of the heavy rot that the stupid pansy assed soul had forced him to endure on… it had been a step up from the rats from the gutters, but it had been horrible all the same an unforgivable sufferance put upon him.

Angelus cleaned the last of the blood from his fingers his lips smacked noisily as he basked in the feeling of being in control of his own body once again after so many years of being subjugated beneath a soul that had no right to the body that he called his own now. 'Damn those gypsy fools!' Angelus thought darkly, he should have killed their entire clan, instead of just the one Darla had brought him. Angelus turned his mind from those dark thoughts, preferring at this moment to luxuriate in his newly found freedom, something he had been beginning to doubt would ever be his again after so many years trapped under the mopey brooding soul wracked with guilt over every little thing he had done over the past centuries. The wining had been damn tedious!

The smell of the dead woman began assaulting his nose as the carcass she had left behind began to cool jumping up off the bed Angelus strolled carelessly over to her body. Hefting her up, he walked to the closest door, throwing it open to revel a clean bathroom. Dumping her down the tiled floor, her head bouncy off them with a resounding crack, Angelus didn't spare the corpse another glance as he pulled the door closed, kicking her leg out of the way when it got in the way of him closing the door on her and most of her growing stench, that would only get worse for his sensitive nose. Walking back over to the bed he flopped down once again on the soft mattress, his arms coming up behind his head as he stared up at the ceiling, that was much better cared for than the one he had left during the early night hours of the morning.

The almost goofy grin that had been curling up his lips faded slightly as he shifted on the mattress that was plush and soft… comfortable by all means, but he found it hard to be comfortable. The unfamiliar bed annoying him as did the strange scent that rose up from it, the only one he recognised was that of the woman he had amused himself with for a few hours, the others of different men… many different men. The mingling scents assaulting his nose harshly compared to the bed that he had… his soul had been keeping…

Angelus cursed softly under his breath as his mind was once again filled with the blasted image of the girl the soul had been so taken with… taken with enough to believe himself in so sickening an emotion as to be in love with the blond. It was not the first time since he had risen up off the street just outside the mostly rundown apartment complex that she called home. It was damned annoying! It had made it very hard to enjoy the time he had spent with the woman who had so obliging allowed him into her home. Of course, he was sure that she had been expecting something far more pleasurable for herself. His mind had kept drifting from the task at hand as he wondered about the girl, especially after the sun rose in the sky and the time that the girls alarm would have gone off… making him wish that he could be there to see her face when she realized that she was alone in the apartment.

Virgins were always overly emotional after having given up their precious maidenhood, but for him to have the pleasure of seeing the pain on her face he would have to be there and that would have ruined the whole point. Angelus sighed as he turned back onto his back his gaze resting on the ceiling again for a moment as he did his best to picture the expression on her face. A task that he found vexingly difficult as what first came to mind was an image of her smiling face as she beamed at him happily, an expression that the blasted soul had put on her face more often than not during the time the two had been together, but after few more moments of trying he managed tolerably well in imagining what she would look like heartbroken and miserable. Tears rolling wetly down her cheeks, an image he hadn't yet seen on her pretty face.

Angelus smirked up at the ceiling, but he would when he next came to her. He would see to it that she knew exactly what he thought of her and her feelings! Angelus closed his eyes preparing to get a few hours at the least of shut eye, his mind whirling with many different ideas of just what he could do to the woman that had dared to make him feel so disgusting an emotion as love!


Buffy sighed as she looked down at the latest catastrophe her distraction had caused that day, the freshly made salad roll with the lot in a mess on the floor at her feet, the plate a shattered useless mess amongst the splattered salad. "Damn it, Summers!" Snyder shouted from the kitchen, where he leaned out over the counter where the prepared food was placed for a waitress to pick up for the respective customer at the sound of the crash. "Not, again!" He growled.

Cathy hurried over a brush and pan in hand, as she knelt down to begin brushing up the mess Buffy had made for what had to be the third time that day, Buffy turned to hurry and get the mop and bucket to clean up the residue that would be left on the floor of the café, but she moved to quick and slammed her hip against the corner of a table. "Ouch!" Buffy yelped as pain slammed sharply through her hip, but she continued on her way to the cupboard where the cleaning supplies where kept.

