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"You want this" Dimitri whispered into my ear before kissing his way down my jaw line.

"No, I don't" I said trying to bring my arms up to push him away but they wouldn't move. The fear started to creep into my chest as my breathing increased, when his lips came to a stop on my neck.

"Don't you understand what this means Roza? We can be together forever, you want this" he said lifting his face to look me in the eyes. I could tell he was trying to use compulsion on me, but I already knew it wouldn't work.

"I don't want to be anything like you. I hate you, you are not the same Dimitri I fell in love with" I said trying to will my arms to move but failing once again.

"I am sorry to hear that Rose." His voice now more agitated and his eyes lit up to a bright red and I knew he was about to kill me or worse turn me into a strigoi. His hands moved to my waist pulling my body painfully to his. "You will enjoy this."

I started to feel the pressure in my neck and then it all changed. The room was no longer dark and Dimitri was gone.

"Little dhampir, are you ok" Adrian asked pulling me to his bare chest. The sun was warming my back and I just clung to him. "You are safe now, I am so sorry it took me so long to get here Lissa stopped by my room and I couldn't get her to leave" he mumbled into my hair.

"I am just glad you are here now" I said trying to choke back the tears that were threatening to fall from my eyes.

"Lets sit down" he said unwrapping his arms from my body. I held on for a few more seconds breathing in his scent of clove cigarettes and alcohol. It wasn't as strong as it use to be. something I was very grateful for.

Finally pulling my arms from him I finally took a look around to the beautiful beach that was behind us. "Adrian it is beautiful here, where are we?" I asked taking his hand walking to the edge of water to let the water reach our feet with each crashing wave.

"An island that I use to visit when I was a child. And its beauty is nothing compared to yours" he said turning his head to give my one of his world famous smiles.

My heart started to race but not like the other dream, this had nothing to do with fear but something I never thought I would feel again and definitely not with Adrian. But here I stood on the prettiest beach I had ever seen holding hands with someone that I couldn't imagine my life with, someone that saved me, brought me back to life when I thought I had nothing left to live for.

"Adrian stop being ridiculous" I said hitting him with my free hand.

He grabbed the hand I had just hit him with pulling me closer to his body. The next thing I knew I was thrown over his shoulder.

"What are you doing? Put me down" I yelled, trying to hold in my laugh and unfortunately failing miserably. I knew I could get out of his arms but I didn't want to hurt him and I was actually enjoying the view. For a Moroi he had a very good body, his muscles were toned and his backside was not half bad.

"Come on little Dhampir we are going for a swim" he said chuckling taking a few more steps into the water.

"Adrian I am not dressed for swimming" I whined watching the water get higher and higher.

I felt him stop and start to shift my weight forward to put me down. "What else do you need to go swimming" he asked smirking down at my face and then down my body.

Generally what I was wearing was the first thing I noticed but I had been so emotionally drained I hadn't even noticed the tiny black bathing suit that was barely covering my body. I should have been shocked with the little amount of clothing he had put me in but I was use to it be now. I guess when you visit someone's dreams for two months it may become hard to think of places to go and what to wear. At one point he thought it would be funny to dress me in footed pajamas and take me to the Grand Canyons. After threatening him with bodily harm he quickly changed my outfit. Even though there was no one else in the dream I enjoyed looking good and anyone over the age of five could not pull off footed pajamas.

He was to busy looking over my body he didn't see me coming at him, allowing me to be able to push him into the water before dunking his head into an oncoming wave. We played for another two hours.

"You are starting to wake up, I will see you at breakfast" he said leaning in to wrap his arms around me before kissing my forehead.

Before I could say bye I was pulled out of the dream to my alarm clock blaring Chevelle. I quickly rolled out of bed and jumped into the shower so I wouldn't be late for my training with Alberta. Pulling my hair back into a ponytail I finally made my way to the gym.

It had been two months since I had received the letter from Dimitri, the whole school had been on alert after I gave the letter to my mom. But nothing ever happened, he never showed up. Now things are starting to return to normal, well normal for everyone except me. I would attend classes and I started training again after Alberta offered to take over where Dimitri had left off. I refused at first but I knew I had to be the best if I was going to beat him, plus it gave me four hours a day that I didn't think about him and what happened. Lissa was still having a hard time. Christian had broken up with her after finding out she had kissed another guy. He said he understood that she was being influenced by Avery but he needed time. Adrian had been my rock since getting back he understood why I went and never blamed me for anything that had happened at the academy while I was gone. I had to admit when I seen him through Lissa's head with Avery it bothered me more than it should have, but I would never admit that to anyone.

