This is the third of a series of fanfics I plan to do where I get the quote of the day off of a list and then write whatever it makes me think of. I hope this turns out as good as I want it to.

Characters: France, Canada

Quote: "It is not a bad thing that children should occasionally, and politely, put parents in their place." By Sidonie Gabrielle Colette


France and a very young Canada were heading away from England and America's house at a brisk pace, the older nation carrying his colony.

The two had been visiting the child's twin brother and his caretaker so that the boys could get some time to play with each other. Both Francis and Arthur thought it was important that the two brothers try to get to know each other since they shared such a large border. On top of that, it seemed prudent that twins get along, if only because they may need each other someday.

The little boys had tried to play together, even through the language barrier that they sometimes encountered, but America usually got bored and wanted to play by himself after a while. It usually hurt Canada's feelings but the child was too polite to say anything or complain, especially since he got to play with Alfred's toys, even if he could not play with his twin brother.

Inevitably, though, these little visits always seemed to end the same way: France and England getting into some fight that they could not brush off.

"Angleterre thinks he is so grand," Francis muttered as he walked his colony home. "If he had even the smallest bit of classe, we could not have these problems..."

Canada looked up at his older brother's face while he mumbled about the other nation.

It really was too bad that they did not get along, in his opinion. He liked them both very much, whether he would ever say so or not. He believed that they would like each other, too, if they would ever allow themselves to stop fighting.

Well, maybe they really did like each other and that was just how they communicated. They were two of the only grownups the little boy knew. There had to be a reason that he was taken over to see them so often, after all. Maybe that was how adults spoke to each other when they were friends?

No, he reasoned. That was not how France spoke to Spain, after all, and they were most definitely friends.

It was very strange, though, he decided.

"Frère," Matthew started. "Are you fwiends with Angleterre?"

"Non," Francis replied, making a face.

"Why?" the boy wondered.

"It's complicated," the adult responded, trying to brush him off and get back to his malicious thoughts of what he could do to England the next time he saw him.

"It's not compwicated. I thought you said to twy and be fwiends with everyone and he's part of everyone," Canada said. "You said it's not nice to call names and fight but you always do with him. Why is that, Frère?"

France looked at the child for a moment, stumped. After a little bit, though, he smiled in an amused way.

"You know, you are very wise, mon petit," he said, chuckling and kissing the child's forehead. "You are right. I should behave better towards him, non?"

"Oui, Frère," Canada said happily. "Then maybe everyone can be fwiends."

Francis smiled. How simple it was to be a child, he thought. If only everyone could think like that, there would probably be no wars or fighting in the world. It would be amazingly easy if everyone thought like a child, he mused.

Of course, that was no how the world worked but he would not tell Matthew that for now. It was not such a bad thing for him to believe those things for as long as he could, even if it meant putting the older nation in his place now and then with a lesson in friendship.

Not a bad thing at all...


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