First off, let me say - I'm sorry it has taken so very long. It's been quite awhile since I've been able to write, so I apologize for the lack of updating. My muse went on vacation and then extended it without checking in. But we're back in business, for now anyway, and it feels good to finally get up a new chapter.
Secondly - This one is short considering my usual chapter length, but hopefully what's missing in quantity has been made up with quality. I've tried to give you something worth the waiting, and hopefully a few laughs within it too. Keeping things light and fun still as I still haven't decided on where to take this story yet. I better think up something... I know!
Third - Hope you enjoy this one... sending it out to the readers who have been waiting for it - if there's any of you still left after this long. lol.
Now, onwards... here's hoping I haven't done what I always fear and butchered those beloved Winchesters with my spin on them.

Walking out of the motel's office, Manda headed back towards the rooms to meet Dean thinking about how she had known he'd easily talk her into this even though she was wiped out. But tired or not, she knew she'd be sleeping by the time he left.

Spotting him just coming out of his and Sam's room then, she waved the key in her hand. "Sweet sixteen for us," she called out as she got closer.

Going two doors down on the right, Dean smirked. "Still close to Sam, but putting a room in between. Good call."

Manda grinned as she got to the door of room sixteen and to Dean. She reached out to put the key in the lock and that's when he stepped in close, crashing his mouth against hers and pulling her right against him.

The kiss was hungry, full of desire and longing. Their hands sought out each other with intent, pushing their bags aside, and once he trailed out to her left ear with his lips, the need was there. "Door, now," he demanded in a whisper, and nipped her earlobe.

Finding his lips again with her own as she went to open the door, Manda's fingers fumbled with the key at first but then got it into the lock. She turned it, didn't bother to notice the lack of a click as she was too focused on Dean's kisses, and then couldn't get the door to budge in the urgency to get them inside.

Dean sighed deeply when he noticed she was distracted, and no longer by him or his lips. "Quit fooling around, Chambers. Open the door."

"I'm not… damn thing's stuck," she muttered, frowning slightly at him. She wanted inside just as much as he did at this point and was now feeling her own frustration as she saw his.

Not believing her as he gently pushed her aside and turned, Dean was determined to open it himself. But the door failed to open and when he tried the key, he found it was completely stuck. "Aw, come on!" he grumbled with frustration, pulling hard on the key to get it out of the lock. It had worked a few times for him before.

Manda burst out in laughter when half of the key snapped off in Dean's hand and he turned to look at her. "Nice going, Hulk."

His look was slightly annoyed, but still funny because of the hint of disbelief. "You're the one that shoved it in there, Wonder Woman."

Sam walked out of his room then but stopped when he saw them only two doors away. "What's the hold up? Or is this some new kind of twisted foreplay for you two?" he asked, walking closer towards them.

"Hercules, here, just broke the key that was stuck in his rush to show me just how much he missed me," Manda answered with a chuckle, taking the room's keychain from Dean's hand. But her chuckled ended quickly when seeing Dean was not amused, his look telling her she was almost in trouble now.

Sam guffawed with amusement, thinking it served his brother right. "If only you were that eager to do research."

"Shut up." Dean's tone was annoyed and so was his expression as he glared at his brother. "Besides, Xena's the eager one here… she jammed the key in her own hurry to take advantage of me," he stated in a "matter of fact" tone.

Sam glared back, pausing, ready to say sometime but then held it back as he caught Manda's curious eye on him. He wasn't in the mood to argue with both of them right now.

Looking from brother to brother, Manda picked up on the tension between them. Dean had vented about Sam to her a little the week before and it was clear things were still somewhat strained. The last thing she wanted to do was add to it by being here. "So I'm getting another room. And, Sam, your brother will be happy to join you to do research or whatever you're up to once he's been taken care of."

The brothers traded curious and amused looks before looking back at Manda like she had to be kidding. "Happy?" their voices echoed with the word, both of them thinking it was the most ridiculous description to use for Dean when it came to doing research.

"Not to do research," Dean added gruffly. What a pain in the ass she was sometimes. She knew there only one thing he was happy to do today and it sure as hell wasn't research.

Seeing Dean's hysterical look towards her, Manda's lips curled with a small grin. "Maybe not, but you'll do it with a smirk on your face. Now if you can wait a few more minutes, then we'll work on putting it there and Sam can have you back soon enough." She grinned and slapped him firmly on the ass before walking away towards the motel's office.

Sam scoffed at the likeness to Dean she'd just exhibited, and wondered again how he was going to put up with them. Maybe they'd mellow out quite a bit after they jumped each other. At least that's what he was hoping as he stood there. But it was good to know she wasn't letting Dean get off that easy just because she'd shown up.

Dean had turned his head to watch her go, allowing for a good long look at her from behind, and then looked back at Sam with a naughty grin still plastered on his face. "What? Girl's got a great ass among other things, Sammy," he said, seeing the weird expression his brother wore.

"Dude…" Sam groaned with slight annoyance. "I don't want to hear it."

"Then you better hope our room isn't beside yours."

"Nice… classy as always, Dean" Sam muttered with sarcasm as his cell phone rang.

