Haley: Ok, before this chapter totally starts, we have some announcements.

Chowder: First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haley: Well, almost Christmas.

Nathalie: Second, you MUST read Ask Fisk, a story made by Haley!

Chowder: Woo! Oh yea! Rock it baby!

Haley: Um, Chowder? Its just a story.

Nathalie: Yea, Oh, and her story called The One

Chowder: That doesn't sound like a Secret Saturdays story.

Haley: The character Kyle looks like Zak. There are some cryptids I made up in the story.

Nathalie: Yea, she made cool f-

Haley: Don't ruin it!

Nathalie: Sorry.

Chowder: Can we get to the dares now?

Haley: Sure. The first one is from Lani99. She said…

OMG! XD D D this is so LMAO!
I dare everyone to put up with Chowder singing Barbie Girl by Aqua! *lmao*

Nathalie: Nice one Lani99! This'll be the best chapter yet!

Haley: I'll poof everyone in. *Poofs in Endive, Mung, Truffles, Shnitzel, Gorganzola, Gazpacho, and Panini*

Panini: HI NUM NUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chowder: I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Panini: Oh num nums, your so funny! *Giggles and hugs Chowder*

Chowder: BACK YOU FOUL DEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Pushes Panini away*

Gorganzola: Ugh, why are we all here?

Nathalie: You have to put up with Chowder singing the Barbie girl song.

Haley: Take it away Chowder! *Gives Chowder his cue*

Chowder: I'm a Barbie girl! In a Barbie world! Life is plastic! Its fantastic!

Mung: AAAH!!!!!!!!!!!! IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shnitzel: RAAADAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Truffles: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gorganzola: I CANT HEAR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT HEAR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gazpacho: Rock it little buddy!

Panini: Go num nums! *Claps*

Endive: *Sleeping*


Haley: That's not Barbie girl!

Chowder: I already sang what I know!

Nathalie: Ugh, then everybody can leave. *Pushes button on the remote control and everybody disappears*

Haley: Next dare. From Sorrowsnow. And it said…

Holy crap. A mutant. XD Sorry Gorganzola, I couldn't resist daring you. Now, Truffles, you need to keep quiet for the episode, no hurting Mung, no yelling at Shintzel, or anything.

Chowder: *Poofs Truffles in* We poofed you out for nothing. Anyway, you gotta keep quiet.

Truffles: *Struggles to scream at Chowder*

Nathalie: To the next! Hurry, I don't want this to be a long chapter! I mean, really, its AFTER Christmas by the time we publish this!

Haley: Ok, next ones from Kapuchino357. And they said…

Ok, ok, I've got something!
Truffles, akt like a nice lil old lady (you are a lil old lady but your not verry nice, though I do like you!)
Panini! You. Smack. Endive. Whit. A Frying-pan. Over. The. Head! And you do it good!
Ceviche, I want you to be a lot more energetic than you are for an entire chapter! I mean c'mon dude, be a lil hiper for Pete's sake! You're a goat, right?

Nathalie: Ok, sorry, but we cant do the Truffles one. But we will do the others. Poof em' in.

Chowder: *Poofs em' in*

Haley: Panini, hit Endive with this and make it quick. We're tired. *Hands Panini a frying pan*

Panini: *Shrugs* Ok. *Smacks Endive so hard she dies*

Chowder: O.o OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nathalie: No one revive her!

Truffles: *Trys not to burst out laughing*

Haley: Uh… she'll be back alive the next time we have her in a chapter. Ceviche, quick! Get energetic!

Ceviche: Ok. WEEHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nathalie: Ok then. The next one is from artyfowl1zaksat. And they said…

wel... i dont see why not but DARE: every one has to hug, kiss and be friends with their enemies (boys and girls) but does not have to be lips. but not in th ehand either. antwhere else fine and could be lips. ok :p

Haley: That's a good dare. But to make it fun, we make it lips. Ok, Chowder with Panini, Mung with Endive, Shnitzel with Truffles, Ceviche with Gorganzola. MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Everyone kisses and starts barfing madly*

Nathalie: Gross! This is a good time to end.

Haley: Yea… bye!

Dear Reader,

I know this is a Chritsmas one, but sadly I had to post it after Christmas cause' I was busy. I was too tired to make it any longer or funnier and I'm sorry but I will make the next one funnier. And I want you to check out my other stories. Mostly just my new Chowder and Secret Saturdays ones. 'Chowder and Panini: Together at Last' and 'Saturdays, Meet Sophia Rosefire'. They are really good so far, and I really want people to read them. And please tell your friends. Ok, bye.