Making it out the back, she pulled out the wheeled bucket the mop in her other hand. Leaning the mop against the wall she pulled the cleaning agent out from where it rested in the bucket. Swiftly filling it up with warm water she wiped at her treacherous eyes as she felt tears begin to well in her eyes, threatening to spill unwantedly down her cheeks. Squirting the cleaner into the warm water filling the bucket, she made to limp back out into the main floor of the café with the bucket and mop just as Cathy came hurrying in with the brush and pan full now with the mess she had made of one the customers lunches. Cathy had just finished emptying the contents into a large bin when Snyder came storming in, having been doing his best to mollify the customer who would now have to wait longer for the salad he had ordered as the chief made it once again. "Summers!" He growled angrily, his voice low as to not disturb the customers further.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Snyder." Buffy apologised quickly, her head slightly bowed as her boss stormed towards her. She was sure that if it was physically possible there would be steam billowing out from his ears he looked that angry.

"Oh, you're sorry. You're sorry isn't going to make up for the angry customer I've got out there who is now waiting on his lunch. Nor is it going to make up the money that you've have cost me today!" Snyder grumbled angrily.

"I know that, sir." Buffy assured him meekly, her gaze directed towards the floor at her feet as she fought back tears that wanted to be allowed to well in her eyes once again, but she refused to let them fall… at least not in front of Snyder.

Snyder glared at his employee. "If it wasn't so difficult to find reliable help, Ms. Summers I'd fire you right here on the spot for your incompetence today. I don't have to time to waste on people who can't do their job properly." Snyder took a breath as he continued to glare Buffy. "So, be grateful that you are one of the more reliable employees I've ever had the dissatisfaction of employing." Buffy nodded mutely, not daring to look up at her boss for fear that her tenuous control over her tear ducts would break if she saw his angry gaze. "Take a 15 minute break, Summers." Snyder demanded. "And when you come back you will do your job without incident, or you will find yourself among the numerous unemployed." Snyder promised her darkly, stalking past Cathy who was pretending to look busy with scrapping clean a now completely empty pan with the brush that now needed a good rinsing from the dressing that had been sprinkled over the lettuce of the salad roll that was clumping the bristles of the brush together.

As soon as Snyder had stalked out of sight Cathy abandoned the bin, hurrying over to Buffy who was still standing by the bucket the handle of the mop still in hand as she stared firmly down at her feet. "Buffy, is everything alright?" She asked as she placed a hesitant hand on her co-workers shoulder.

Buffy sniffed as she inhaled deeply, before she raised her gaze from her feet. "I'm fine." She muttered unconvincingly as she attempted to give Cathy a smile.

Cathy snorted in disbelief as she removed her hand from Buffy's shoulder. "Buffy for as long as I've known you… which is as long as I've been working here, I have never seen you have a day like you've had today. So, you can't possibly expect me to believe that nothings up."

Buffy looked at Cathy surprised, she hadn't really thought that the woman had paid all that much attention to her, they'd formed a kind of friendship during work hours, but she hadn't thought that her co-worker was that interested in her. "I'm just having an off day." Buffy tried to assure Cathy.

"This off day wouldn't have anything to do with a certain male that you were mooning over not too long ago, would it?" Cathy asked with a raised eyebrow, the woman in her knowing the look of a woman desolate in love. Buffy remained silent not knowing what to say, she didn't know the woman near well enough to want to go into the intimate details of the night before and what she had woken up to, but her silence was answer enough. Cathy placed a comforting hand on Buffy's shoulder once again, this time with more confidence to her touch. "Hey, don't worry too much about it. He'll come around, quicker than you'll believe possible." She assured Buffy, just as Snyder pocked his head into the back room the scowl still on his face, this time directing it at Cathy.

"Simms! I gave Summers a 15 minute break, not you! Get out here and clean up what's left of that mess!" Snyder yelled, before disappearing once again.

Cathy sighed. "Better go, before the old troll threatens my job, and I'm not near as reliable as you are. Feel better alright." She murmured, before taking the mop and bucket from Buffy and hurrying on her way back out the front.

Buffy let out a slow breath, before making her way over to a chair that was shoved out of the way. Leaning back against the chair despondently she stared at her knees for a long moment. Today really wasn't her day, and she thought it was going to be her best birthday to date… how wrong she had been! It was turning out to be just as bad as the rest of them had been since her nanny had been dismissed from the Summers household. Buffy sat there for as long as she dared as she collected herself, she needed this job to be able to survive! So she couldn't keep wallowing in her worry over Angel. There had to be a reasonable explanation, Buffy told herself for what felt like the thousandth time since she had woken up that morning as she forced herself onto her feet as she made her way back towards the front of the café, her eyes going to the sun that was still rising in the sky. It was early hours of the afternoon, and she would hopefully finish at 7 that night, if not a little before if she was lucky! She could keep herself together until she walked out of the café for the day and when she got home… hopefully Angel would be waiting for her… with an explanation that made all her worrying seem stupid and idiotic.

