Geez, I'm on a roll.


I suck at being punctual with things. Except for Christmas. I like writing Christmas gifts. :) In either case, happy super belated birthday. And I'd only write Orton for you. So consider yourself special.

Using a prompt from 'staring out the window' because school has sucked the creativity out of me.

I own nothing, I own no one.


Randy Orton looks around the house for the keys of his beloved Hummer with an unlit cigarette hanging loosely and carelessly from his lips.

"Damn, where the hell are they?" He asks, trying not to destroy his bedroom looking for them. Ordinarily, the room would have been turned upside down by now, but according to his girlfriend, that was 'bad and unnecessary'.

He sighs, frustrated, and goes downstairs, beginning to search the living room. He perks up suddenly when he hears a horrendous and loud scratching noise come from the garage. He walks over to the door leading to the garage slowly, halfway in a guarded stance. He opens the door quickly, and his jaw drops.

There was his girlfriend, Missy, with said keys in her hand. Only she was slashing furiously at the black paint with them, leaving unsightly marks. She stops for a moment, looking at Randy briefly before turning back to the car, going about her business.

"And this is for smoking in front of my momma," Small scratch. "This is for cursing in front of my momma," Big scratch. "This is for not washing your fucking plate last night," Medium scratch. "And this," Really big scratch, "IS FOR FORGETTING MY BIRTHDAY, YOU FUCKHEAD!" She screams angrily before stomping over to him, pushing the keys roughly into his chest, making him grunt. She stomps into the house and slamming the door behind her.

Randy sighs, walking over to the car and inspecting the damage. He fingers the dozens of scratches and markings before running a hand over his hair. "Too bad that was her present."