A/N: So someone pointed out that Merlin wrote a poem and let Arthur and Sagittarius read it and that I mentioned I might put it up... so since someone mentioned it, I'm posting it. And now it really is the end. :P


Traveler – from a letter in Chapter 6. It's short.

Lights of stars that glitter like diamond cast stony eyes

Voice faraway sounding out a long missed memory of skies

Waves of feelings felt brushing against the distant calling sand

Beautiful music as inspiring as the hills around the land

Whispering. Breathing. The scent of something you say

Calling. Calling. Wind calling you home. Come stay.

- written by me, so be gentle

And a bonus scene for always being awesome.

Morgana stood by the arrivals gate, gently fanning herself with a large white piece of paper. The heat of the day was infecting the airport, or maybe it was the hundreds of people crowding around in the building. Either way, it was hotter than she preferred and while this was a big moment, she wished it would hurry up and happen. That was one reason she hated planes. They were always delayed.

Then a large crowd of people with luggage appeared and Morgana straightened up. She held out the piece of paper, a big rectangle that read 'Sexy American Girl' in big letters and had 'Gwen' written in letters half as large. It didn't take long. Gwen appeared in the crowd after a short while, and Morgana recognized her instantly.

"Morgana!" Gwen exclaimed. It was good to know the pictures were reliable enough. The black girl trotted over and released her suitcase to let it rest beside them. Walking calmly behind Gwen was an older woman with curling brown hair. "This is Merlin's mother, Hunith."

"Oh! It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss. Your son has been a great guest. They just left to grab some tea or coffee or whatever, but they should be back any moment," Morgana assured. Then she turned to Gwen and beamed.

There was a shared squeal of excitement and the two girls hugged each other like long lost mates. When they pulled back, there was a coffee beside Gwen's head and a tea hovering near Morgana's earring. They were held by Merlin and Arthur respectively. Both girls laughed and took the offered drinks.

"Merlin!" Gwen gasped. She smacked him hard on the shoulder. "Don't ever do that to me again. If your mother had known where you'd gone, I would have been dying on the plane ride – if I'd even decided to come alone at all. That was horrible!"

"I'm sorry," Merlin said, but he didn't look apologetic at all. "Will it help if I brought you a present?"

"What present?" Gwen asked, suddenly worried. Merlin laughed and looked knowingly at Arthur.

"Well it's more of a joint gift between the three of us," Merlin amended, motioning to the siblings.

"So, Merlin, you really think I'll like this coffee? You know, I've never had it before," a new voice commented as a new man stepped up into the group, eyes down and examining the cup of steaming liquid he just bought. "I mean, it smells good but…"

"Lancelot, meet Guinevere," Merlin spoke up, bring Lancelot into the present. The taller man looked up quickly and blushed at being caught off guard. Then he seemed to blush further upon seeing Gwen.

"It's just Gwen," the dark skinned girl assured. She was flushed too. Morgana had been telling them both about each other, and she wondered if Lancelot thought she matched Morgana's description or if he was disappointed.

"I-It's very nice to finally meet you, Gwen," Lancelot said, bowing his head. He had his drink off to Merlin and fished around in the pocket of his jacket until he pulled out a necklace. It was a silver chain necklace with a yellow colored tear drop hanging from it. Lancelot cleared his throat. "This…This is for you."

Gwen beamed at it. It was just how Morgana had described it, and Lancelot had remembered to bring it. Seeing her approval, Lancelot didn't wait for words. Instead, he stepped up to her and held it up, unclasped.

"May I?" he asked. It took her a moment, but Gwen finally understood and nodded, pulling her loose hair up from her neck. Lancelot stepped behind her and hooked the necklace around her neck. Then he took Gwen's hand, brought it back in front of her, and kissed the back of it. Merlin looked at Arthur like he may just die from the old style romance of it all. "It looks beautiful on you."

"Thank you," was all Gwen could manage to say. She was so flustered, and Morgana couldn't get enough of it. She was such a voyeur.

"Now ain't that sweet," Gwaine's voice spoke up. He was standing with his hand on Morgana's shoulder. No one had even noticed him step up with Lancelot since all the attention was on Gwen and Lancelot. "Hi. I'm Gwaine."

"The drunk guy?" Gwen said and then slapped a hand over her mouth. "Oh, I am so sorry. I'm not saying that's all I know you as. I mean, I've heard a bit about you… and it wasn't all that you were a drunkard or anything. I'm sorry."

Gwaine chuckled. "No worries, darlin. I do have a relationship with the bottle."

Morgana smacked his hand then and he pulled it off her shoulder in mock pain. Then he tried to make it up to her by reminding her that he was radically reducing how much he drank for her. Hunith smiled at them and then stepped closer to embrace her son after so many weeks apart. Lancelot relaxed with the attention off him and rubbed his hands together.

"So what do you do?" Gwen asked him. Last she'd heard, Morgana may have diverted him from wanting to be a businessman.

"Hm? Oh, I'm an architect. Well, I just got a job being an assistant to one, but I'm getting there," he said. "And you?"

"Still in college. I work at the school because they work around my class schedule," Gwen answered. "Oh. I mean, university."

"No worries," Lancelot assured. "I know what a college is. You don't have to alter how you speak to talk to me." He looked around and saw how Gwaine and Morgana were still talking, and how Merlin and Arthur were greeting Hunith with lots of hugs and introductions and Arthur's hand on Merlin's side like a safety net, and then he looked back at Gwen. "You want to find a chair and we can talk while I try out this coffee that I see you apparently enjoy?"

"Hm? Oh sure," Gwen agreed, laughing softly and holding up the coffee Merlin had brought her. Lancelot put a hand on the small of her back and gently led her away to a row of chairs. They weren't far and the others could see them. It wouldn't be a great first date, Gwen noted, but it was already twice as good as any she'd had in the last six years.