Buffy stepped out into the front of the café and plastered a smile on her face, pretending as if she hadn't made a fool of herself earlier, before being sent off for a break by her fuming boss. She caught Snyder's eye and swallowed at the withering look that he gave her. Turning her gaze from him, Buffy walked towards a newly departed table, wanting to start with something simple like cleaning the table, before she got back into the thick of things at the small but popular café she worked at. Cathy gave Buffy an encouraging look as she noticed her; before she turned her full attention back to the couple she was serving.


Buffy sighed in relief as she stepped out of the café and out into the Los Angeles night, she'd had to stay longer than she had originally hoped, Snyder having made her stay longer in punishment for all the plates of food she had dropped through the morning and early afternoon, but she'd managed to survive with her job intact and now she could finally make it home. Still she couldn't help feeling disappointment with the night controlling the sky she had been hoping that Angel would be there waiting for her like he like to do every time she had a shift that ended after dark, but just like this morning he was nowhere to be seen. Straightening her spine Buffy continued on her way up the street, keeping up the hope that she would find Angel at home waiting for her; with the explanation that she was practically dying for… anything to squash the worms that had made a wriggly home in her belly.

She tried to move as fast as her tired aching legs could carry her, but it seemed that the world was dead set against her making it home in any kind of hurry. As cars got in her way when she went to cross at a crossing without traffic lights and the traffic lights seemed to turn red whenever she went to cross at them, and it seemed in her impatience that some unknown power was trying to hold her up, but that was just ridiculous! She tapped her foot in growing agitation as she waited for the lights to change so that the little green walking man would start flashing allowing her to safely cross the road. Finally the signal for her to walk blinked and she hurried across with a sigh of relief. Especially as her apartment building came into view, Buffy adjusted the straps of her handbag on her shoulder as she picked up her pace a little wanting to get home as soon as she could, wanting to see if her hopes of seeing Angel waiting for her in the apartment like he had never left were true.

Making it to the apartment building at long last, Buffy hurried in through the door moving at almost a run as she hurried towards the open entrance of the stairwell; ignoring Chuck who had called out a greeting to her. Chuck looked after her for a moment, before shaking his head in exasperation at the sudden strange antics of Buffy Summers and her new partner. Los Angeles was really going down the rabbit hole. Buffy took the steps as fast as she could, trying to take them two at a time, wanting to reach her apartment and see what awaited her inside. 'Please let Angel be inside.' Buffy thought hopefully as she reached the level her apartment was on. She slowed as she neared her apartment door, trying to calm her appearance down, not wanting to look frantic and out of sorts if Angel was inside waiting for her to come home.

Buffy paused outside her door, her heart beating uncomfortably in her chest as she patted at her hair, wanting it to look mostly unruffled, like she hadn't been hurrying to get here. She bit her lip nervously as her hands continued to move over her hair as she couldn't help, but wonder if she was trying to fix up her appearance for a man that wasn't even in there waiting for her like she was so desperately hoping…

Smoothing her hands down over her uniform, glad that she had managed to not get any stains on the short dress, despite all the accidents she had had earlier in the day. Taking a deep breath, before letting it out slowly trying to prepare herself for the disheartening possibility that she would be greeted with a depressingly empty apartment.

Reaching out she grasped the handle with a slightly sweaty hand, turning it she pushed open the door, her eyes immediately searching for Angel… she didn't have to search long as she smiled brightly, relief flooding her as she finally clamped eyes on Angel for the first time that day, a day that had had seemed far longer than any day has a right to be. Buffy swiftly entered her apartment a bright smile lighting her face, replacing the one of worry that had been darkening it before. "Angel!" She exclaimed happily as she pushed the door shut behind her and dropped her handbag to the floor without a second glance as she rushed across the short distance that separated them, flinging herself into Angel's arms just as he turned to face her.

"Ooh." Angelus muttered as he awkwardly placed his arms around Buffy's slender frame. The frailness of her human body hitting him anew now that he was feeling it for the first time without the filtering of the soul. After a short moment Angelus pushed her away from him, forcing her small arms to slide from about his tall frame.

