Dudegirl is back again. *Unenthusiastic yaaay*

Like all my stories I wrote after 2005 I probably wrote this while high. On sugar. And thus this...interesting idea was born and today it went under a heavy editphest and in my state of high blood sugar levels I thought it would be a great idea to post it.

And now I give you the prologue.

To this day I'm still writing this story because I'm a sadist.

Disclaimer: The usual. I don't own anything. I do own some sea monkeys though...but I haven't put the eggs in the water yet. The last ones lasted about 2 weeks.

Full title:

"The terrible incident that should have never happened if not for certain circumstances that made someone really pissed off"


At last the world was his! He had thought...for about three minutes.

After three minutes was over he discovered it wasn't that exiting after all. He had made a slight mis-calculation. One he liked to call 'Action Man'. As always he survived to try again but this time he wasn't able to dodge the very thing he was trying to blow up the Earth with. At least he managed to damage one thing. Himself.

He returned to the airship, fading in and out of consciousness. He didn't have much longer. If he was going to continue he had to act fast. Even if he did make it to the medbay he would be down for a long time. And even then he wasn't sure if he would actually recover. This should have killed him instantly. Good thing Tempest was there to help him. Tempest was smart. He was a very good mechanic for the counsil of Doom. But Dr.X was smarter. Tempest probably wouldn't need that brain any more would he?

The whole plan would have worked if Tempest hadn't figured it out. It would have also worked if Action Man hadn't figured it out either. And now Tempest had run away somewhere. He didn't know where Action Man was. He probably ran after Tempest.

Fortunately there was someone who hadn't run away to see if Tempest and Action Man had any food. Mr. Tinkles. The white cat sat on the table, purring, not at all worried that there was a human dying on the floor below him. Who knew? Maybe the cat did notice him bleeding on the floor and actually enjoyed it. X's beloved cat always had a very twisted sense of humour...if cats can even have a sense of humour. Mr. Tinkles jumped down from the table to meow in his face. Probably to make sure he was dead.

And that was the last thing he remembered...

The end.

I mean to be continued...this is just the prologue. It's not the end yet.

You can review now and tell me whether or not I've spelled 'prologue' wrong throughout the entire thing. That's the main thing I am worried about.