Chapter 5: Arriving Back at Mung's

Shnitzel knew he had to find the time to get FredFred Burger back to Mung Daal's. After having a run in with that biker gang leader, he tried his best to find transportation back to Mung's but it was useless. He knew no one would take him so long as FredFred Burger was there singing an annoying tune.

"When are we going to get back and get my cake?" asked Fred to Shntizel.

"Radda, radda, radda, radda, radda, radda" replied Shnitzel.

"But, everyone loves me" protested Fred.

"Radda, radda, radda, radda, radda, radda, radda, radda, radda, radda!" roared Shnitzel who was a bit annoyed himself being with Fred.

Soon tears began to feel Fred's eyes which Shnitzel feared he'd run off crying out his name. But before Fred could do that, Shnitzel found an empty bag nearby and grabbed Fred and placed him in the bag.

"Oh, is this a new game Fred can play?" asked Fred.

"Radda, radda, radda" sighed Shnitzel.

As Shnitzel continued down the street, he tried to not act suspiciously as he noticed two police officers on patrol.

"Be on the look out" said one of the police officers, "we just got a report of some mad biker gang leader on the loose."

"Oh no, you don't say?" replied the second police officer.

Suddenly both of them spotted Shnitzel and noticed the bag was moving a bit.

"Say mister what's in the bag?" asked the first police officer.

"Radda, radda, radda, radda, radda, radda, radda, radda, radda, radda, radda" replied Shnitzel.

"A delivery to Mung Daal's?" asked the second police officer, "Why didn't you say so, we'd be more than happy to take you there in our squad car."

"Radda, radda" sighed Shnitzel with joy.

"Er, shouldn't you put that bag in the trunk?" asked the second police officer to Shnitzel.

"Radda, radda, radda, radda, radda" replied Shnitzel as he got into the back of the squad car.

"Oh yeah, sensitive material, right" said the first police officer.

As the first police officer started the engines and started off toward Mung Daal's, Fred peaked his head out of the bag to see what was going on.

"Are we moving, wow, Fred has never been in a police car before" said Fred, "my mommy always tell me to ask for help. Hey, hey, FredFred Burger needs some help, FredFred Burger could use some help."

"What the heck was that?!" cried the second officer which Shnitzel quickly put Fred back into the bag.

"Radda, radda, radda, radda, radda, radda" replied Shnitzel.

"I see, well you better keep quiet back there" replied the second officer.

As the police car made another turn around a corner heading straight toward Mung's, Fred once again peaked his head out of the bag.

"I can't breath in here, Fred needs air" said Fred.

"Radda, radda" whispered Shnitzel.

"I heard that sound again, am I going crazy here?!" cried the second officer as he turned around only to find Shnitzel seem to stuff the bag back with whatever sort of material he was going to provide Mung with.

"Radda, radda, radda, radda, radda, radda, radda" replied Shnitzel who was getting a bit nervous.

It certainly seemed like Fred was making this short trip back to Mung's the longest trip poor Shnitzel would have to take. The only other option Shnitzel had to do was literally bail out of the police car.

"Radda, radda, radda, radda, radda, radda, radda!" cried Shnitzel who pretended to have to go to the bathroom.

"Oh fine, I'll pull over" replied the first police officer, "be quick about it, if you want to get back to your boss."

"Radda, radda, radda?" asked Shnitzel as he was about to take the bag with him out of the car.

"Now why on Earth would you want to take your bag here, we can watch it for ya" replied the second officer, "that is if there isn't anything suspicious in it is there?"

"Radda, radda, radda, radda" replied Shnitzel.

As Shnitzel left the scene to really find a phone instead of going to the restroom, Fred finally poked his head out to get some fresh air.

"Hey nice policemen, can you help me get back to Mung's, Fred is sort of lost" said Fred.

"Wait a second, that rock monster was lying to us!" cried the second officer, "he was obviously trying to kidnap someone who didn't want to be at Mung's place."

"Either that, or Mung's gone rogue on getting his costumers to him" suggested the first officer.

"Let's nail that rock monster!" laughed the second officer who was over excited with joy.

It was only a few minutes away that Shnitzel had managed to find a phone which he could call Mung. Yet as the rock monster was about to put money into the machine, the police car had its sirens on and was heading right straight toward him.

"Radda, radda, radda, radda!" cried Shnitzel as he started to run for his life.

"That's right pal, lead us back to your leader" laughed the second officer.

"Don't worry citizen, we'll keep you safe from evil Mung Daal and his rock monster henchman" said the first officer.

"But, but Mung's making my birthday cake" said Fred, "I wanted to get it for my party."

"You mean this isn't a nefarious kidnaping plot?" asked the first officer who was a bit surprised, "We had the rock monster all wrong."

As Shnitzel was quite out of breath trying to run away from the police car, the police car pulled up and took Shnitzel in. The two officers however didn't handcuff Shnitzel.

"We misjudged you rock monster, we'll take you back to Mung's" said the first police officer, "by the way, why did you have your elephant friend in that bag?"

Shnitzel explained in his own rock monster language of how Fred was annoying everyone on any public transportation vehicle he managed to get in with his annoying FredFred Burger song. After Shnitzel's explanation was finished, the police stopped at Mung's place where Shnitzel and Fred both got out.

"See you around citizens" said the first police officer and then zoomed off.

"It's about time you finally came back" said Truffles, "I'm surprised you even got your elephant friend to come back."

"And it looks like we finished your cake Fred just in time" said Mung as he came into the scene with Chowder.

"The cake looks really, really good" said Fred.

"Yes, it took a bit longer because I made a separate cake so Chowder could eat it, and not eat this one" said Mung.

It was also about that time Fred's mother drove up to Mung's place.

"Fred honey, did you have a nice time with Mung and company?" asked Fred's mother.

"Yes mommy, I had fun time, especially with my new rock monster friend" replied Fred.

"Well, in that case, I'm going to have to assign him to watch over you while I'm gone from now on" replied Fred's mother.

"Radda, radda, radda!" cried Shnitzel as tears came out as he knew he couldn't stand Fred.

"I can't believe you're this happy" said Chowder.

"He's going to be even happier once he sees the mess he'll have to clean up" laughed Mung.

The scene ends on poor Shnitzel crying for why he deserved this punishment as a reward.