Buffy looked at him with confusion as he stepped away from her; he wasn't acting like Angel… Buffy took a small step after him a small frown pulling down her brow as she watched him flop down onto the two seater couch in a way that she had never seen before, his body splayed out arrogantly… she'd never seen Angel look arrogant before… "So, where did you go this morning?" She asked, her hands twisting in front of her as his gaze raked over her, in a way that made her uncomfortable. His eyes seemed to lack the usual warmth that she was accustom to… and Angel's gaze had never made her feel uncomfortable before… something seemed terribly odd to her.

Angelus shrugged as he slid his gaze over her body once again, tying to work out just what it was that had made the insipid soul care for her so much… but to look at her… there wasn't anything special about her. "I got bored, decided a change of scenery was in order." He said nonchalantly, a hand coming up to rub at his chin, his eyes continuing to stare at the young human girl that was standing before him, her heart on her sleeve as she stared at him with growing trepidation.

Buffy's frown deepened, he didn't even sound a thing like Angel anymore! "You got bored?" She mumbled trying to understand what was happening… none of it made sense!

"Well, yeah, can't expect me to hang around forever." Angelus said mockingly a cruel smile twitching up his lips. Giving his face a look that Buffy hadn't seen before, it was an expression that had the tiny hairs on the back of neck standing on end. 'Something really isn't right.' Buffy thought, the worry and dread that she had thought behind her once she had seen his beloved figure standing in her apartment, gnawed at her insides once again.

"Strip." Angelus demanded after a short moment; still not seeing what it was about the girl that had gotten the soul to fall in love for the first time in its life, pondering the possibility that the answer lied in her naked body.

Buffy stiffened her expression freezing as her suspicions that something wasn't right were confirmed, there was no way Angel; her Angel would ever speak to her like that… would demand something like that of her… and in such a cold heartless way! 'But what's gotten into him?' "You're not Angel!" She declared with a bold certainty. "So, who are you? And what have you done with him?!" Buffy demanded to know, her gaze flicking to the book that had been shelved and never looked at after the gypsy woman Janna had come to visit, the neatly printed name on the spine catching her eye, before she swiftly returned her gaze to Angel, not wanting to believe that somehow he had reverted back into what he had been, before he'd been 'cursed' by the gypsy's.

The smile curling up Angelus' lips widened in cruel mocking amusement, his hands coming together in a slow mocking clap that rang loudly around the quiet apartment with each of the three claps that he made. "Oh, very good. You're smarter than you look." He complimented tauntingly, before springing up from the couch and stalking towards her, eating up the distance between them with only a couple of long quick steps, coming to a halt in front of Buffy before she could even think to move back, and now stood frozen as he loomed over her, invading her personal space in a way that Angel never had; no matter how close he had gotten to her.

His proximity seemingly freezing her in place as his size and more than obvious strength cowing her when before she had paid it little to no mind, knowing that Angel would never hurt her… this one… this Angel… she had a funny feeling that he would have no qualms about using his strength to hurt her. Buffy dared to raise her head; even though every instinct warned her that it was probably best not to move with a predator so close. Her eyes met his and a shudder ran over body leaving her with a cold chill at the lack of warmth in Angel's. There seemed to be nothing left there of the man that she loved, something that made her heart ache painfully in her chest.

Angelus growled lowly in his throat, impatience stirring inside him. He didn't want to be dealing with the infernal 'love' of the soul all night; he had better things to be spending his time on. "In which case…" He said lowly, before his hand whipped out, his strong fingers closing about her slender throat. Lifting her off the ground, her feet dangling high off the ground, her hands coming up to grasp at his hand on instinct wanting to pull it away, the strong fingers threatening to cut off her air supply. A mere moment later the world shifted around her again and her back slammed painfully against a wall. "You should know just what I'm capable of…" Angelus trailed off, his own head turning to look at the bookcase, his gaze landing on the book that had never been opened. "Or not," He sneered, his hand tightening further, enjoying the way her nails dug into his skin as she fought for breath for a moment. "But you should have some idea of just what I take so much pleasure in doing." Buffy gulped straining to breathe around the pressure his hand was exerting on her windpipe.