Dean saw Manda heading back towards them then and sighed as he heard the words "What can I do for you, Sheriff," leave his brother's mouth and Sam gave him that look. He knew his morning was ruined right then and opted to ignore it for a few more minutes.

"Trouble at the desk?" he asked, noticing her slightly pissed off look as she got closer.

"No… but there isn't another room available right now," Manda sighed as she reached him. Then she noticed Sam was on his phone and heading back towards his room. The weird look on Dean made sense then. Something had come up with the hunt they were working and he had to go. "One's reserved for me later though."

The annoyance showed on Dean's face. He was beginning to feel like what should have been easy was going to be anything but. "Looks like you're getting stuck in that bed after all." His smirk was a tad playful, but he couldn't mask the disappointment in knowing she'd be in it alone.

"And it looks like that smile will have to wait. Now c'mon on, Winchester, you can at least tuck me in before you go." Manda threw a flirtatious grin over her shoulder at him and walked towards Sam's room.

"Not what I had in mind," Dean uttered in a low grunt, grudgingly following her.

Sam got off the phone just as Manda and Dean came back in and put their bags down. "No vacancy?" he chuckled. It was strike three for them and it was only funny until he realized they were all sharing a room now. His smirk faded quickly.

"Don't twist your panties, Sam. We'll be out of your hair tonight," Manda replied before Dean could.

Dean chuckled, appreciating her wisecrack and smirked at Manda as she walked by him on her way to the bathroom. It was time to tag-team Sam in his mind. "So, did the sheriff just call to ask you out on a date or was that about the job?"

Rolling his eyes, Sam wasn't sure he could handle much more of Dean and his female counterpart this morning. "He wanted to let us know there's another victim." And while he knew this was the last thing Dean wanted to hear, it was still fun to rub in a little despite the cause. "Looks like you're not getting any just yet. Sorry about your morning, sunshine." The satisfied smile took hold of his face then.

Dean grimaced with a heavy sigh and then he was silent for a moment, thinking of how much this sucked. But there wasn't a choice and Manda would understand anyway. "Not as much as I am… and hey, at least I'm getting some. Not like your dance card's been full lately, Sammy." His smile was only half sarcastic. "Give me ten and then let's go get this over with."

Manda came out from the bathroom in just her shirt and holding the rest of her clothes. Seeing how Dean looked at her after he'd let his eyes wander over her, his longing had been hard not to notice but the regret was there too. She smiled softly to reassure him they were good. "Go do what you have to. I could use the few hours of sleep anyway."

She had understood, but the disappointment was in her eyes, and Dean had enough of his own, so he looked to Sam in the way that said he needed just a minute or two with her since that was all he could manage to get now.

Knowing what was needed, Sam grabbed his suit. He had seen their exchanged apologetic glances. "Uh… I'll go get ready."

Manda went about putting her clothes down and getting ready to climb into bed.

Barely waiting until the bathroom door closed, Dean snuck up behind her. "Sorry about the rain check."

His hand curved on her hip as he stood right behind her causing Manda to smile. All he had wanted was some alone time with her, and of course to get laid during that time. It shouldn't have been too much to ask for. "So am I."

He smirked. "So… do I still get that dance later?" he whispered only for her to hear.

Manda grinned, turning around to face him. "You were getting it later to begin with."

He grinned wider, pulled her tightly against him and pressed his mouth on hers. "Good."

"So make sure you're free tonight and you can have your way with me at least twice," she paused then, sneaking in a simple kiss. "Without interruptions, no reason to rush anything…"

"You're on," he responded as he settled his hands on her ass and smiled at her in a devilish way. "Now about this tucking you in business…"

Chuckling, Manda gave him a questionable look as his hands starting inching up her shirt. "I don't think Sam will appreciate you doing that."

"But I will," he smoothly hummed while inching her shirt up even further.

"Dean!" she exclaimed in a warning tone that sounded flirtier than she wanted it to as she went to stop him. But he only grabbed her wrists and pressed his mouth to hers, and then the shirt was over her head with little resistance.

Taking a look at her in a tight tank top and panties that barely covered her, Dean just shook his head with an obvious hunger in his eyes. She would have been a better way to spend the ten minutes he had told Sam he needed.

Without warning, he bent a little and picked her up tackle style. "Go on the Oprah and Bonbon diet while you've been off, Chambers?" he kidded, huffing with exaggeration like she'd been heavy to lift as he playfully tossed her on the bed.

Manda's face twitched as she held in the wince from the pain that shot up her back even though he'd thrown her down pretty gently. He'd known the stitches had only come out two days earlier, but it was like he'd forgotten she was still sore. "Guess you changed your mind about getting lucky, Winchester, because that sure sounded like you just did to me," she retorted with a grin and scrambled to get up on her elbows as he leaned down over her.

"Guess again," Dean said with one very mischievous smirk as their eyes locked in challenging and desirous stare.

Sam came out of the bathroom then and stopped as he saw them. Two minutes alone and you get her practically naked and in bed like it's a sport… He cleared his throat loudly. "Dude, you want to dismount your girl and get ready?"

