Chapter 7 (or: Why am I still writing this?)

X woke the next morning. He yawned and scanned the room for his clock...which had gone missing for some mysterious reason...then he remembered everything that had happened the day before. He groaned as he sat up on the table, still stuck in the body of Mr. Tinkles. There was something else that had disappeared: Action Man possessed by Mr. Tinkles.

He looked up to see Tempest standing beside the table. He seemed a little more agitated than usual. Dr.X rubbed his eyes with the side of his paw.

"Oh...Tempest. Did you see where Mr. Tinkles went?"

"Yes..." Tempest said slowly, "But if I tell you, you won't like me anymore."

X looked at Tempest for a few seconds, "Tempest...where is Mr. Tinkles?"

"He's not here. Action Man escaped."

"Oh, Ok. Can you call him in for me?"

"...I can't. He's gone. I told you he escaped."

Dr. X blinked.

"Escaped? in...he's not on the ship any more?"

"Yes." said Tempest, backing away a little.

You probably could have heard X's vile, blood curdling shrieking from the other side of the airship. Azasi did.

"Hmm...didn't know X had such a colourful language..." she said. She considered searching for a dictionary out of curiosity.

Tempest stood in the doorway, holding his lightning rods in front of his face.

"X...are you...ok?"

X didn't respond.

"Say something!"

"I'm fine Tempest. Perfectly fine." X said quickly, "Great in fact! This is perfect! I'm stuck like this forever!" Dr.X laughed unconrolibly until he fell off the table.

Tempest knelt beside the cat and picked him up.


"...can you explain all that to me again?"

"In one sentence...congratulations! I am inside your brain!"

Alex sighed, but did not remove his hand that now covered his face.

"This is very good, yes?"

"I just have one last question." said Alex, "Who the hell are you? And why are you in my brain?"

"That was not one question. That Yes. Two...I think. Does two come after one?"

"Are you going to answer my question or not?"

"Ok. Now one more than two. I am not very skilled in counting you know. But you may call me Amut and we have a few-ones-more-than-one things in common."

"Like what?"

"I know the one you refer to as X. You know this human, yes?"

"Dr.X..." it felt weird talking to this strange person inside his head. Maybe he should just stop talking to him. Talking to someone in his head. Yup. He was going insane. And apparenly this 'person' knew Dr.X, maybe even by another name. All the more reason not to trust them.

"Human, you have stopped making word-sounds. Have you run out?"

"Why should I trust you?"

"Because I let you escape. I helped you escape because you are now my human I like being inside your head and I like you. X wanted to separate us. And I will not let him transfer into your body because I like you. You will stay just the way you are."

This person was seriously creeping him out. Alex tried searching for this brain that was supposedly merged with his. It was very small. As he reached for it he could feel the personality and see all the memories of this person. Strange memories too. Small body, small brain. He remembered many years of knowing Dr.X, probably long before Alex was even born. He remembered the many transfers this person had been though. Their bodies didn't last long. He remembered running up a tree after being chased by a dog. He remembered eating a mouse...a rather...gross memory. Why would you eat a mouse unless you were really desperate? Then he remembered having his ears scratched and howling at the moon and running around in circles after a shiny light and licking his bum and...oh crap...

"Of all the sick think X could have done to me, he puts a cat in my brain?!"


Alex turned away from the bathroom mirror, noticing that Rikki was searching for him.

I have to go now, Amut. Alex told the cat, I will talk to you later.

The cat understood.

If it was all true, having a cat in his brain wasn't as bad as he had thought. 'Amut' was highly protective of Alex and tried to stay out of trouble. There were interesting conversations between the two. Not everyone gets to hear something from a cats perspective. The only downside: Sometimes when Alex was asleep Amut wasn't. Apparently Amut had snuck out a few times.

Despite the cats hijinks, Alex figured that he could work the situation to his advantage.

Maybe somehow he could use this against Dr.X.

The End?...I think.

It feels like the end anyway. So what happens now?

Dr.X will probably be stuck like that forever because I'm a sadist.

Alex and Mr. Tinkles/Amut will probably stay like that forever too because...well it's just damned cute!