Buffy let out a strangled yelping sound as she was pulled away from the wall, just as suddenly as she had been thrown up against it. She felt a moments relief as his hand released her throat allowing her to breathe freely again, but it was short lived as her body slammed harshly into the floor causing her breath to whoosh from her body making her cough for a moment. "So," Angelus continued his eyes still focused on Buffy's fallen body, the small skirt of her dress doing nothing to protect her from his gaze. "Either you strip for me, or I'll help you strip." He informed her, his entire body relaxing, his impatience leaving him, sure now that his waiting would be at an end. He moved back to the couch and sat back down; his gaze returning to Buffy as she began gathering herself up off the floor.

"And believe me when I say, you won't like it if I have to come over there and help you." Angelus purred darkly, causing another dreadfully cold shiver to run up Buffy's spine as she pushed herself back up onto her feet. Her knees shook under her weight, her entire body shaken by the brush with the wall and the floor, her hands shook as well as they went to the large buttons that ran down the front of her uniform. She had no desire to strip for the man before her, but she had believed him when he said that she wouldn't like it if he came over and she had no doubt that he would if she didn't. She bowed her head to the task, her eyes burning painfully with tears that wanted to fall and as her fingers undid the first button the first tear slipped from her eye and fell down to the floor.

Angelus' eyes never wavered, unconsciously biting his lower lip as more of her golden flesh was exposed to his gaze. Buffy tried to ignore the feel of his gaze as her fingers fumbled over the last button of her dress. Undoing it, she took a deep breath as she reached up and slipped the dress off her slim shoulders allowing the dress to fall with a soft whisper to the floor at her feet. She had never felt awkward or uncomfortable naked around Angel, or if she had it was nothing compared to what she was feeling now standing in only her underwear and shoes. Buffy stood awkwardly for a moment, hoping that it would be enough for the version of her love that was sitting on the couch where she had sat with Angel not that long ago. That hope was dashed a mere moment later when Angelus gestured with his hand for her to continue. Vainly stalling for a little time, Buffy toed off her work shoes, before taking off her socks, flinching slightly at the slightly annoyed expression that Angelus gave her.

Not daring to delay any longer she reached her arms around behind her back, her fingers shaking slightly as she unclasped her bra. Letting it fall quickly to the ground, her hands fell to her panties, quickly sliding them down over her hips, believing that the sooner she got this over and done with, the better. She doubted raising Angelus' ire would be a good thing for her… and she had no doubt now that… it was Angelus that she was dealing with… she just didn't understand why! Angelus looked over Buffy's naked body with the critical eye of a connoisseur. Meeting Buffy's eyes, tears streaking down her cheeks, her hazel eyes watery with yet to be shed tears and he took pleasure in the fear and despair he was causing her. She deserved it, all of it for making him feel so disgusting an emotion as love! His smirk curled up his lips once again as he raised an arm and twirled one of his fingers around slowly, gesturing for her to turn around for him.

Buffy couldn't stop the whimper that escaped past her lips, her eyes closing to blot out the world for a moment as she began to slowly turn around for Angelus' amusement, only to plagued by his cold eyed arrogant visage dancing behind her lids. Her eyes snapped open to dispel the image, but the reality wasn't much better. She finished her circuit and practically jumped out of her skin to see Angelus having left the couch and now standing right before her… an annoyed frown darkening his brow. Buffy swallowed thickly at seeing it, feeling that it couldn't bode well for her. "What is it about you?!" He grumbled. "There is absolutely nothing special or spectacular about you. You are nothing more than an ordinary human girl." He spat in disgust. Buffy raised her arms covering the rounded mounds of her of her breasts, as if that could protect her from the painful sting of his degrading words. Words that had her heart constricting painfully in her chest, close to breaking.

Angelus grasped her chin with a powerful grip, his fingers bruising the tender flesh of her human body as he turned her head this way and that for a moment studying the angles of her face, a frown darkening his brow once again, making the girl try to flinch away, but his grip kept her in place. Despite his disgust over the things she had made him feel and do, since the ill-fated day she had stumbled upon him in that alley, he couldn't help but find her beautiful. But that was nothing out of the ordinary, he had seen many a beautiful woman in his many years, but still it irked him to find her so. His eyes met Buffy's and he smirked cruelly at her once again, as much as finding her pretty bothered him, he found diverse pleasure in humiliating and degrading her for all her sins against him. "Perhaps the answer lies in your pussy, ey?" He murmured mockingly, enjoying the way her eyes lit up in fear. He released her chin and immediately Buffy attempted to scurry away from him as he dropped to his knees before her. His hands took hold of her hips, preventing her escape, but still Buffy tried to move away, fearing what he had in mind. Angelus moved one of his hands from her hips and Buffy fell as she over balanced when she tried to thrash away as she felt his cool fingers against the lips of her femininity.