"Not really," Dean muttered with a grin and then gave Manda a lingering kiss. "Get to sleep… you'll need it," he whispered before getting up. He grabbed what he needed, and then yanked off his t-shirt, tossing it on his way to the bathroom to give her something to think about it. Still want to tell me I need pointers, babe? The question ran through his head with the cockiness of knowing she was enjoying the view just like she always did.

As his shirt landed on the bed, Manda looked over at Dean. Her brows lifted, and the goofy grin was undeniable – she liked what she saw, and he knew it too. And then she could only laugh as she sat up and looked apologetically at Sam. This had to be somewhat awkward for him when she knew what they must have looked like to him just a moment before. "Sorry about that. We're just, uh…" Needing a good round… missing each other…

Horny…yeah, I noticed. At least she had apologized though. Dean had just strolled off without a word and only one thing on his mind that was written all over his face. "Happy to see each other," Sam said with a bit of a chuckle and a knowing smirk.

"That's one way to put it," Manda chuckled too, rifling through her bag to pull out the few weapons she was used to keeping within reach while she slept. "So, how's it going, Sam? How are you?" she inquired politely.

"Good," Sam lied with the one word answer. He couldn't tell her he was fed up with his brother or that there were things he was doing that Dean didn't know about and would kick his ass for. So he had kept it short, knowing she wasn't likely to inquire further.

Knowing it probably wasn't true, Manda wasn't going to press for more. Things were never good for them, but sometimes they weren't so bad. "Good… and how's he been?"

He found it kind of strange since she must have asked Dean herself, but knew the older Winchester probably didn't always tell her the truth about how he was much like he did with him. "Like him… you know how he is."

She nodded as she said, "Pain in your ass or just an ass... and why did I miss him exactly?"

Chortling at the truth within the way she put it, Sam liked how she joked around about him, but it was clear she loved Dean. "That's him… So, are you ready to get back to hunting soon?"

"Not just yet… it's taking longer to heal than anticipated…" Manda trailed off as she caught herself scratching her right shoulder where the scars started.

"But you're all right otherwise? Nothing left over from…"

"Only scars and memories," she interjected with a nervous chuckle.

He wondered if it was more than that, because he'd seen the unease in her for a moment that could probably only be due to one thing. "It won't come back." Sam was sure it wouldn't, not when she was now far more valuable to demons higher up on the food chain these days because of being with Dean.

"Yeah..." She yawned at the sudden tiredness that was taking over and adjusted the pillows before lying down, not wanting to talk about it. "Well, have fun today. Dean's bound to be irritable."

Chuckling, Sam knew it was true. If anything, Dean would be a little more irritated and irritating himself now that his morning was ruined, but when wasn't he lately? And seeing then that Manda probably just wanted to get to sleep, he didn't say anything, but noted the way she'd deflected the subject and started going through a book instead.

It wasn't even ten minutes later when Dean was back out and almost ready to leave as Sam sat there leafing through some of the research that lay ahead for them. "Ready?" he asked quietly, considerate of the sleeping hunter who was also in the room.

Dean nodded as he tried not to chuckle at seeing Manda who was half buried in and hugging the pillow he'd slept on earlier as if it was a substitute for him. "Meet you in the car." He grabbed what he needed, and then sat on the bed to put his shoes on.

Sam left without a word.

Sitting there ready to go, Dean took another look at Manda. A content grin formed at knowing his girl would be waiting for him for later.

Not quite asleep yet and knowing he was still there, Manda opened her eyes and smiled sweetly at him. "You gonna kiss me and then get out of here or what?"

Dean chuckled and went to comply, finding she met him for one passionate kiss that ended too soon for his liking. "Not fair," he moaned in irritation.

She smirked a little wider and patted one of his cheeks. "Not at all… but thanks for the almost good time, and happy hunting, handsome."

Groaning, Dean left thinking of how unfair it was that he didn't even get to spend an hour with her, but knew that at least he'd been right. Even if she wasn't sleeping, he'd still left her smiling when he shut the door behind him, and that meant the morning hadn't been a total waste once it turned out to be a pain in his ass.

As I mentioned, things are staying nice and light for now. Fun and flirty for Dean and Manda, but not so much for Sam (feeling sorry for him yet?) as he's stuck putting up with their bantering, flirting, and that suffocating case of sexual tension.
We'll get to the drama sooner or later... once I pluck out some random idea for what it is and how to make it happen. Still sticking to the idea that nothing is going to go all that easy for Dean and Manda seeing as they've already hit a few snags in their attempt to spend just a bit of time together and we've barely begun with the story. Don't fret just yet, you know these two are ending up in a room later... but in the meantime, what more can go wrong? Or what can go wrong later on? It's a debate for me on whether or not these two will stick it out or just fall apart by the end of this story... it could go either way really.

Anyway, I will try to post another chapter sometime soon. Been busy writing another story for another time, and maybe that's because this one is still lacking some main plot and something supernatural. Maybe it'll run more like "Stumbling Over You" did, but I don't know... we'll see where it goes.
Hope you've enjoyed it, and once again, sorry it's taken this long! Comment if you wish, I always like to know what the readers think. Thanks for reading! :)