For the first month I wouldn't let her train me in the gym, it reminded me to much of what I had lost and that loss reminded me of what I had failed to do. After returning to my therapy sessions I started to realize that Dimitri would not have wanted me to risk my life again to save him and I realized that I couldn't leave Lissa and Adrian again after what happened the first time.

For the next two hours I spared with Alberta until it was time to go to breakfast. Running to my room to change and fix my hair I made my way to the cafeteria, but before I could make it out of my room I was pulled into Lissa's head.

"I don't know how long you are going to keep punishing me, I said I was sorry. You know Avery was influencing my moods" she cried out trying to grab his hand before he could walk out of the attic above the church.

"Lissa I am not punishing you and if that is what you think I am sorry, but I need time to think. Yeah Avery was influencing you, but not all the time and I just don't see how her having you make out with your ex boyfriend was going to help her" he said pulling his arm from hers. Taking another step to the door to leave.

"Please don't leave me" she cried out falling to the ground.

"I am sorry" he said taking the last step out of the door.

I felt her pain and anger building. I pulled out of her head and ran to the church. Trying to control the emotions that were coming through the bond I wasn't watching where I was going when I ran into someone. Looking up I seen it was Christian, the look on his face wasn't much better than Lissa's. I knew I had to get to Lissa, but the pain on Christian's face broke my heart.

"Are you ok" I asked.

"You were in her head?" he asked not sounding to happy about it.

"You know I don't mean to but when she is overly emotional it pulls me in. I am sorry" I said looking away from away from his painful stare.

"I know, you should go to her she will want you there. You are a good friend" he said giving me a small smile.

"I will when I know you are ok" I said grabbing his arm and pulling him to a bench under a nearby tree. From the bond I could feel Lissa pulling herself together and letting some of that pain and anger go. I would go to Lissa, but Christian was my friend too and we had become a lot closer after the attack on the school and then when I got back. He understood more than Lissa and Adrian what I felt when it came to loving a strigoi, since his parents had turned willingly. I would never admit that I still loved Dimitri even as a strigoi, but with Christian I didn't have to he just knew and he never made me feel bad about it.

"It is just so hard, I love her and I want to be with her, but things are different. Not just because of the kiss or what happened with Avery but her future is at court and I don't know if our love will be enough to keep me happy there. I can't believe I am saying this, it sounds awful but I want to be selfish and do something for myself that doesn't revolve around dinner parties and functions" he sighed shaking his head looking at the ground. A single tear rolled down his cheek, he quickly whipped it away.

"Christian, I love Lissa but you deserve to be happy and if you can't be happy at court then you need to tell Lissa. Give her a chance to decide what she wants because she may love you enough to give that all up. Just talk to her, before it is to late and you regret it" I said leaning over to kiss his cheek. I turned away to go find Lissa.

"Do you know where she is?" he asked.

"Give me a second" I said closing my eyes opening the bond to Lissa. "She is in her room getting ready for breakfast" I said opening my eyes to see him getting off the bench and walking toward her dorm before yelling a thank you and breaking into a jog. I started walking to the cafeteria hoping there was some food left. Then I heard someone yell my name, turning I saw Christian standing there.

"Stay out of her head" he yelled before turning back to her dorm.

I couldn't help but laugh then continued to the cafeteria. When I walked in I made my way to the line when I felt someone's arms go around my waist.

"Running a little late Little Dhampir" he asked pulling my body toward his. His touch didn't only make my heart race in my dreams and right now I felt like it was going to beat out of my chest.

"Yeah and if you don't let go of me I am going to starve" I said turning my body toward his. He didn't bother letting go so now my face was to his chest. I had the urge to lay my head on it but willed myself that as nice as it would be we were in a cafeteria full of students and guardians and I was starving.

"Oh I wouldn't let you starve" he said pulling my body toward the table we sat at daily only today Eddy was the only one sitting there. After saying hi to Eddy I noticed the huge plate of food on the table.

"I hope you are as hungry as you say you are" he said pulling out the chair and finally letting go of me so I could sit.

"Thanks" I said giving him a genuine smile and then digging in.

Eddy excused himself which left just Adrian and I.

"How are you doing today" he asked keeping his voice low so nobody else would hear our conversation.

"Better, thanks for showing up before he"

"You welcome" he said allowing me a way out of talking about the nightmare that he interrupted. For the last two months he would enter my dreams when I went to sleep sometimes he would stay and other times he just gave me a peaceful setting and allowed me to be by myself. The last month I had started to want less dreams without him, but being stubborn Rose Hathaway I hadn't told him that.