Her back slamming painfully against the floor, a pained cry escaping her, but it wasn't that pain that brought fresh tears from her eyes or the sob that burst from her lips unbidden, it was the feel of his cold fingers parting the lips of her pussy, revealing the vulnerable flesh to his dark gaze, his body nestled between her legs keeping them parted for his lazy perusal. Buffy whimpered wetly as she felt Angelus' finger slid along her vulnerable flesh, before it was removed just as quickly much to her relief. And a moment later his hands left her completely as he got back up to his feet. "As I suspected; nothing particularly special there either." Angelus grunted as Buffy scrambled up to her feet, ignoring the aching pain in her abused back. Angelus brought the finger that had explored her pussy to his lips, sucking the digit into his mouth, well aware that the girl was watching him with sad wary eyes. His eyes closed as the taste of her flashed over his taste buds, and to his surprise his cock throbbed to life as a violent burst of desire flooded through him.

Angelus growled lustily his gaze darkening at the lust that pumped through his dead veins. Buffy took a step back from him, recognising the look on that familiar face, a look that had once filled her with a feminine pride, now caused fear to constrict her broken heart. Angelus stalked after her, his hand flashing out to catch her by the back of her neck, bringing her naked body up against his, his erect cock digging against the softness of her belly. Buffy pushed against his chest trying to free herself with quivering hands that failed to make him budge even a little in that moment. Angelus stared down at her conflicted for a long moment, torn between the wanting of his body and the disgust that filled him at the mere sight of her. He tore his gaze away from her tear stained face, his hand tightening in her hair as he began walking them, tugging the struggling girl with him effortlessly, his hands keeping her from stumbling over her own feet as she tried to pull free and walk backwards at the same time.

He would not stoop so low as the soul had, he wouldn't slack his lust on her! She was beneath him! And he refused to fuck the girl that had forced him to feel such sickening things! He reached the door that he had been marching towards. His gaze going back down to her wide eyed face as she stared up at him fearfully not knowing what to expect from him. Not being able to help himself in that moment he dipped his head down and took her mouth in a brutal kiss, that bruised Buffy's lips painfully as she thrashed against him for a moment trying to pull away from his questing mouth. Reaching out he grasped the door, pulling it open as he lifted his head, his gaze meeting Buffy's hurt ones for what he believed would be the last time, to her shock and horror he shoved her out the door with a brutal push of his hand. She stumbled back wildly as she tried to keep her feet only coming to a stop once her back had slammed up against the opposite wall. "No!" She cried horrified, highly aware of just how naked she was as she stood against the wall of her hallway as Angelus smirked at her cruelly one last time, before the door slammed closed with a finality that rang loudly in her ears.

A sob tore out of Buffy's throat as she crossed her arms tightly over her chest, before she slid down the wall, her legs coming up to her chest to hide herself from view the best she could. if she thought that it would do any good she would bang against the door to her apartment, wanting to be let in… but even if the door opened and she was allowed back inside… she would probably be faced with something far worse than the humiliation of one of her neighbours walking passed and seeing her as she was in that moment. Buffy buried her face in her knees, wanting to leave, but not being able to bring herself to move, not wanting anyone to see her in all her glory.

Angelus stood still in the apartment for a moment, his sensitive ears picking up the sounds of Buffy's heartbroken tears coming from behind the door. His gaze landed on her bag that had fallen from her shoulder in her delight at seeing him and the small pile of her clothes. With a sigh Angelus swiftly picked the items up a feeling inside him that he refused to name demanding that he give them back to her. Gathering everything in his arms, he stalked towards the door and opened it once again, his eyes landing on Buffy who jerked her head up from her knees. He threw the clothes and bag in her direction, before he slammed the door shut again, an angry scowl on his face as he looked about the room, both angry and pleased with himself as he listened to Buffy scrambling around outside, her sobs still coming from her in soft hiccups.

Buffy had been surprised to say the least when the door to her apartment had opened again, and fear had lanced through her once again as her gaze landed on Angelus, but it had only been for a second, because the next thing she knew her clothes had been thrown in her face, shocking her for a moment as the sound of her apartment door closing on her filled her ears for the second time that night. After the door had closed once again, she'd jumped to her feet, her hand frantically grasping at her bra, her arms trying to move faster than her body wanted her to as she struggled with the contraption, wanting to cover her nakedness as quickly as possible before someone came along and saw her. It seemed to her frantic mind that it took forever for her to pull on her clothes over her shivering body. Her fingers shaking as they tried to hurriedly do up the buttons, her gaze flicking to the door of her apartment scared that it would open again.

