Etoile sat on one of the seats. Her luck had apparently ran it's course. She had gone searching for one of the Stones only to be devoured by a giant worm. Why did she even care anymore? It's not like she cared about the Prince at all.

Then why do you keep going on? You should have just went home.

A voice inside her seemed to say.

Is it Cornet, Do you need to be better then her? Do you hate her?

"No I don't hate her." She said to herself trying to stay quite.

"Did you say something Miss?" Asked Hammer.

"No. Leave the room. I need to think. I need to be alone. "

"Are you trying to come up with an escape plan?" He seemed concerned. "Are we going to try to fight the worms hearts again?"

Etoile said nothing instead just looking away. He was about to say something along the lines of 'don't give up' but decided against it and left the room.

"Humph why are they so nosey." Etoile asked herself.

Maybe they care about you?

Etoile just chuckled to herself. The mind does strange things whe your alone and things are hopeless. Tries to convince you of things and tries to keep you happy or sometimes it tries to pull you down further. She wondered which this was.

"They only care about their paychecks."

If that's what you want to think go right ahead. So about Cornet? Do you think she's worried about you?

"Why should I care?"

Etoile hugged herself. Thinking about Cornet hunting for those stone so she can save her prince. That hurt her. Now that she thought about it, this adventure was just a waste of time. She should have stayed in MotherGreen and shopped till she didn't think about it anymore. She could ignore all this trouble. It had nothing to do with her. She didn't want to be Queen. She didn't love anything except money.

"Why did I do this? Everytime I think about Cornet I feel strange." Etoile could feel a tear trickle down her cheek. "I don't love anybody-" She stopped herself. "I don't love any man..."

Is that it then? You want Cornet to be happy. Makes sense, she's you best friend.

"She's not my best friend."

Yes she is. That's your problem. You always want more. Your such a selfish girl. What you want more then anything is for Cornet to save you from this place?

"Yeah maybe I am. Not that it matters now."

Suddenly Hammer and Mommy burst into the room.

"Lady, your friend Cornet!."

Etoile looked up at them. "Cornet?"

"She's been eaten as well."

"I see...." Etoile's head hung low.

Cornet's trapped here as well. Now I suppose it is hopeless.....

"....No one can save me now." Etoile said to herself. She stood up and prepared herself for Cornet. She would never let her facade fade. She could never break down in front of Cornet. She is Etoile Rosenqueen and she will never lose her pride. Never let those feelings show.

The End

Small note:

Mommy?: Ok I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not. The DS version says that's the other guy with the sideburns name.