After being swallowed by a weird black hole, I opened my eyes and suddenly figured and realized that I was falling from the sky.

'Man…am I going to die?' I thought,

I fall on the ground, felt a bruise on my head, I tried to get up and finally realized 'I'm alive!' I was pretty ecstatic that time that I suddenly screamed "I'm ALIVE!!!" I jumped up and down and looked like a fool.

But some moments later, I asked myself where the hell am I, I rubbed my eyes and ran without knowing where I was going togo. And moments on, I knew that I was completely lost,

"damn… where the hell am I???" I arrived into a huge forest, completely Isolated and dark. I was trembling, I heard some eerie sounds coming from the trees and after that, I suddenly ran faster. I realized that there was no hope that's left on me, tears are starting to stream down my face and suddenly fell unconscious.

"Do you think she's alive?" a man said. "Shut up Arthur she's asleep!!!" a girl said. Arthur….Arthur!??? Where the hell am I?? Don't tell me that I landed into the world of Tears to Tiara?!!!

I can't help in pretending to sleep anymore so I've decided to wake up, I scratched my eyes and noticed them jumping like there was a miracle that happened in front of them.

"She's alive!!!!" Morgan screamed 'man. I only knew now that she was more hyper in person than you see her from the tv screen.' I thought, "uh..I uhh…." I mumbled "stop mumbling! You better rest!" Arthur said as he was forcing my head to be down at the pillow. I checked under the blanket to see what they did to me while I was unconscious. "o_o where are my clothes?" I asked freaking out. "Oh you mean your big clothes?? They're there outside being washed up!" Morgan cheerfully said "oh ok then…" I answered. "oh and almost forgot I'm Morgan! And that monkey over there is Arthur!" She said while winking at me "hey I'm not a monkey!" Arthur screamed. I suddenly chuckled, they turned their heads towards me and they laughed after that.

Moments later after my little chit chat with Arthur and Morgan, they finally decided to eat for awhile. So asked them If I could come, they agreed "uhm. hey how about my clothes?' I asked, another people knocked at the door, Morgan opened the door and just in a knick of time, it was Ermin and Limwris, they gave me my garments with a smile. Morgan even forced Arthur to go out of the room for me to change.

After that's done, I already told Morgan that I was ready to go out. When we reached to the door, Morgan turned to me and said "hey… what's your name?" she asked "my name's…Ellie but you can call me Elle instead" I answered with a faint smile. "Ok Elle, let's be friends!" she said while chaining her arms to my arms as we went to the dining room. I finally realized that I'd already made a friend inside the Tears to tiara dimension.

We walked towards the dining room quietly, we opened the doors to the inside of the dining room and surprisingly,

I saw… Him

Sorry if it's too short, It's been a busy week lately so yah...