Disclaimer; Right you know the drill. HARRY POTTER and all of his friends belong to the ah-mazing JK Rowling, but the poem is my own work, was written in 2007

What my friends mean to me

Hermione's story

I've thought back over the years. How Ron, Harry and I came through thick and thin, stayed together, best friends stronger by day.

Sure Ron can be an idiot, and Harry can even be moody, but I love them both and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Without my friends

Where would I be?

The laughter

The jokes

The secrets

The love

I know they always ask me to do their homework, they know they're only joking.. Most of the time, and they would help me when I need them just as I would for them.

Our friendship is strong and true

Best friends since our first year on Halloween.

There would be nothing there

My friends complete me as a person

The calls

The talks

The smiles

The happiness

First year it was a troll and Quirrill

Second year was Tom Riddle and a Basilisk

Third year was Dementors and Sirius Black

Fourth year was the Tri-Wizard Tournament

This year it's Umbridge and the return of Voldemort

Would all disappear and be no more

They are here for me and I am here for them

I tell them things no one knows

They tell me and each other things no one knows

Our troubles

Our heartaches

Are arguments

Each other's backs

Somehow I don't know if our friendship can survive this constant suppression, or Harry's disintegrating mood.

But them I think about everything we've been through, and I remember that we can, because most friends would've gone their separate ways with the amount of trouble we're always in. But not us.

With the help of the new generation of Dumbledore's Army, we, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Harry Potter can get through this.


We all have them.

We stick together.

We cry, we laugh, we hate, we love, we argue, we talk.

Without my friends

I would be nothing.

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