Buzz was having a good day. Frannie had been in a great mood this morning, and Little Boy Cat ( He wouldn't answer to anything else ) didn't drink all of the milk from his breakfast cereal.

The morning went by quickly, and soon he was eating his lunch from behind the mirror in the interrogation room. It calmed him down to look into the empty room, but unfortunately he was distracted by shouting outside. Detective Lassiter's shouting to be exact. From the sound of it, Shawn had knocked a bunch of papers off his desk, and he was overreacting. This was not unexpected. He relaxed when it stopped, but jumped when the door into the empty room flew open. An annoyed looking Lassiter walked in, dragging a grinning Shawn by the shoulders.

This was interesting. Lately, instead of just yelling at Shawn wherever he happened to piss him off, Lassiter had been dragging him somewhere more private, behind closed doors. This was starting to seriously intrigue everyone, so since he was here, why not stick around? Lassiter wouldn't find out, right?

Buzz watched as Lassiter pushed the psychic to the opposite wall, and kicked the door behind him shut. He saw Detective Lassiter step closer, into Shawn's personal space. But he definitely left after that. Because he definitely didn't see Lassiter lean forward and place his lips gently over Shawn's. And he certainly didn't see Shawn kiss back, or wrap his arms around Lassiter's neck. And he would have been really embarassed if he had seen Lassiter put his hand's on Shawn's hips, and heard the small moan the detective let out as a hand ran through his dark hair. And there was no way he could have seen what happened next, because there are some things you just don't talk about.