I watched as Adrian reentered the room, his body was tense and I could see the stress and lack of sleep clearly on his unshaven face. No matter how much I love Rose and how long we have been friends, there was no way that I could say that I had been in half of the pain that he was in while she was gone. And that is saying a lot, because there were nights that I was only able to sleep for a few hours, but those were the nights that he didn't sleep at all. I cried when Christian and I were alone, his tears didn't seem like they stopped. I had never witnessed someone talk, scream, even eat while tears silently rolled down their cheeks. I knew the tears were not only for Rose, but for the baby she was carrying. His baby, their baby.

There were times that I couldn't bring myself to talk to him, I felt awful for it but his sadness and pain were so strong that I knew I wouldn't be able to bare it. I should have been able to help him because I knew what it was like to feel powerless. I had felt it the day my parents and brother died. I was able to save Rose, but there were still nights I stayed awake wondering if I had been stronger if I had tried harder maybe I could have saved them too. I knew it was useless to think about and it would only cause me pain, but I couldn't stop the thoughts once they entered my brain.

Adrian's movement pulled me out of my thoughts as I watched the crease between his brows disappear and the scowl on his face turn into a bright smile as he looked upon Rose and Abigail. His balled up fist relaxed as his right hand pulled on the hair tie that was secured tightly around his left wrist.

"Hey, I brought you guys a few sandwiches" Christian said as he sat down at the table where Adrian and I were looking over maps were Strigoi were known to stay. I briefly looked up and eyed the sandwich my stomach grumbling telling me that it liked the idea of eating something. I reached over to pick up one of the sandwiches and noticed that Adrian hadn't even looked up from the map that he was currently marking some areas with circles while placing large Xs through others.

"Adrian, did you want a sandwich?" I asked taking the one I had picked up and offering it to him across the table. His hand moved forward and I let out a sigh of relief, it had been more than two days since I had seen him eat anything and when I asked Christian he said he hadn't noticed him eat anything either and that from what he had heard he hadn't fed since Rose had gone missing. His hand stopped before it reached mine and when I was about to ask him what was wrong he took the large marker and placed a big X in another location on the map before moving his hand away from mine again.

"Adrian you need to eat. I know that you want to find Rose, but you will be of no use rescuing her if you don't take care of yourself" I said leaning forward so the sandwich was closer. His hands moved again but this time they staled to draw a circle around a town, he waited another second before taken the marker and placing a large X through the town he just circled.

"Rose would not want to see you hurt yourself because of this" I yelled. His head snapped up, his eyes meeting mine with a look of pure anger. I almost pulled my hand back, I was slightly afraid he was going to pull my arm off of my body and beat me to death with it. Yet his eyes softened and he reached forward to take the sandwich. I glanced down to place the sandwich in his hand when my vision became blurry as my eyes filled with tears. Adrian noticed my reaction and quickly grabbed the sandwich from my hand. He dropped it on the table and began fidgeting with the hair tie, Rose's hair tie that now held residence on his left wrist.

"Lissa" Rose yelled pulling me out of the memory. My eyes met hers and I could tell she was asking if I was alright without speaking. I gave her a small smile and nodded. I could tell she didn't believe me, but I knew she wouldn't push it. Regaining my bearings I noticed that Adrian was now sitting in the bed next to Rose, his arms were wrapped around her and Abigail and his eyes were now focused on me as well.

"I am fine, I promise. I should be asking you if you are ok" I said standing from the chair I had sat in while the doctor examined. I made my way around the bed sliding my shoes off before I climbed in and snuggled into Rose's other side. I felt like I could finally breath again.

"She is beautiful" I said resting my head on Rose's shoulder and looking down at the small, perfect baby she was cradling in her arms. Every time I looked at her it seemed like she was getting prettier and prettier. Her eyes were closed, yet her lips curled into a smile like she heard the compliment.


"Are you ok?" I asked when I noticed Lissa sitting in the chair across the room. Her eyes were unfocused as she stared at the bed, and she didn't answer.

"Lissa" I said as loud as I thought I could without waking Abigail. Her eyes shot up to meet mine and I gave her a look that I knew she would understand. With a small smile and a nod she was trying to tell me she was fine, but I knew there was something that was bothering her.