Doing up the last button she let out a sightly relieved breath, glad at least for the fact that she was no longer naked, bending down, wincing as pain flared up from her back at the movement, she picked up her handbag off the floor. For a moment longer she lingered out the front of her door… Buffy shook her head… 'No, it's no longer my door.' She thought, there was no way that she could come back here, even if she knew when Angelus decided to leave the apartment and she was fairly certain that he would. She'd be too scared that he would come back. Turning her gaze from the door Buffy made her way back down the hall.

Once again ignoring Chuck who called out for her once again, this time worried over the state of her, the tears streaming down her face not going unnoticed by him. Buffy hurried on at the sound of his voice, a nagging voice in the back of her head telling her that she should at least attempt to warn him of what was now in her apartment, but she couldn't bring herself to stop, if she stopped she was scared that she would crumple and not be able to get back up again… practically running out of the apartment complex, she didn't stop until she was panting for breath, her throat stinging with every breath she took, her heart pounding against her ribcage. Leaning against a brick wall of a building Buffy banged her head back against it until she saw stars in front of her eyes. Hoping that the pain in her head would help with the pain in her heart, but she hoped in vain, all she ended up doing was adding to it.

Time seemed to pass her by as she stood there leaning against the wall, looking out at the night with broken eyes filled with pain and sorrow. She'd thought that the worst birthday she would ever experience had passed the night her parents had kicked her out onto the streets, but she had been wrong, this felt far worse than that night. It felt like her heart was dying in her chest, with every beat it took in her breast. Buffy turned her gaze up to the night sky, the stars winking down at her far more brightly than they had any right to be on a night that she was so miserable. Turning her gaze from them as quickly as she'd looked up at them, she sighed as her gaze landed on her handbag. Opening it up with shaky fingers she took out her purse, opening it up to reveal her ID, the name staring up at her along with her smiley face.

Looking at it for a long moment, before she snapped her purse shut and stuffed it back into her handbag. Glancing about the night nervously, Buffy wrapped her arms about her tightly as she hurried off into the night, a direction in mind now as walked with her head bowed, remembering the way despite how long it had been since she had been there.


Buffy walked up to the door that she hadn't seen in ages. She'd never thought that she'd be coming back here after she'd picked up the pieces of her life the first time… after she'd decided to stop running from who she was after her parents kicked her out, but here she was once again when her life was once again swirling around the toilet bowl. Raising a hand Buffy knocked on the door with three solid knocks, like she had been directed to do the first time she had been told about this place. She only had to wait a moment, before a little wooden panel opened and she was greeted by a quarter of a face as it peered out at her distrustfully. "Whadda you want?" The male asked briskly, annoyance colouring his tone.

Buffy glanced around the night, before looking back up at the peep hole. "I'm here to see, Micki." She told him as she shifted on her feet nervously, wanting to get this over with. She wanted to get out off the street. She wanted to find another place to call home, but she couldn't do that… not until she'd seen Micki.

The man looked her over with distaste. "Business hours are over, come back in the morning." He told her sharply and went to close the door.

Buffy reached up, preventing him from closing the panel on her, making the man look at her in annoyance. "Tell Micki, that Buffy Summers is here to see him." She demanded, keeping her hand against the panel until the man nodded his reluctant acceptance. The panel closed on her and Buffy looked around the night nervously again as she waited for the man to come back. She hoped that Micki would see her tonight. She didn't want to have to hang around the streets of L.A. without a place to go.

A moment later the door opened to reveal the man that she had been talking to before as he glared down at her. "Come on, Micki said he'd see you." He muttered, obviously disgruntled by it.

Buffy followed him inside, waiting for him to shut the door behind them, the sound of a bolt sliding into place, before the man began walking down the dirty run down hall. Buffy followed him silently, recognising the hall that was looking much worse than she remembered. The man led them to a door and came to a stop. "He's waiting for you in there." He said dismissively, before he went back the way he had come to work the door.

Buffy didn't pay the man any more mind as she pushed open the door and stepped into the room that looked just as much a mess as it had the last time she had seen it. "Hey Micki." She greeted, her nose wrinkling at the smell of cigarette smoke.

Micki pulled the cigarette out from between his lips, blowing out a long stream of smoke. "Buffy, I didn't think I'd be seeing you again after the last time."

