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Heidi Wilson walked around to the back of the rescue patrol car after her shift. She was met there by her boyfriend, Chase Gallagher.

They shared a kiss before Chase suddenly dropped down onto one knee.

"Chase, what are you doing?" Heidi asked.

"Let's grow old together. Heidi Jane Wilson, will you marry me?" Chase replied.

"Yes, yes, yes," Heidi jumped up and down as she answered her new fiancée's question.

Chase stood up, picked up Heidi and they shared another passionate kiss.

Their kiss was interrupted by Chase's brother, Dean Gallagher, walking behind the patrol truck.

"Why are you two lovebirds so happy?" Dean asked.

"1 2 3 we're getting married!" Chase and Heidi said in unison.

Before Dean could respond, Heidi turned her head to look into Chase's eyes.

"Only if you can catch me!" she said, running off.

"That's my little brother alright," Dean muttered to himself.

That night, Chase and Heidi walked into his father Shane and Shane's girlfriend Fiona's house.

"Dean told me your little secret," said Fiona.

"What secret?" Shane questioned.

"1 2 3 we're getting married!" Chase and Heidi said in unison again.

"Oh that's great news!" Shane responded.

Shane was as just as happy for Chase and Heidi as he was shocked that Dean and Fiona hadn't him that his youngest son was getting married.

The next day, Heidi walked into her boss Michelle's office.

"Michelle, I'm getting married," said Heidi.

"That's great Heidi," responded Michelle.

"But I came to you because . . . because," Heidi didn't quite know how to put it "Because I'm pregnant," she finished off.

Before Michelle could respond, Chase popped his head in the door.

"Are you pregnant?" he asked.

"Why I just might be," Heidi teased.

"Always and forever," Chase whispered into Heidi's ear.

"Always and forever," she repeated.

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