I was trying to write a new chapter for TNM but was struck with a passion to write something sad, so here it is!

They lay here next to each other, drenched in sweat and blood, but not from battle, no. The blood is from the kunai protruding from the pale skin of an albino, the scratches on a tanned back, and from swollen, abused lips. The sweat is from a heated touch, the humidity, and from the sorrow seeping from their skin. Because even now the only thing on their minds is their curse.

A curse that can't be lifted.

They can't die.

'We can stay together forever' it sounds nice doesn't it? 'I love you' that also sounds lovely, but these are things they are forbidden to say. Their hearts hold grief for what they can never be, together. Why? Because they both know how impossible that is. Shinobi don't cry and missing-nins don't feel, much less love they just lust. You could say pride kept them apart, denying that they have nights when they want nothing but to touch and be touched by each-other -but that's not love- it's simply...physical attraction. That's all it ever was.

One time the albino had let himself slip, coming just sort of saying something taboo "I love y-" the sharp look of warning in green eyes hushed him. Because they both knew.

They knew that Pein would separate them if they ever fell in love, that was the rule. Akatsuki is an evil organization, there is no room for love, love is weak. They came to an agreement their first day as partners, that this is only partnership, nothing more. That is, until too many longing glances were exchanged, too many times they smiled in each-others presence, too many times they called out to each-other in battle, and now....too many times they wake up in each-others arms.

Pein questioned the banker once and was simply told "It's only fascination." as the words left his mouth they reached ears that should never have heard and tears fell from fuschia eyes. When the tanned man stepped out of Pein's office he found droplets on the hardwood floor and the sound of pale feet running down the hall, soon one more tear joined the others on the floor.

Always they will feel the pain of hurting their loved one for the sake of their own miserable happiness, obtained from being with their partner. It's ironic how their object of happiness is also the source of their pain.

It's the albino's turn to be questioned now and he gives a blank stare, Pein knows that the boy is looking right through him "It has fucking nothing to do with love." the words are penetrating to yet another pair of unwelcome ears, but it isn't tears that the pale man finds on his way out of Leader's office. It's a cold stare that holds restrained emotion: anger, betrayal, sadness, and something the albino doesn't want to see- love. That tiny hint of love sparked temptation.

Temptation is something dangerous, that's why they're in bed again. Moaning names and whispering words of passion...but not words of love. That's too dangerous. Touching is all they have for now, but they both wish for a day when their souls can rest together, and when they are allowed to love. But that's only a wish of course.

Because they both know, they can't die. They will always be alive, but never together.

That is their curse.

They will always feel each-others presence, they will always know what they can't have, and what they can't say.

Because here on earth, this wasn't love, it was fascination.

Okay, so I actually feel a little proud of this. It was written in an hour because I really needed some angsty release and I hope you enjoyed it! ~*Review*~

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