Over and Over Again

A/N: I only own Ajay, Joey and Bonnie. Mollie belongs to World's Biggest Jerchioholic, Tessa belongs to NellyLove. sorry for the length.

"Ajay, Tess? What are you doing here?" Mollie asked. "We came to check on you." Ashton answered. "Where is Chris?" Mollie asked. "At home with our sons." Ashton answered. "Sons?" "Joey and Alex." Ashton answered shaking her head as Tessa laughed, she was the protector, Ajay was the mommy/ best friend type and Mollie was the dependable smart one. "James didn't hit Alex did he?"

"No, I made sure of it before we left." Ashton answered as they walked into Jeff Jarrett's Tennessee house. "Molls tell us what happened." Tessa said. "We heard it from Alex, now we want to hear it from you." Ashton stated sitting down next to her. "What did he tell you?" "That he cheated on you with Bonnie." Tessa answered. "I swear that man is nothing but a damn man whore.' Ashton stated causing Mollie and Tessa to laugh. "It's true, you can laugh if you want. He is almost as bad as Adam." Ashton stated shaking her head.

Alex was pacing back and forth in Chris and Ashton's living room. 'Uncle Alex is going to wear a hole in mommy's carpet and she isn't going to be happy." Chris told Joey who laughed, "Uncle Alex in big trouble." "How come I need a damn baby sitter?" Alex asked. 'Because Ajay and Tessa can't trust you as far you can be thrown. They need to talk to her before you go out there and make an ass of yourself." Chris answered.

Alex sighed, he shouldn't have fucked up as bad as he did. He always did it. He groaned and flopped down on the couch. "Daddy, I want mommy." Joey said. Alex looked over at the blue eyed blonde tot. It was his fault that Joey didn't have his mom around this week. "Dude, relax. Ajay finally texted me back, everything is fine, they are talking now." Chris stated, "Joey do you want to talk to your mom?" Joey nodded excitedly as Chris picked him and handed him his phone.

Two days later, Chris got a phone call from Ashton, Mollie was ready to talk to Alex. Alex looked up from where he was sitting with Joey watching Cars. "Let's go, we are going to Nashville." Chris said. Alex smiled and stood up. "Hyper." Joey stated looking at Alex with wide eyes. "He is worse then your mommy right now.' Chris whispered. Joey laughed.

Ajay pulled open the door, "Where is she?" Alex asked. "backyard." Ashton answered. Before Alex took off to the backyard, "Thank you Ajay." he said hugging the shocked blonde. "Did he just thank me?" she asked confused turning to her faince. "He did babe. He bought drove us up the damn wall, for the past two days.' Chris answered, "Are we going to spy them?" "Oh hell yeah, come on Tessa is waiting." Ashton stated as she pulled him behind her as Joey started reaching for her.

"Moll." Alex said as he walked into the backyard. Mollie turned around, "I see she called you." "She did. She wants you happy. She wants me happy.' Alex stated, "Mollie please, just listen to me. I know you have ranted, raved and cried to the girls because of me. It's the last thing on the face of planet I wanted to see happen. I have been in love with you since I first meet you. I know it was immature of me to act like I did. I wanted to see you happy. I always have." Mollie locked eyes with him. "I am so sorry." Alex said, "I don't know how many times, I can say that I am sorry." "Then stop saying it." Mollie spat out. "There are some days that I just want to strangle you, there are other days that I want to do nothing but hold you in my arms and kiss you." Alex said. Mollie smiled at him, "I know how you feel expect for I could kill you with my bare hands. Every day I am not with you I feel like I am lost. On the other hand, I keep falling in love with you over and over again." Mollie stated. "I love you too." Alex said.

Ashton who had been quiet the whole time couldn't help herself, "JUST KISS HER ALREADY!"