After breakfast Adrian walked me to class before walking back to his dorm to consume alcohol to keep spirit under control. I hated that it was the only way he could control them, but since I had come back I had noticed that he had needed less and less alcohol to be ok.

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly, I saw Lissa and Christian together she gave me a bright smile before walking into Christian's dorm. I figured she would be busy the rest of the night and knew Adrian had something going on that he wouldn't tell me about. It bothered me not knowing but I realized that I wasn't his girlfriend and didn't have the right to know if he didn't want to tell me. I had asked Lissa but she said she didn't know either and then started to ask twenty questions about what was going on with Adrian and I. that taught me a valuable lesson to not talk to Lissa unless I really wanted to TALK.

I had my second training with Alberta then had a quick dinner with Eddy before heading back to my room to shower and get into bed.

After my shower I sent Adrian a text to tell him I was heading to bed. Something I did every night so he would meet me there. The first week after I got back I had nightmares every night. Adrian had stayed away thinking that is what I would want after all that I had been through, but my lack of sleep had clearly shown from the dark circles that were forming under my eyes. One night after an incredibly bad nightmare I called Adrian and asked him to meet me in my dreams and ever since he was there.

"See you in my dreams?" I sent to him climbing into bed. I always made it a question hoping he knew he could say no but praying he never did. So far my prayers had been answered, he was there every night.

"Always, but I am not back to my dorm yet can you wait thirty minutes tops?" he sent back.

"Sounds good, see you soon J." I laid back on my pillow. I thought about how my life had changed. A few months ago I was happy and planning my future with Dimitri then a week later I was out to kill him. Now I was falling head over heels in love with Adrian and I couldn't imagine my life without him or Lissa. I let out a yawn and leaned my head back. I knew Adrian said thirty minutes but I couldn't help but rest my eyes.

"Roza, I knew you couldn't stay gone for to long" Dimitri hissed into my ear pulling my body toward his.

"Let me go" I screamed prying his arms off of me. Running to the other side of the dark room. I didn't realize until now that we were back at the cabin that Dimitri and I had first slept together in. Dimitri noticed my reaction and a smile formed on his lips exposing his fangs.

"Oh Roza I see you recognize our little meeting location" he said walking toward me. I cowered in the corner knowing there was no point of running he would catch me and it would only anger him. Adrian will be here soon I keep repeating it in my head praying that he would come before Dimitri could bite me or kill me.

"Why do you keep coming here?" I screamed at him tears rolling down my face. I wouldn't be able to ask Adrian to keep visiting my dreams for the rest of my life. I needed to figure out how to control it myself if I could.

"Because you want me here" he stated bending down to grab my arms pulling me toward him.

"No I don't, the only thing I want from you is for you to leave me alone" and again my arms were useless, they hung to my side having no power to get me away from Dimitri.

"Now Roza don't be mean" he said picking my body up walking toward the bed. My body immediately tensed up when I realized where he was going. I started to kick my legs but Dimitri wrapped his arms around them forcing them to halt movement. "So frisky tonight, this may be better than the first time" he said laying me down on the bed. His body was now on top of mine.

"No, please Dimitri don't do this" I cried out. How long had I been to sleep Adrian had to be back to his dorm by now.

"It will be fun, trust me" he said pulling his body from mine to lift his shirt over his head. The chest that once amazed me now disgusted me, his pale skin shined from the moon light that was shining through the window. He threw the shirt to the ground then went to work unbuttoning my shirt. Each button he brought his lips to my stomach kissing his way down. I felt sick, this could not be happening each kiss brought me closer to falling over the edge that I had just climbed back over. Once he had my shirt completely unbuttoned he grabbed my bra with one hand and yanked it forward tearing it off of my body.

I let out a yelp from the surprise and the realization that Dimitri the guy that I thought was my soul mate was going to rape me. He continued kissing my stomach and my breast and then moved to my face. "Rose you are not being very fun tonight" he said kissing my chin then moved to my mouth. His tongue was trying to fight its way into my mouth, I may not have any control over most of my body but my mouth was on my side and was not budging.

"I see you are still stubborn Roza, didn't I tell you that stubbornness was going to get you into trouble?" he said removing his lips from my face giving me an evil smirk before rolling off of the bed. I exhaled the breath I had been holding thanking God that he wasn't going to go through with it. That is when I felt the pressure return to the bed. Fear and realization rippled through my body when I realized the reason he got out of the bed was to remove the rest of his clothing.

"You don't want to do this" I cried out.

"Oh but I do Roza and after we are done I am sure you will want to do it again" he said positioning himself over me again. His hands went to work removing my pants. The tears streamed down my face.

"Adrian" I screamed his name begging him to stop this, begging him to save me from myself.