Never Ask Chowder

Haley: Hey yall'! Welcome to Never Ask Chowder! I would've named it Ask Chowder because you give the characters dares but this story has the same characters as my other story Never Meet Chowder.

Nathalie: *yells from other room* Can I come in yet?!

Haley: Yes!

Nathalie: *walks in* Thank you. Anyway, you guys gotta check out Never Meet Chowder. Mostly cause' you'll know all the characters and it'll be easier to send dares for the right characters. Though, we'd be happy to send in new characters. As long as they're from Chowder.

Haley: Stop advertising! We need to go on with the chapter! Everything is getting boring! Boring alert! Boring alert!

Nathalie: Ok, ok… Wait, hey! I'm not boring!

Haley: Anywho… Where do we begin?

Nathalie: Idk. You're the one with the remote! Wait, should we explain the remote?

Haley: Sure…

Nathalie: The remote poofs characters in, and poofs in the stuff for dares.

Haley: By the way… We're in a room with no windows, doors, and food. We poof in everything we need.

Nathalie: Are we done explaining? I wanna get to the funnies! Mama NEEDS her funnies!

Haley: Ok then. TO THE FUNNIES!!!!!!!! *pushes a button and Chowder falls in through the ceiling*

Chowder: Ow! What was that for?!

Nathalie: *stares at Chowder while smiling hugely*

Chowder: Uh… Is she ok…?

Haley: I ask myself that question every day.

Nathalie: I know you from the future…

Chowder: Back away slowly… It always works… *starts to back away very slowly*

Haley: Nathalie! Stop freaking Chowder out!

Chowder: Yea! What hippy lady said!

Nathalie: Dude… Your gonna get it… *grabs some popcorn*

Haley: *mumbles to herself* Why you little…

Chowder: *gulps* I'm scared…

Haley: *pushes a button and Panini falls in*

Panini: Hi num-nums!

Chowder: I'm not your boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!! *trys to run but runs into wall*

Nathalie: So worth the popcorn!

Haley: *pushes a button and Panini disappears*

Nathalie: Aaaw… I wanted to see her kiss Chowder…

Chowder: Never!!!! Talk to the hand girlfriend! *slaps Nathalie*

Nathalie: Ow!

*Mung falls in*

Mung: Power to the booty! *slaps his butt*

Chowder: *screams* Oh, hi Mung! *slaps Mung* I'm still mad at you.

Mung: For what?!

Chowder: For being you!

Nathalie: Haley… Did you poof Mung in…?

Haley: I thought you did…

*everyone is scared*

Haley: RUN!!!!! *runs into wall several times*

Nathalie: Holy crap! Are you ok?!

Haley: Yea, I'm fine.

*Mung all of a sudden disappears*

Chowder: *screams* This is a NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!

Nathalie: I know! Lets end the chapter!

Haley: *still screaming* See you next time!

Chowder: Remember to send in dares!

Nathalie: END IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haley: Peace out!