The New Girl

I'm the new girl that just moved to Albuquerque. Today I'm starting my first day of senior year at East High, my new school.

My heart beat a little faster as I stepped through the doors of East High School to see several groups of teenagers talking and laughing with one another. Cheerleaders, jocks, skateboarders...but no nerds. If there were a group of nerds, I would feel more at ease since I myself can definitely be classified as one. But there wasn't. Wow, I definitely didn't belong here.

I made my way quietly around the other students while glancing at the small slip of paper I had in my hand that told me my locker number. Once I made it to the long hall which contained most of the lockers in the school, I began searching for mine. After finding it, I opened the door and started to load the things from my book bag into it, when suddenly, I dropped my bag onto the floor, the contents spilling out.

With a blushing face, I started to pick up my things. Once I thought I had everything, I returned to my task. It was then that I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning around, I found myself face to face with the most handsome guy I had seen in my life. His dark blonde, tousled locks were falling into his gorgeous blue eyes, his lips formed a friendly smile, and, despite the t-shirt he was wearing, I could tell he was very fit.

" forgot this." The guy held out my calculator.

"Thank" I stammered, my cheeks growing red once more, as I took the item from him.

"Troy," the guy finished, holding out his hand for me to shake.

"Gabriella," I introduced, shaking his hand. I immediately felt sparks.

"So, can I uh...can I walk you to homeroom?" asked Troy.

My entire face lit up with a smile. "Of course," I replied, shutting my locker.

Troy took my delicate fingers in his. "Just so you don't get lost," he explained with a shrug.

Although it didn't seem possible, my smile grew wider as Troy led me away from the lockers. Maybe this wasn't going to be such a bad year after all.

Alright, guys, so this was more of a drabble than a oneshot. It was my first drabble, so I hope you liked it:) Also, to avoid this collection of oneshots growing too big, I'm going to mark it as complete and change the name to "Troyella Oneshots: Volume I". Next time I write a oneshot, I'll start a new story called, "Troyella Oneshots: Volume II." That one will have another 10 oneshots in it:)