FredFred Burger's Order

Chapter 1: An Annoying Phone Call

It was that special day before the day a certain FredFred Burger was going to celebrate the day of his birth. His mother had given Fred the phone number of a wonderful chef whom could help him out on making his birthday cake and a bunch of other goodies for his party. As a certain FredFred Burger began to dial the number on the phone, on the other line, a certain chef's wife-Truffles was busy reading the magazine. Suddenly the annoying ring spooked her which she promptly grabbed the phone and rudely answered it.

"What, what do you want?!" cried Truffles, "I was in the middle of something!"

"I, er, I want a fancy chocolate birthday cake, yes" replied Fred.

"Is that all?" asked Truffles as she wrote it down.

"Er, I also want big giant cookies and ice cream to go with it, yes" replied Fred.

"Alright, alright, I got that all down" said Truffles, "anything else?"

"My mommy's very proud of me for calling in, yes" replied Fred.

"Finally" sighed Truffles as she slammed the phone back in its place, "Mung, dear, we got an order!"

"Alright dear, I'll fetch Shnitzel to do it" said Mung who was busy with some other cooking activity, "Shnitzel!"

Suddenly Mung's loud roar spooked the rock monster where he was trying to put away some plates which they then all feel right on the floor.

"Look at this mess, you gotta be more careful with what you carry" said Mung, "anyway, I need you to bring me the order Truffles has."

"Radda, radda, radda, radda?" asked Schnitzel.

"Why can't I do it you ask?" replied Mung, "Well, I can't obviously do it, because I'm in the middle of a cooking activity of another client I'm finishing up. You go get that order pronto, and when you come back you can clean this up."

"Radda, radda, radda" grumbled Schnitzel as he headed toward the register counter where Truffles was.

"Here's the order from some momma's boy sap" said Truffles as she gave it to Schnitzel.

"Radda, radda?" asked Schnitzel.

"Of course I know what a momma's boy sounds like" replied Truffles, "he sounded weak, timid and not very bright."

After Schnitzel took the order form from Truffles, he promptly headed over to where Mung Daal was located. Chowder immediately came into the scene to see what was going on.

"Another order, what are we going to make this time?" asked Chowder with such excitement.

"The person who ordered it wasn't too specific, he just wanted a chocolate cake, some giant cookies and some thrish cream" replied Mung.

"Oh boy, we're going to make a party order!" laughed Chowder with excitement.

"Don't get too worked up on this" said Mung, "it takes a lot of work to do something like this."

About three hours later, the chocolate cake was finished and out of the oven ready to be cooled.

"Great, wonderful cake" said Mung as he sniffed at it, "the customer's going to be so pleased."

"Yeah, I can almost eat it up right now!" said Chowder which he was desperately trying to reach for it.

Yet before Chowder could even scarf the cake down, Schnitzel grabbed hold of Chowder as he was struggling to free himself from Schnitzel's grip.

"Good work Schnitzel" said Mung, "but I don't know if it'll hold him once I put on the chocolate icing."

"Radda, radda, radda" said Schnitzel.

"Oh, you think you can manage it?" asked Mung who was egging on a challenge to which he started to place the icing over the cake, "Let's see if you can stop him now."

Chowder started to speed up which poor Schnitzel tried his best to take control. The rock monster couldn't bear trying to keep Chowder from eating the cake. He immediately leaped out of the rock monster's grasp, but before Chowder could scarf down the cake whole, Mung took it away at the last minute where Chowder rammed himself right into the wall.

"Hmm, taste like cement!" said Chowder as he was liking the cement.

"Radda, radda, radda!" laughed Schnitzel as he took a picture to be used as blackmail for later.

While Mung was getting ready for the other things which a certain FredFred Burger wanted for his order. FredFred Burger himself, was being dropped off to pick up the order as his mother drove him to Mung's place to pick up the order, Fred waved good bye to his mother.

"Bye, bye mommy" said Fred as he waved goodbye.

Fred then noticed the entrance toward Mung's place and began to ringing the doorbell. As Truffles opened up the door she noticed Fred still didn't noticed her.

"Can I help you?" asked Truffles who was a bit annoyed to see him.

"I'm here to pick up my order, yes" replied Fred.

"My husband was delayed a bit, your order should be ready quite soon" said Truffles, "just wait in the lobby and don't touch anything!"

"Yes" replied Fred as he headed toward a seat and sat right on it.

While Mung and company were busy in the kitchen making Fred's order, Fred couldn't believe how comfortable his seat was. He could just simply relax there all day long. His annoying happy face, certainly created such displeasure with Truffles as she was still busy reading her magazine.

"Isn't this a comfortable chair?" asked Fred, "I could just bounce up and down on it, all day long. Yes."

"Listen" said Truffles, "all I want to do is read my magazine, that's it, I don't want to be bothered!"

Fred happily kept to himself, bouncing up and down on the chair he was on. The pillow patting on the chair was so, more so obviously so comfortable he kept on bouncing up and down. The little squeaking noise the chair made when he did that started to annoy poor Truffles. It would soon annoy her to the breaking point.

"FredFred Burger, FredFred Burger" said Fred as he kept on singing such an annoying tune to himself, "yes".

"Steady, steady, just ignore the fool" said Truffles as she was trying to control her anger.