She pushed her body out of the chair and made her way over to the side of the bed before climbing in and snuggling into my side. Even after what just happened I couldn't help but smile. I was surrounded by the most important people in my life and we were all safe, healthy, and hopefully happy.

"She is beautiful" Lissa mumbled resting her head on my shoulder, while Adrian rested his on the opposite side. We all sat there mesmerized by a sleeping baby like it was the most interesting thing in the world. Abigail's lips came open and the cutest smirk appeared on her face.

I was in aww of my daughter and I couldn't help but smile as well, until I noticed something about my precious baby's smile. I couldn't help but snort when I finally realized why it looked so familiar.

"What are you laughing at?" Adrian asked, looking up to meet my eyes.

I couldn't help it and I laughed even harder, tears threatening to flow. "Oh. Oh my gosh. Of all things for her to get" I said trying to control my laughter, so I could speak clearly because the looks on Adrian and Lissa's face was one on confusion.

"Look" I said nodding my head down, were Abigail still slept. I was starting to wonder if all the story's I had heard about how hard having a newborn was were just lies parents told their children so they wouldn't have sex.

Still looking confused they both returned their gaze to Abigail. I was starting to think I would have to point it out until Lissa burst out laughing.

"Oh my gosh, I don't know how I didn't see it the first time. They are almost identical, girl you are going to have your hands full" she said whipping the tears from her cheek.

"Baby look at her smile" I said when I had my laughing under control and could finally speak.

"I know it is adorable, but I don't see why that is so funny" he said his voice laced with a hint of annoyance.

"Lissa will you hand me that picture" I asked. Once the frame was in my hand I passed it to him.

He stared at it, then glanced at me, then back to the photo.

"Adrian I am sure you don't spend all day staring at yourself in the mirror or at pictures of yourself" I began but had to stop when Lissa started hysterically laughing.

"I would disagree, I even caught him one day" she said quickly as she began laughing again.

"I was fixing my hair in front of a mirror, I was not staring at myself. That sounds like something that you would do Lissa not me" he huffed out and then looked at me as to tell me to continue.

"It's ok baby I am sure you can find time to stare at your handsome face in between feeding and diaper changes" I said pressing my lips to his lightly to let him know I was just playing with him.

"Ok now look at the handsome man in the photo, more importantly his mouth. Then take a look at your daughter" I whispered placing a small kiss under his ear. I heard him let out an soft hum and I knew that he missed our physical contact as much as I had, unfortunately we have a few weeks of no sex ahead of us per doctor's orders.

I saw the moment that it clicked, because the smile that was clearly displayed on our daughter's face was now covering his.

"We are going to have to lock her in the house until she is in her thirties if not older" he said placing the photo on the side table before turning towards me. "Because if I recall correctly it only took one smile for you to fall head over heels in love with me" he said leaning forward kissing my lips gently before pulling back when Lissa cleared her throat.

I turned and gave her a wide smile, reminding her of all the times that I was pulled into her head and had to witness things I could have died happy with ever seeing.

"As much as I love this room and this place but, we are free to go home and there is nothing more that I want to do than take my beautiful fiancé and my perfect daughter home" Adrian said pushing himself off the bed.

"Yeah I should be heading back to, I am sure Christian is wondering where I went" Lissa said leaping up to her feet and sliding her shoes on. Bending down she kissed Abigail's forehead and then kissed my cheek. "I am so happy you are home and I promise I will come by once you have a little time to get settled" she said before standing up and walking out of the room after hollering a goodbye to Adrian who was grabbing the few things we still had in the room to take home.

The fresh air was wonderful. I can't remember the last time I had been able to fill my lungs with it and enjoy it.

"You coming?" Adrian asked sliding his hand into mine while holding the car seat in the other.

"Yeah" I said taking one last deep breathe before moving toward the doors.

His key slipped into the lock but instead of turning it, he turned his body towards me.

"You know I love you right?" he asked.

"Yeah" I answered before I could asked where the random question came from he pressed his lips to mine for a quick kiss before unlocking the door and pulling me through it.

As soon as I was through the door, his question made sense.