Buffy moved further into the room with a hiccupping sigh, feeling her tears wanting to start all over again. "I didn't think that I'd be seeing you again either."

"So, what can I do for you this fine Los Angeles night?" Micki asked casually as he put out his smoke.

Buffy flinched at the name, Angeles sounding too much like Angelus for her liking. "Can you hook me up with an ID, a home… a job?" She asked hopefully.

"The works, huh." Micki mumbled. "Well, I think that you're in luck. I believe I've still got that old ID of yours." Buffy looked at him surprised and he shrugged. "I lied when I said I didn't expect to see you again." He turned in his chair and opened up a drawer. "I had a funny feeling that you'd get into trouble again sooner or later. And what's the point of wasting a perfectly good ID." He murmured, before coughing as he pulled out the ID.

Buffy reached out and took it the small card from Micki, her gaze going down to the picture of her, her hair black and her eyes blue from coloured contact lenses. 'Anne.' She thought with bitter sweetness as she stared down at the name of the identity she had taken after leaving home… not wanting to be found by anybody… wanting to forget who she had been… become someone new. When she had decided to go back to being 'Buffy Summers' she'd never thought that she'd be back here, claiming the name of 'Anne Joy Foster' once again.

"And if I remember correctly, the apartment you rented last time has just become available once again." Micki informed her as he scooted his chair over to a computer.

Buffy looked up from the card surprised and also happy. She'd liked that apartment… far more so than the one she'd taken after returning to being herself. "Really?" She asked as she came up behind him.

"I take it, you want that one." Micki said a little amusedly as he began typing on his computer, his fingers moving swiftly over the keys.

"I'll need a good job to pay for that apartment." Buffy murmured stating the obvious.

Micki shrugged. "You said that upscale bar was sorry to see you go. Perhaps they'd take you back."

Buffy gave him a look. "If you called them I'm sure they'd take me back. After all you are connected to all the business' you place people in."

Micki gave Buffy a look. "You're a little too smart for your own good, Summers."

"I'm not Summers anymore, Micki. I'm Foster now." Buffy murmured her gaze going down to the card still in her hands.

Micki shook his head. "Well, just give me a moment to fix this up for you and I'll get right on the horn to them."

Buffy nodded her acceptance, her gaze going around the run down room of the run down building. "You know what I don't get? Why you work out of such a place. You'd have to afford some place much better than this."

Micki shrugged. "I don't live here, Foster." He emphasised the use of her reclaimed name. "I'd rather have my not so legal operations far removed from my everyday life. Less chance of jail time that way." Micki gave her another look, the state of her face not going unnoticed by him. "Who are you running from this time? If you don't mind my asking."

Buffy looked away from him, biting back the fresh wave of tears. Now was most definitely not the time for a break down. "I'd rather not talk about it."


A while later Micki hung up his phone, causing Buffy to sit up in the chair she had taken whilst she waited for Micki to finish up the details for her. "Alright," Micki said as he quickly scribbled an address on a scrap of paper. "Here," He swivelled in his chair to face Buffy as she got up off the chair and came towards him as he held out the paper to her. "Is the address of a place you can lay low in until you're ready to take up residence in your new apartment."

Buffy nodded, remembering the drill from last time. Of course last time she'd gone there before getting her ID, needing her changed appearance for the photo, this time she needed to change her appearance before showing up at the apartment complex. "Thanks, Micki. I'll get the money to you as soon as I can."

"Yeah, yeah. I know you will. You start work in a couple of days. You'll get your roster then." Buffy nodded her agreement. "Now get out of here. I want to get home."


Buffy stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around herself as she looked herself over in the mirror, her newly died black hair hanging wetly about her face. Stepping up to the bench she opened up a small white box revealing the small mostly clear contacts that were sitting in there, the only colour to them was the blue tint that would change her eyes from hazel to blue. Carefully picking up one of the contacts she tilted her head back, whilst holding her eye open with her free hand. She made a small sound of discomfort as put the contact in, blinking her eyes for a moment as she got used to the feel of it over her eye. It had been so long since she'd had to wear them.

Placing the other one over her other eye Buffy looked at herself in the mirror, her eyes critical as she took in her altered appearance, before she gave herself a small nod of approval. She no longer looked like Buffy Summers, she was Anne Foster. "Good bye, Buffy Summers." She murmured to her reflection, she doubted that she would ever be saying hello to the blond again.

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