Disclaimer: The only thing I own is the plot and the poem. The poem was dedicated to a college friend of mine who had lost a friend in an accident the night before. It was written for her on 1st December 2008

My Love Gone

Ginny's Story

Here I stand. At the graveside of Draco Malfoy, a small blonde girl clutching to my shaking hand.

She doesn't understand. Not yet. She's too young to understand her daddy is lying beneath her tiny feet.

She's asking where you are. Why I'm crying.

You gone.

You left my side

I loved you more than anything.

Even though I know you never meant to go.

I wipe my eyes and pick her up as she says "Mummy I'm tired."

I can barely look at her at the moment. If I do I see you. She looks so much like you, with those big blue/grey eyes and the white blonde hair she insists on having plaited.

I'm only thankful she hasn't inherited my awful red hair you strangely seemed to love, but she has my bone structure, and only time can tell if she gets the Weasley temper… Everything else is purely you, Draco.

I should have been there when you needed me

Been there to hold your hand

I moss you so much

But I never knew you'd leave me so soon

I remember that day as though it had happened only yesterday.

You'd come back from those mysterious jobs you kept going on.

Arista had run up to you, big smile on her face, proud that she'd managed to write her name without help.

She was so excited to tell you, but you calmed her down and promised you'd hear her story tomorrow because she had to get ready for bed.

You sat in the chair by the fire in the sitting room, told her her usual bedtime story before you died,=. She thought you'd just fallen asleep.

"Silly daddy." she giggled before I put her to bed.

After I put her to bed, and I'll admit you had me fooled too.

Until I came to wake you, to tell you to go to bed yourself.

And that's when I realised you'd died with Arista in your arms. And it broke my heart.

You'll never be forgot

Always in my heart

You were there when I needed you

And all I feel is guilt that in your time of need

I wasn't there

But in time I'll come to realise

Things happen for a reason

I know I'll see you again some day

So until then

Poisoned, you were.

There has never been a moment when I wanted to kill Lucius more.

He took you from us!

Arista's four-year-old brain couldn't figure out why her daddy was in hospital that next morning.

And now three years on, she's still wondering where you are, why she only sees Grandma Narcissa and not Grandpa Lucius.

There'll never be anyone else for me Draco.

I will forever be Ginevra Molly Malfoy.

I love you.

Take care

Sleep tight

Good dreams

Even better times

Rest in sweet, surrendering peace.

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