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'Living here is going to be torture!' I thought to myself, while pulling up a narrow road, surroundied by green trees, and long, tiwsted foliage. Oh great! It's an alien planet! I hate my damn much. Sigh...

Bloody hell. Why me?!

This was going to be impossible to live in. It was so wet and cold! I didn't want to be here. Not one bit. Why did i except to go here? Oh yeah, I have no family. Still though!

I stared blankly at the large Victorian house in front of me. How hard could it be? Only a few weeks Lacy....Okay..a few years, but what's really the difference? Okay, a ton, but you can do this! Stop being a wimp and go! A shiver ran down my spine as his voice entered my brain.

'Just go Lacy. Just leave.'I shook my head, beginning to hyperventilate as the memory began pounding on the wall of my brain. No. Can't...let-

-it was already too late. the memory flooded my thoughts, and I blanked out as the pain overwhelmed me.


I had a great life. I had a loving mother, and a caring boyfriend.

We both had our secrets, some of which the other knew. I knew Jame's biggest secret though. Something I usually didn't think about. Despite his huge secret, and his wife who had no clue of our relationship, we had a wonderful two year run, until one day, he ran off to catch someone. He said he loved her; he wanted her. Her name was Isabella, and his wife, Victoria, didn't mind one bit. She even helped him. I couldn't comprehend that.

"Lacey..." He began coldly, his beautiful features wiped of emotion. "Go." I shook my head, placing my hands on his cold, rock hard chest, my eyes brimming with tears. "No James. I love you. Please! You don't need Isabella! Have me! Have me and Victoria! Anything!" I cried, clutching onto him. James shook my off, his right hand pressing against my shoulder.

"I'm sorry." He wasn't. His eyes looked emotionless and unregretful of his decision to leave me for this 'Isabella' girl. I bet she was beatiful like him, or even more if that was possible. I flinched at feeling completely idiotic for thinking he loved me by this point.

"Lacey. I don't want you anymore." His words played through me like a broken record.

"You...don't...want me?" His eyes were now cold, no longer filled with that empty, emotionless crimson, now replaced with annoyance and hatred, his crimson eyes turning a black shade..


That's when my world came crashing down.


I was awoken from my dream like state by a hand shaking my shoulder lightly. I shot up, my eyes blurred from tears, and my throat dry from sobbing. I hated times like this. When I felt like shit, and just wanted to drown in my very own misery, and people just couldn't leave me alone for five damn minutes so I could cry. There wasa man standing above my convertible, looking at me with a strange, twisted up expression. The man was beautiful. Beautiful enough that if Adonis came into the room, his ego would be blown into a million pieces. He had disheveled bronze hair and his eyes were wide and a deep ocher shade, shining. His face was angular, and his skin. It was Pale, almost sickly pale. His skin looked rock hard, yet soft, like satin over steel.

"Who are you?" He practically gowled out, his teeth clenched a bit in anger.

"I am Lacy. Lacy Riiara." I said, shaking. The man looked hostile. He looked furious. I stared into his eyes with a scared expression, as I started to remember a conversation that James and I once had.

"Stupid golden eyes are going to take Bella away from me."

"Can't you just take her? I mean...because of your-" He cut me off.

"They're just like me Lacey." His tone was angry. I understood then-

He looked like a vampire.

- -

- -

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