A/N: Story starts in December of 2000. Remember the times when Tony said "Reminds me of my little sister," and then denies he had one? Well, that, my friends, is called a lie. And just so you know, this is the beginning of Abbyness.

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The First Gibbs-Slap

By NCHarryMaximumISPotterRide

"Tony!" Ellie screamed, looking at her brother, lying unconscious on the concrete sidewalk. The snow around him was red. She was sure he was dead.

She threw herself over him. This couldn't be happening. It was impossible. Yet here she was, lying over her brother's dead body.

She looked up. She couldn't trust anyone else. Kyle was dead. The man with the gun. That was supposedly Tony's other best friend. Then she thought of something. He could still be there.

Hesitating, she pulled her brother's gun out of its holster.

With one last look at his Baltimore PD badge, she turned around. Before she knew it, there was a bang. And a searing pain going through her stomach. She heard someone yell, "Call 911!" and fell backwards, never to see the light of day again.


One week later

Anthony DiNozzo's eyes shot open. Where am I? He thought. Then he looked around. The white room. The smell. He was in a hospital.

Tony heard a bang. "Kyle!" He screamed, looking at his best friend, unconscious on the ground. He looked over and saw 15 year old Ellie, blood spattered on her face, crying. He turned around, knowing he'd be next. "Go ahead! Shoot me! I don't give a crap!" He screamed at the black SUV. The pain. The blood. Yet it all felt good. Tony had no more reason to live. Or so he thought .

"Where's Kyle?" Tony asked to the first doctor that walked in the room. "Petty Officer Kyle Nelson. And my little sister, Ellie DiNozzo." The doctor looked down.

"WHERE ARE THEY?!" Tony screamed.

The doctor looked up. "They're…well…in the morgue." She said.

Tony was in too much shock to say anything.


Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs looked at his new team.

"Of all the new recruits, I get stuck with you two," he said, looking at his agents, Alison Carlise and Jason Smith. Of the probies who had actually gotten a job, they were the worst. "And we still don't have a forensic scientist," He added.

Gibbs' phone started ringing. He sighed and walked to his phone. "Gibbs," he muttered into the phone.

"Director's office," the person on the phone said, then hung up. Gibbs walked up the stairs. Why even bother talking the elevator.

"Director Morrow," Gibbs said, walking into the office. "You wanted me, why?" Morrow nodded to a young man standing next to him.

"Special Agent Stan Burley," the man said.

"He's working with you on this case," the director said. "He's been stationed as the agent afloat on the USS Enterprise, but I figured it my be of some use to you if you had an experienced agent on your team. And he knew the victim."

"Victim?" Gibbs asked. "We don't have a case? How can there be a victim?" Morrow slammed a manilla folder at Gibbs.

"Now you do," he said.


"They are not dead!" Tony yelled. "I was there! Kyle, I understand, but Ellie…" He thought of his little sister. His little sister, who he was never going to be able to talk to again. The most sane person in his family. Only 15 years old.

And Kyle. They were best friends since they were six. Tony had hardly any memories that Kyle wasn't in. And he, too, was dead.

The two people who meant the most in his life. Gone, forever. No one would be able to keep from crying. Even Officer Anthony D. DiNozzo.


Gibbs opened the folder that had been sitting on his desk for two hours. There was one thing he never wanted to do again. Well, two. Get married, and interview young adults who wanted to be forensic scientists. There was one girl though, despite her goth, childish personality, who was pretty good. But he had handed the interviews of to Chris Pacci. They were getting to weird.

He looked down. The top line said:


Dead: Petty Officer Kyle Adam Nelson

Elena Catherine DiNozzo

Severly injured: Baltimore Police Officer Anthony Dominic DiNozzo

Bethesda Naval Hospital


The suspect line was blank. This was going to be a tough investigation. Gibbs' gut said so.